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  1. I don't have many souvenirs for Sun Line. I do have a nice scarf showing the funnel and 3 ship names on it though.
  2. Thought might like to enjoy seeing these 2 nice spoons. One is for the MV Georgic and it only shows the White Star Line flag, the other is for the MV Britannic and it shows both the Cunard and White Star Line flags.
  3. the funnel was modified after the falkland war when she was converted to diesel engines. the person I bought this from emailed me when I asked when this was from and was told late 1990's early 2000
  4. I thought might get a kick out of the craziest Cunard postcard I have ever seen, it's for the QE2, but it's the oddest postcard I have ever seen for Cunard. See what you think of this *Cartoon Postcard* and yes it was from aboard the ship as it has the QE2 stamp on the back saying posted onboard. Would love to hear back on this oddity, sadly I don't know what year this postcard is from as I can't find it anywhere.
  5. Anyone else like to get the souvenir decks in the gift shops on board cruise ships? I have I dunno how many, maybe over 100 decks (some are multiple duplicates though) I have maybe 4 boxes full of playing cards that I've bought or collected or were gifts. I have decks from: Holland America, Cunard, Grace Line, Safmarine, Canadian Pacific, Princess, Royal Caribbean, NCL, Royal Cruise Line, Sitmar, P&O, Swedish American Line, Ellerman Line, Harisson Line, Moore-McCormack, Swedish Chicago Line, BC Ferries, Commodore Cruise Line, Celebrity, Nederland Line, Viking Line, Irish Ferries, Brittany Ferries, Maersk Lines, Blue Star Lines, Lamport & Holt, Shaw Savill Line, Matson, French Lines, Disney Cruise Lines, United States Lines, Greek Line, Sun Cruises, American President Lines, Oceania Cruises, DFDS Seaways, Norddeutscher Lloyd, Farrell Lines, Regency, Scotia Prince, MSC. Some photos of the decks: *The Sun Cruises deck is from the Sun Vista that caught fire and sank during a cruise in 1999, no deaths * The Holland America deck is from between: 1929 - 1939
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