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  1. I realised earlier that I was comparing P&O prices to Wetherspoons prices where I've been the last few times I've been to a pub. Wethies are very cheap compared to other pubs and my husband says that P&O prices aren't too bad. RCI have massively increased their booze priced, probably to try and force passengers into buying drinks packages. Wish I could get a G&T on a ship for £2.99 like I can in Wetherspoons!!
  2. Is the beer package bottles or pint draught? Seems expensive if It's bottles.
  3. We usually cruise with Royal Caribbean and always get the drinks package for free. We've booked our first P&O Caribbean cruise which didn't come with free drinks, but as we've got £450 free on-board credit we're just going to use that towards drinks. It will be interesting to see what our final bill will be, my husband reckons it will be less than us buying a drinks package.
  4. I love gin (and currently have over 40 different bottles in my house!). I drink supermarket own make diet tonic water with them as I just can't tell the difference between an expensive or dirt cheap tonic. My husband thinks I'm weird as he picks up on the difference right away but I can't. In saying that though, we came back from Budapest yesterday and a bar there tried to fob me off with flat soda water in my gin. I certainly noticed that!
  5. I've been on many Caribbean cruises and have never been asked for any other ID except for my ship card and never take my passport or driving licence off the ship. But I know a couple who were stopped at a Caribbean port when coming back on ship. They had photographs of their passports saved on their mobile phones and they were perfectly acceptable. I have mine saved too in case I ever lost my passport so will just do the same if ever I'm stopped. It worked in Dubai when I was on holiday there a while back.
  6. I can't see it in my account. I sail in January 2020. 🤔
  7. Your best bet is Ma Boyles by St Nicholas church which is very close to the cruise terminal. Here's the website: http://www.maboyles.com/
  8. I didn't see any bumf about dressing when I booked via an internet company. Since this thread started I've checked further to see the 'rules.' They're not so different to RCI and Celebrity but those cruise lines and their passengers are more relaxed and less rigid and judgemental about what individual passengers consider formal dressing and to be honest, considering we pay a lot more to travel on their ships than P&O I'd have thought they'd be more fussy but they're not. After reading this thread I now have an image in my head of passengers on P&O ships being wide eyed on high alert status on formal nights for what they consider to be the inappropriately dressed, and then point and shout out en mass for the offensive sight of them to be removed! Lol! We like to travel light and certainly won't be replacing formal clothes with other things in our case so it looks we'll have to crawl into some dark corner of the buffet with the other undesirables! I just hope the rest of the cruise is okay.
  9. I've got the 250 minutes plus an extra 60 minutes as a free perk too. I rang NCL Customer Services yesterday to see what the price is to 'trade' it in towards the unlimited social media package, I was also going to purchase it now in advance of my cruise. The advisor told me that as the 250 + 60 minutes is a free perk I couldn't offset it to get a reduction against any purchased package and would have to pay full price. She said the best I can do is use up the free minutes on-board and then purchase a package for the remaining days.
  10. Thanks for the replies. Think we'll go for Sol y Mar. Cruise ship excursions are too expensive for what you get when you compare with local companies. On reflection, the NCL trip to Maya Key is 3 times the price of Victor Bodden's to Sol y Mar and we leave at 3pm so wouldn't have a huge amount of time.
  11. Can't decide between these two for my husband and I. Maya Key is by a short boat ride booked through our cruise ship (NCL) and Sol y Mar is a bus ride with Bodden's tours. We're not bothered about whether lunch/drinks are included or not, we'll just buy what we need, and we're not into watersports. We just want a nice beach with decent loungers, not jam packed busy and possibly some snorkling but again this isn't critical for our choice. Any help for us knowing what to do is gratefully received!! 😁
  12. Great, thanks. I did try to find some info online but obviously didn't look hard enough!! 🤣🤣
  13. As one of our perks we'll have $50 per port shore excursion credit added to our on-board account, but we don't get it for any ports that we don't book an NCL excursion. If I book and pay for any trips in advance via the internet will NCL pick it up and credit me with the $50 per port I've booked?
  14. I'm beginning to wish I hadn't booked a P&O cruise now. Four nights of OTT formal dressing is four nights too many for me. I don't wear dresses or fancy frocks, my husband will not contemplate travelling off to the Caribbean carting 'proper' shoes and his funeral suit. And to read that there are staff that will bar you entry to some bars because they consider you improperly dressed is appalling. On RCI and Celebrity it is very comfortable to dine in the MDR on formal nights clad in nice trousers and top (me, but definitely no sparkles or bling!) and long trousers with smart open neck shirt (him, and one shirt he has actually cost over £90!). I'd say half dress like this and the other half does more formal attire, and no one bats an eyelid or cares. As long as you look clean and have made some kind of effort It's all that matters. It's off putting to think that we'll feel forced to hide away in the buffet and feel judged by others if we want to drink in particular bars.
  15. Matou is a Pan Asian restaurant not far from the cruise port and is right on the waterfront. There is a lift (elevator) up to the restaurant on the 2nd floor (3rd floor to you). The restaurant has huge picture windows overlooking the river and there's a nice rooftop terrace overlooking the Liverpool skyline, nice to sit with a cocktail or glass of wine when the weather's nice. Toilets are also on this floor. The food is really good with an extensive menu. http://www.matou.co.uk/
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