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  1. I don’t have the app, I am using my trusty old Nokia which is a phone and texting gadget for me. I’m not sure my J&J trial jabs would show up on it. I fill out the Zoe Covid info every day and because I participated in a trial I have to click on the “I have not had a vaccine” box. Thanks for the thumbs up for participating in the trial, just hope Celebrity gets over themselves about their vaccine rules soon.
  2. I did the Johnson & Johnson trial in the U.K. the only evidence Ihave that I have been vaccinated is a letter from the trial team. It was sent to my gp too, but I have had to ring them to update my records as they were texting me to go for my jab. fortunately I don’t sail till next September. I can’t believe an act of altruism is being punished!
  3. I’m not cruising till next year, but it is fantastic to see this review. Loved the photos and video. Enjoy!
  4. Thank you Flossie, my cruise is over a year away…. I will need to set a reminder for a year from now!
  5. I will bring my own tea bags, Guerncruising. I like Twinings green tea. Flushing out the Nespresso probably won’t get rid of the coffee taint, Lady’s Mom. I never drink coffee, hate the smell and my green tea is so wishy washy (if you know what I mean) that I think it wouldn’t taste right. I will definitely request a kettle, wishiweretravelling. I have done that before. Last time was on Azamara Quest, with success, in spite of them trying to tell me no cruise ships allowed kettles in cabins! When I told them I had a kettle from P&O, Princess and Celebrity the
  6. Thank you for your replies, It is definitely tea we will be having. I'm looking forward to Claridges at sea now!
  7. Just chipping in with a drink related question…. Is there a kettle in the room? We like a morning cuppa in bed. I know I could get room service for that, but it is easier to diy some days. Thanks for any info, my first cruise on Splendour is next year…. Libby
  8. How about Sketchers? Really light weight, to cut down on luggage limits if you are flying to join your cruise. But open sandals will work with these trousers. I like Ecco shoes for daytime wear, comfy for longer walks but heavier to pack than Sketchers. I’m not sure Celebrity is less casual than NCL, but I have only cruised once on NCL Gem, and that was a Christmas and New Year cruise. Oceania, part of NCL, is maybe a bit dressier than Celebrity. Whatever you wear, enjoy yourself and wear what makes you comfortable!
  9. That is sad to hear. We are on Celebrity next September. We are sailing Vancouver to Yokohama. I was going to pre book a dining package of 3 specialty restaurants and Qsine we would have definitely dine at least once. We used to enjoy it so much and the wait staff were really good fun. oh well, nothing stays the same!
  10. I agree with ECCruise. Oceania has much better food than Celebrity, cabin amenities are better too. Azamara is a step down from Oceania too. We sailed on the Quest in December 2019, having been told that once we tried it we would never sail any other cruise line. Well, it wasn’t all that! I would choose Oceania first any day of the week. We always have an outside cabin on Celebrity and there are some really good outside cabins with super big windows and extra space because of no balcony. Millenium is a very nice ship, the speciality restaurants are good. If Qsine is available do bo
  11. Double whammy for me. Got my vaccine on atrial plus my little Nokia phone, a reliable old friend, doesn’t do Apps. I’m thinking I will need to take the letter I got from the trial, saying I had been given live vaccine, not placebo.
  12. We are on this cruise, have done it previously. We have an ocean view cabin, as before. This time we are right at the front of the ship. our best views were from the open deck, wrapped up in jackets, watching the volcanoes of the Aleutian Islands. Other great views are the sail away parties given by the Japanese people. Drummers, school kids singing the squid song, ladies in beautiful kimonos... great sights. See you on board, Spartan Tartan. My tartan is Buchanan.
  13. We cruised round the Galapagos on a ship with only 16 tourists on board. It was fantastic! We were there in April, sea was calm and it was our favourite ever cruise. Do you get seasick on the big cruise ships Pilgrim70? I sometimes do but take meds, eat dry toast and cope. But our little cruise around the Galapagos was smooth. I would definitely do the trip again.
  14. In the U.K. J&J is a 2 jab vaccine. I had them because I was on the trial. It is still not approved for use here. Our government is still debating on whether or not to give us a vaccine card! It’s ages till we sail so I’m hoping everything will have calmed down by then. I expect we will be into a regular programme of vaccination, a bit like the flu jab by then. I don’t see how you can be denied access to board if you have had a vaccine.
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