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  1. Really nice, wish I had those kind of items in my collection. As you could see in the photos, I have a lot of really old and very uncommon souvenirs and items in my personal collection like that trophy for the Lancastria, or the Inaugural Record with Black Cat Bones for the QE2 and the very nice Lusitania Spoon. If you want me to add more photos, I'll be happy to share, as I did get some neat items from a friend who was a travel agent in the 1950s and 1960s and before she passed away, she gave me all her cruise stuff from Cunard, Greek Line, Typaldos Line. I have a lot more Cunard items to sha
  2. If anyone has traveled on Cunard in the past, did you buy any souvenirs from the ship's gift shops or maybe win something in any games on board?
  3. What's your favorite memorabilia and souvenirs from Cunard Line? I have quite a lot from Cunard going back to 1896 to now. I have spoons, menus, ashtrays, brochures, a couple of record albums, a lot of postcards, cups, keychains, vase (I think), a medal, small knives, a trophy, souvenir bells, small map plates, a calendar card holder, tie clips, hats, a Norah Welling Doll, a small brass dish, playing cards, cookbooks, Inaugural brochures. Below are some of my Cunard souvenirs, I have more photos if you wish to see them, please let me know.
  4. Some of these decks of cards were found at thrift stores before the pandemic and some during the pandemic during the brief openings between the lockdowns and some of these decks I've had for years but never had taken photos of them and some were from Ebay. The Swedish Chicago Line is one of the hardest for me to find information anywhere on the net. I've seen some photos of the ships, but there isn't actually that much on the actual line that I can find. I've been able to find they they did freight-passenger ships and were formed around 1947 but unsure when the company ceased to e
  5. Added new some decks of playing cards in my personal collection to this thread, I thought might like to see. As I get more, I'll add them too, to this thread.
  6. I got some nice new decks for my collection, including: Canadian Pacific, Polish Ocean Lines, Swedish Chicago Lines, Sitmar (with the swan logo), and very very vintage MS Sunward playing cards from 1966, Harrison Line, Maersk Line, Lamport & Holt, APL, Cruise North (ship is the MV Lyubov Orlova), Oceania Insignia
  7. The one item I had posted earlier, the postcard with the whole fleet on it, I have an update on all the Costa ships that are on it. Fleet Info For Ships On Postcard: Costa Allegra: 1989 - 2012 *Scrapped 2012 Costa Marina: 1988 - 2011 *Scrapped 2011 Costa Europa: 2002 - 2010 *Retired in 2020 *status: Laid Up In Turkey Costa Victoria: 1996 - 2020 *Scrapped 2020 Costa Atlantica: 2000 - 2020 *Sold to Carnival Cruise China Costa Classica: 1991 - 2018 *Sold to Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Costa Mediterranea: 2003 - To be sold in 2021 to Carnival Cruise China
  8. I have a couple of Grandeur souvenirs. I have 2 souvenir spoons, they're on the bottom row, spoon #1 and spoon #2, and a couple of shot glasses
  9. Sadly she is now in Lay-Up and there is talk about her being scrapped, as she has had a name change and is just called Ella now. Laid up, Expected to be Scrapped in Turkey.
  10. I take it the Italia didn't look good? or what kept you from wanting to cruise on her? I only have a couple of items from the Federico C, I have a couple of record albums for her with really nice covers, which open up to fully show the ship which is nice.
  11. My parents were on the Costa Europa years ago. She was originally the Home Lines Homeric, HAL Westerdam, then Costa Europa, then Thompson Dream, then Marella Dream, now she's just called Ella (possibly to be scrapped due to her age). What interesting souvenirs do you have from your Costa cruises? I have a few interesting ones, including a postcard with the fleet on it. This postcard is interesting because 9 of the ships on this postcard are gone now (4 Scrapped, 1 Sank, 4 Sold). These are some of my Costa Souvenirs I've collected over the years, ashtrays, brochures, models, postcards, drinking
  12. I have some nice TS Bremen items, but I forget if I showed photos of them or not, I have a beer stein, playing cards and postcards
  13. What became of Chef Mario? is he dead or still alive and if he died, do you know when? was just curious
  14. Do you know how long he was chef on board the SS Oceanic? and what happaned to him? when was he born and when did he die? Was curious as I have a souvenir Mario Ratto Cookbook for Home Lines, but it doesn't really talk about him. The cookbook is from 1970 and has a nice gold embossed illustration of the Oceanic on the cover. I also have a melamine souvenir tray for the SS Oceanic, and 1971 menus and some really nice postcards for her too.
  15. Sad to think both him and the ship are gone now. Pacific Princess: 1975 - 2002, scrapped: 2013 Captain Stubing: 1977 - 1986, Died: 2021 The photos show the ship then and then at scrap yard, and Captain Stubing then and now
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