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  1. Royal Caribbean does. We have had 2 scooters in our cabins for several years now. We usual have them remove the glass coffee table. I’m sorry, but I don’t know the policies on other lines. We have cruised on Royal only, for the last 10+ years.
  2. Highrollers by Shugg is the best!! We certainly made it tough on her, but she handled it all perfectly!! We even had a “mishap” where our group got separated on flights. My friends all made it on the original flight & met Erica at the airport. Myself, I missed the first flight & had to be rescheduled a couple hours later. That was complicated by the fact that I had my wheelchair. Erica worked it out & made a special trip to return to the airport & pick me up later that day. I was so grateful, especially after hearing that there are a lot of areas that aren’t safe in Houston. We used them 3 times on that trip, with great timing and constant communication every single time. I would HIGHLY recommend this service for any transportation needed. THANK YOU ERICA & STAFF!!! Contact her for a quote and book her before she’s booked up. There are several new ships that will be cruising from Galveston soon, so transportation will be scarce. Book the Best - Highrollers by Shugg ——281-755-0943
  3. It shows up as “senior savings” on my account, but is still $62.99 per day. I’m 65 and D+ if that has any bearing on it.
  4. I can’t remember all of the details, but I used a scooter in Bar Harbor that I had rented for the cruise. It is hilly, but I didn’t have any issues with getting around. Just be sure your battery is charged well.
  5. We are looking over a year in advance. There used to be a website that showed ALL available cabins, but it’s gone now. We have been in accessible cabins for probably 10 years now. But this is the first time we weren’t able to find ANY. But our itinerary makes it more difficult. Unfortunately, we can’t cruise without a wheelchair. Thanks for the tips.
  6. Has anyone found a website that will show available accessible cabins? Some of the cruiseline websites, and most of the TA websites, don’t have a place to indicate that you’re looking for only accessible cabins.
  7. Thank you! I will see if the RCCL board has any ideas.
  8. Has anyone found a website that will show available accessible cabins? We are wanting to do a balcony Panama Canal cruise, sometime in the beginning of 2024. We are usually Royal Caribbean cruisers, but we are looking at any other cruise line than Carnival. My elderly Mother doesn’t want to try Carnival. Even a year in advance, the accessible balcony cabins seem to be gone. I know that travel agents grab groups of cabins, and some may show up later. But waiting is not good for us with both of us being disabled. Thanks for any suggestions!
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