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  1. At this point only by booking through Virgin's Travel Agent arm through the existing Flying Club offer: https://www.virgin.com/virgin-red/earn-virgin-points/264555 We couldnt see the UK summer cruises on their website so booked direct, there was no opportunity to provide Virgin Red or Virgin Atlantic Flying Club details during the purchase or checkin processes.
  2. I've been checking out our Nationwide Flexplus insurance as we are looking at one of the Virgin summer cruises - the small print specifically excludes medical expenses occurred within the home area (england/wales/scotland/northern ireland) even though it is worldwide insurance. I rang them - the guy on the phone said that there was £10k of cover only for this situation and to watch for any cruise line requiring USA-size medical coverage limits. Funily enough this also approximately matches the insurance that Virgin are offering - which seems aimed at USA residents rather th
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