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  1. Love both of them but haven’t sailed with them in quite awhile. I really miss them. Good to know they are working together again. They are the dream team to me, too. :cool:
  2. Hi Keith, Thanks or the info. Cant seem to get away for the longer cruises this year.
  3. Anyone know if suites offer exactly the same amenities on the shorter cruises? Some good prices are being offered on some of the 5 day Caribbean cruises in suite categories.
  4. I was on the same cruise as you and just received our confirmation yesterday! :cool:
  5. I saw that video. Worst marketing strategy I ever saw imho. Looked like a bunch of mess thrown on a plate with no thought into making it look appealing. :confused: Sounded like everyone seated with you gets to put food on your plate. :eek: Did I misunderstand?
  6. Of course. That was the only bad part. We can all agree on that. Lol.
  7. Well I expected and hoped it would be just like a regular cruise. Still enjoyed it. How could you not? :)
  8. Yes, I'm sorry I missed it. We were usually still in dining room at that time. They use to have entertaiment there for pre dinner drinks but guess that was awhile back.
  9. Is that what that announcement was about? That announcement from the bridge woke me up out of a dead sleep and I couldnt quite make it out as I was a little groggy. Wow! There really were a lot of medical emergencies on that cruise.
  10. I was on the same cruise. While it was very nice, there was a distinct lack of bands and music around the ship. There use to always be different bands playing every evening in the Explorers lounge and I never saw or heard any on this cruise. That was always a lively wing of the ship but not anymore unless it was after I went to bed. No pianist in the Adagio as I use to really enjoy that lounge in the past. Other things absent were the Pub lunch and EZ Check. It was a 5 day cruise and I guess much of the entertainment was cut back. I still enjoyed the cruise but wish some of my favorite activities had not been cut.
  11. dsawyer

    EZ Check

    I am going on a short 5 day cruise on the Emerald roundtrip from FLL and will be disappointed if it is not offered. One poster on this thread has already said it is not offered on cruises shorter than 7 days and I hope he/she is incorrect but have no reason to doubt it. :(
  12. Hello to you too! Thanks so much for the info. Hope that will work with my mom.
  13. Great! Lol I was thinking like a virgin margarita. Would they make that for her?
  14. Will they make almost any drink as a moctail or do they have just special ones? Thinking about getting this package for my elderly mother. Thanks
  15. Can you get wine flights with the package?
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