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  1. Thanks for remembering to get back to us on this. It's a pity that we can't exchange the phone credit but at least we know.
  2. Thank you for the update
  3. Great pics, thanks for the info. Unfortunately my sister just wouldn't be able to do that walk without resting quite a few times.
  4. Thanks for the info about the walk from the ship. I'd be grateful if you could post whether or not there's a shuttle for disabled people available when you get back. Thanks both!
  5. We got there before 10am and weren't the first there.
  6. I've got this on my booking too and also wouldn't use it so the internet option instead is a good one if available. My cruise on the Getaway isn't until January 2020, if yours is earlier can you please post back here to let me know if you could exchange the phone call credit for internet use?
  7. Is it Costa Maya that has a very long walk from the ship to where taxis/pick ups are? We're thinking of booking Maya Chan for our cruise in January 2020 but we'll have my sister with us who can't walk too far without resting (she has a false lower leg). Are shuttles or transport available from the ship?
  8. We were there too just two weeks ago. I agree, it's a lovely relaxing place. We pre booked before we went and had front row brand new loungers. Not the wooden beds, the ones we had were very comfortable. Good to have showers and changing rooms just outside the reception/bar area to rinse off the sand. Reception will call a cab for you when you're ready to go. We were lucky, as we went into reception a shared cab had just arrived to pick up four people so we went in it too.
  9. Five. We arrived on the Silhouette at 8.00am together with another ship, and one more an hour later. Two other ships had arrived at 7.00am. Although Magen's is a lovely beach it really was far too crowded for us, loungers and umbrellas practically touching each other. It was a good job that you can tip the beach guys to drag your loungers as we had to go a long way to find a spot to put them. We had to drag them back ourselves which I didn't enjoy!
  10. I've just got back too and can confirm what Pepperwood said. The beach staff will drag your beds and umbrella to a spot for you for a tip - we gave him $5 and it was well worth it. We got to the beach at 10.30am and it was very crowded and our beds had to be dragged quite a way along to find space for them. It's a lovely beach but was far too crowded on the day we went.
  11. Yes, we were on the same cruise. The last 2 nights of our cruise they had separate lines for Reserved and Non Reserved at the dining room, but we ate elsewhere on those nights. Definitely no separation on the other nights but maybe it depended on what time you wanted to dine? I, and a few others diners, did complain about this so maybe the attendant on duty got fed up with the moaning and got something done! American comedians don't always appeal to British humour - and vice versa so no, I didn't think he was that funny. But humour is very subjective I think. None of the production shows piqued our interest but after seeing Hairspray, the Aquatic aerialists and the excellent ice shows on RCI's Allure, Oasis and Symphony, it would be hard for any other shows on any other ship lines to match the production and cast quality of those. Maybe if we'd not have travelled on any other cruise line than Celebrity our opinion of it might have been higher as we'd have had nothing to compare to. And having a 'posh' Ladies toilet isn't that important to me, I just want it to be clean! But that was how we felt - as I said, we're in our 60s but felt too young to be on the Silhouette!
  12. I also used TJ Travel and agree with the previous posters, they were excellent and couldn't be faulted. They also have free WiFi in their vehicles so is great for immediately posting photos back home or to social media!
  13. We've just got off the Celebrity Silhouette, our first cruise with Celebrity after being with RCI for 10 previous cruises. Sadly, we won't be sailing with Celebrity again. We didn't notice anything better with them over RCI - food, service etc was comparable. We had Select dining and had prebooked our dining times in advance but each evening we still had to join a queue with everyone else who HADN'T prebooked so what was the point in them taking reservations? Not good service there! We found the evenings to be pretty dull, there's not much atmosphere in the bars and the entertainment was poor, perhaps it's because the age demographic is older than RCI. The theatre shows weren't good - a juggler, clown, 2 tenors and a Whitney impersonator did not appeal to us. The music in the Atrium was aimed at the older client and one of the bars (Ensemble?) was always deathly quiet with people actually asleep in their chairs! Each morning around the pool a dancercise class was held which was basically line dancing to the same music each day - I was ready to smash the speakers in by day 5! The Caribbean/light reggae poolside groups on RCI were much missed by us. The large RCI ships have a much better flow in the layout, especially those with a promenade, and the entertainment is much superior. We're in our 60s but enjoy being surrounded by a wider age range, and although my musical heyday was 70s Motown and Disco I also enjoy music from the 80s, 90s, and recent stuff too. I sound like we hated this cruise which is just not the case - we had a great time, especially as, for some reason, our room steward left 4 bottles of Sparkling wine in our room for us over the course of the 12 nights! But we feel that Celebrity just doesn't do it for us and won't sail with them again.
  14. You'll dock right in the heart of the city very close to the Albert Dock and Liverpool One shopping and leisure area. From there it's an easy and short walk into the historic city centre. Lovely old buildings, lots of nice restaurants and traditional pubs. See these links: https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/liverpool-uks-top-five-tourist-14944819 https://www.getyourguide.com/-l210/?cmp=ga&campaign_id=252347266&adgroup_id=10613569186&target_id=kwd-125653622&loc_physical_ms=9046541&match_type=e&ad_id=192244641724&keyword=liverpool tourism&ad_position=1o1&feed_item_id=&placement=&partner_id=CD951&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmafhBRDUARIsACOKERMx2GjZ6estNtaFWQXJ3lddjvgBCNDajw7pA1dxymTCST49wMo413UaAuOwEALw_wcB
  15. I'm on the Silhouette in January and my free beverage package shows in the Cruise Planner under Order History.
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