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    Lost my old signature

    Thank you POA1. I shut it off but will now turn it on. This new system is going to take a little getting used to.

    Lost my old signature

    Yes I did thank you. I am not sure I want it to appear every time I post though.

    Lost my old signature

    Thanks so much one and all. I guess I am techno-challenged. I understand the technology...just don’t know which buttons to push 🙂

    Lost my old signature

    Thanks so much Charlene. It is not appearing on my screen.

    Lost my old signature

    My problem is that when the system changed I lost my old signature which had all my cruises listed starting from 1965. I have lost my master list and would appreciate it greatly if someone from CC would email me a copy of my old signature. This seems to be the only way I can contact CC...:(

    MSCs Missed Opportunity: Solo Cruisers

    I believe the OP is talking about meeting other cruisers in a more casual setting. This should be done at the start of the cruise in order for singles to better mingle. European cruises could simply provide a nightly meeting point since pax are boarding at every port. I think that this would be a welcomed enhancement to a MSC cruise. Hopefully the MSC management will read this and take action.

    MSC vs. Traditional American Cruise Lines

    Everyone should read the Seaview review posted by CruisinMaterial. That is probably the best review I have seen since the Seaview first sailed. Maybe someone can post the connection here?

    MSC Seaview YC Western Med review

    DIVINE...great review for all of us foodies! Thanks so much...

    Galileo Galilei

    Hi Yia, Great that you were able to catch a cruise on the Meridian. She was the first Celebrity ship. I never met anyone who didn’t love that ship after sailing on her. The Chandris family did a bang-up job renovating her. The Meridian was hugely successful and that gave birth to the succession of newly built Celebrity vessels which will forever bear that famous X on the funnel. It was a sad day when she caught fire and sank.

    What can we expect on MSC Divina?

    Thank you miataman. A funny story about the cigar lounge...and yes it is as beautiful as it looks. I was in the lounge and I lit up a fine cigar that I had purchased in Jamaica. It was so relaxing and so quiet that I dozed off for about 15 minutes...LOL. The Cigar Lounge is next to the casino yet it is completely closed off with beautiful doors. The room is totally underused. I wrote a letter to MSC management and suggested they turn the lounge into a “High Roller” room. It already has a long bar. If they removed the furniture and put in a craps table in the center of the room and placing slot machines around the walls. They could also put in a Texas Holdem table. The nightly entry fee would be something like $150 which would be converted into chips that could only be played in that room. It would probably be a hotter venue than the formula one racer! LOL!

    Divina questions, Yacht Club.

    Merci mon ami, on pense pareil.

    Divina questions, Yacht Club.

    OK Sveri, here’s what I like to do. Go to the bar in the Top Sail Lounge and ask the bartender for a pitcher...filled halfway with ice. Then pour in a small glass of sour mix and a small glass of cognac or brandy about 4 ounces of each. Top with Champagne and squeeze a lemon wedge and toss it in...start pouring. LOL!

    Divina questions, Yacht Club.

    The problem with arriving at the tent early: A lot of people want to arrive as early as possible. I find that creates congestion just at the time the butlers are trying to set things up. I recently read a review where the person arrived at 10:30 AM and then complained in her review that the boarding process was not organized, etc. Give me a break! If you arrive around 11:30 to 12:30 I think you will find a very easy boarding process. The entry into the Yacht Club is a special event. You should take advantage of it and enjoy to the max. I know I actually stayed in the entry lounge for an extra 15 minutes just to soak it all in. Have an extra flute of Prosecco...love those almond macaroons!!

    What can we expect on MSC Divina?

    Consider that 3500 people embark on Divina every week or so...and very few complaints. Divina is a gorgeous ship and you will enjoy her I am sure. You will be impressed with the design and decor everywhere you go. The Divina exudes a luxurious atmosphere. I find it more relaxing to go where the crowds are not. Be sure to look in on the smoking lounge next to the casino. The room is one of the best looking rooms onboard the ship and it is usually empty...well worth a peek even if you can’t stand smoke. You can actually win in the casino...unlike some of the other mass market lines. One of the best things on Divina is the nightly music in most of the lounges. The lively international mix is a welcomed change. If you are a people person you will be sure to meet some interesting people from all over the world. If you enjoy your wine and cocktails then upgrade your drinks package. And don’t forget the pizza and the gelato! Remember the pizza place offers better pizza than the cafe. Enjoy...and don’t pay any attention to the nay sayers. Every cruise is a great cruise. It’s up to you to make it so.

    MSC Seaside Yacht Club - my honest review

    Great review...honest and well presented. Thanks