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  1. I am loving this thread. Fantastic garden and bird pictures. I’m very jealous of the humming birds, not likely to see them in Devon! I’m into my garden, enjoying seeing flowers we normally miss because we are on a cruise! Well done you mask makers, good job. Here is the bedroom we have redecorated plus flowers and hedgehog in the garden Sent from my iPad using Forums
  2. Did that clear cache, still can’t get my Koningsdam thread to work. Tried others too with the same old error code.
  3. Brilliant! I will do that now, cheers Jennifer
  4. Ok, I am thinking in my sort of speak that is log out then log in again? not sure how to clear my cache.
  5. OK, now I am being cheeky, but as a snag finder do I get a reward? Living in hope.....
  6. Hi Jenn, I logged in today or yesterday to check out Koningsdam Roll call and got no info from individual threads. I checked a few other roll calls, Amsterdam, Azamara Quest and got the same result. Thread titles all there but no content. it will be great to have the app back and working! thank you
  7. Agreed gnome12, why have an app that doesn’t work. Enjoy Koblenz, go up to the castle and take the tour. Great views of Deutsches Eck from there. Libby
  8. But now I am totally confused because I am using the app, on my iPad to put this message on.... It is just roll calls that don’t seem to work. Why would that be? I expect you can tell I’m not brilliant with tech! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  9. Oh my, I’m not sure how I accessed the forums earlier, cos I get the new input into my emails. I think I may need to go in online and go round the longer route. I got a new iPad recently, downloaded the app and assumed it was working! Thank you for telling me, just not sure why an app that doesn’t work is available.
  10. I am unable to access my Koningsdam Roll Call via the app. I get notifications of new posts on the thread, but when I try to go in via the Cruisecritic app I get a message asking me to contact forum administrators. I have tried opening other threads on Koningsdam roll call, same result. I tried Amsterdam threads too with the same error message. Hope someone can sort this out. Thank you
  11. Thank you Anne and Phil, much happier about our cabin now. Even with 2 of us I’m sure we will fit in! in the photo it looks like the desk space will easily accommodate our cameras etc. Just over 2 months till we sail.
  12. Thank you Combine, we have an odd number, 6039, but sounds like it will be similar to yours. As it’s our first Azamara cruise and port intensive I don’t think we will spend a lot of time in the cabin. so long as we have the surface of the dressing table for plonking down cameras etc it will be fine.
  13. Thanks for the speedy reply Phil, we were on Marco Polo earlier this year and booked the Azamara cruise as a reward for putting up with poor cabin amenities. However it sounds like this won’t be much better! Our cabin is pretty much in the middle of the row of lifeboats so hope our window is in the gap between boats.
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