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  1. Was wondering if anyone had experience with Aon's Travel Protection Plan that you purchase through RCCL. My husband and I were supposed to be on a March 15 sailing but due to the Covid 19 virus we cancelled a day before RCCL cancelled this sailing. (My husband has some existing health issues which would have put him more at risk with this type of virus.) I just found out that because we cancelled before RCCL did, we are not eligible to get a cash refund....just a Future Cruise Credit. My question...would the insurance company consider my husband's health issues pre-existing and not cover o
  2. Who is still going on this sailing? We have until tomorrow to decide if we want to cancel so that we can get the Future Cruise Credit with any cancellation penalty. I want to go SOOO bad but am nervous since so much is going on right now with Coronavirus. Am I buying into the media hype or being smart???
  3. We got our upgrade confirmed from a Jr. Suite to an Owners Suite 44 days ahead of our sailing on Oasis of the Seas. I was shocked because there were no suites showing as being available for weeks. Can't wait to see it. We sail on March 15.
  4. Awesome!! We love the Crown Loft suites and being located so close to the Suite Lounge! You will have a great time.
  5. Wow! We are on a March 15 sailing on Oasis...so 46 days from now. All suite categories have been closed for over a month. I got the royal up email 3 weeks ago and thought there would be no way it would go through, due to the lack of available suites. We were confirmed in a jr. suite but decided to put down a minimum bid ($600 per person) for the owner's suite. Today, to my surprise, I got a confirmation saying that our bid was accepted!!! I can't wait!! I have decided not to tell my husband ahead of time....it can be a big surprise on the day that we sail.
  6. I am sailing on Oasis in March and wondered how you sign up for laser tag. I do not see this option in my cruise planner so I assume you have to wait and do it on the ship?? Does anyone know how often it is offered? We have a group of 10 people that would like to do it. Thanks!
  7. We got the email last week and our cruise is in 55 days.
  8. I was wondering if anyone has done this excursion through RCCL. We will be in St. Thomas on Oasis of the Seas in March and this looked appealing but I wanted to double check with anyone that has done it. My biggest question is do you sail to St. John or do you take a bus? In the past, it always seemed like a lot of work to get to St. John from where the ships were docked, but maybe they are docked at a new place? From the description of the tour on RCCL's website it makes it sound like you go by boat....but I know their wording can be deceiving. If anyone has any information, I would grea
  9. We are going on Oasis in March and was wondering if anyone had a picture of a menu from Playmakers? I was disappointed to find out that Oasis was taking out Sabor so I am curious what Playmakers has to offer. Thanks!
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