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  1. I'm on the Silhouette at this moment and agree with others about how efficient the check in process is. One of my party didn't receive their Eurofins PCR result and we also have 3 children with us who needed testing at the port. It was all dealt with very swiftly. Despite there only being 1000 passengers aboard it doesn't feel empty, although the Silhouette is only a small ship. What's nice is not having to hunt for a table in the Ocean view cafe and for sunbeds around the pool. It's very hot and although the beds in the sun right by the pool were all taken by 10am, there were still loads
  2. We were in a Concierge cabin for 12 nights on the Silhouette 2 years ago and didn't like the Canapés. To save continually wasting them, after the third day we asked our cabin steward not to bother with them any more. He seemed really concerned that we were missing out and kept suggesting alternatives - cheese and crackers, fruit, cookies. We kept saying no and eventually he said, 'Please tell me what you like!' Joking, I said, 'I love champagne or Prosecco but I don't think Celebrity will give us that for free!' Every other day from then on he would leave a chilled bottle of house champagne fo
  3. I'd like to know that too. We're on the 17th July with our son, partner and 3 young children. We're hoping there will be quite a few children for ours to mate up with in the kids club. Our eldest grandson (6) finishes school for the summer on Friday 16th July, and our TA (a relative who runs an online cruise agency) reckons there will be more than ours as the UK and Scottish schools will have finished for the summer. We never dress up on cruises. My husband (Rretired accountant) had to wear a suit every day for work and will now only wear one for weddings and funerals, and I am just no
  4. I know Celebrity's Surf WiFi is pretty rubbish so we'll probably use our phones' mobile internet data to check stuff when we're in port or within range of the shore. But do we need to turn off data roaming when out of range at sea to prevent excess charges? I can't remember whether we should or shouldn't when on a cruise ship.
  5. Yes, that's what I read but wasn't sure of the extra cost of the tips.
  6. I was thinking of putting in a bid to upgrade my son's and his family's room on the Silhouette from a Concierge to a suite, mainly for them to have a bit more space and bath in the bathroom which would be so much better for them as they have 2 very young children. But if the bid is successful, how would the extra cost of the tips work? We've got free tips as part of our current booking and I know that the tips cost more in a suite. Will the extra be automatically included or does the extra have to be paid?
  7. Thanks both, that website looks very useful. And we've got free parking at the port from Celebrity but will also look at Parking4Cruises for our cruise from Southampton in December.
  8. Thanks, good to hear it went well. Hope the result comes through quickly for you.
  9. I tweeted Celebrity a bit earlier to see what they say and this is what they replied with. So even though they say it's not compulsory my son has taken out a Staysure policy for the cruise. It only cost £20.08 for the 5 of them and includes gadget cover ( 2 of the kids have iPads/tablets and a Nintendo Switch).
  10. Yes, I can't find it mentioned anywhere in our cruise documentation. I'm going to tell my son to get it to be sure, don't want to turn up at the pier to find out we're not allowed to board!
  11. As we're all British staying in UK waters, is travel insurance necessary? My husband and I already have it but my son and his family don't.
  12. I got my email from Celebrity yesterday afternoon inviting me to book our Eurofins tests for our cruise on 17 July. Luckily they have a testing site set up in a hotel in Liverpool City Centre (my home town), so we're all going there and then having a lunch and shopping afternoon. We've decided to use Eurofins because apparently they have a guarantee with Celebrity that test results will be issued before the cruise. It will be interesting to see if it all works out when cruisers on the early July sailing report back. But Celebrity and Eurofins need to get their acts together to sort
  13. My email for the Eurofins testing came through today for our sailing on 17th July. Luckily they have bookings in one of the city centre hotels in Liverpool, so that's handy for us. Dates and times came up for 14th and 15th and I booked for the 14th without any problem. I tweeted Celebrity for clarification on the 72hr rule and they have confirmed that the test only has to be done 3 or 2 days before the cruise day, not tied particularly to boarding or sailing time. They also confirmed that Celebrity have an agreement with Eurofins to guarantee that the result for a test done for Celebrity with
  14. A friend of mine who also lives in Liverpool just said she was on a cruise once that made a change to stop in Liverpool. She got a taxi to her hairdressers to get her hair done! Much cheaper than the onboard salon even taking into account the taxi fares! 🤣🤣
  15. Oh bloody hell, now a change to our itinerary to stop at Liverpool?! We're from Liverpool and travelling all the way down to Southampton to join the 17 July cruise to then have a port stop where we started off! We won't even be able to get off on our own to pop home to water the plants! Ah well, a relaxing day onboard for us drinking I think. For those of you though who haven't visited Liverpool, you're in for a great day. The ships dock in the heart of the city's waterfront and there's loads of things to see and do. It's unfortunate though that only Celebrity excursions will let you off the s
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