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  1. Believe it or not...the good folks who man the cafe on the pool deck of the MSC Yacht Club will grill a dog and a bun in butter upon request. In fact...there isn’t much they won’t do for you upon request! I even had them cook my bacon and eggs in the same pan and cook my toast in a fry pan with butter!
  2. Now an Italian sausage sandwich...that’s a whole other matter. If you’ve ever been to Boston and Fenway Park you’ll know what I’m talking about. The Boston area is chock full of Italian sausage joints. You need to have a fennel sausage grilled with onions and peppers on a sub roll..maybe with mustard.
  3. When I was a child the best hot dog was Howard Johnson’s. It was a mild dog grilled with a bun that was grilled in butter. I have to admit that I’m a traditionalist...mustard, relish and minced onion...never ketchup. This is the way they were done in the area where I grew up. I could never get used to a steamed hotdog with a steamed bun. All that being said...a good chili dog or a dog with sauerkraut is always allowed. Now...what ship or line would serve me such a dog??
  4. The proverbial “Tube Steak” is certainly a universal treat. The arguments about the proper preparation rage on. The question here would be...which line serves the best hot dog?? And how do they prepare it???
  5. Thank you Heidi. I came really close to sailing Transatlantic from NY on Canberra. She was a great ship.
  6. On Disembarkation Day: The last thing I have on my mind is food. Just a roll or croissant with coffee is fine. After days of eating I need to wind down. I never request room service on that day...the personnel have enough to worry about with turning the ship around. Disembarkation Day is the worst day of the week!
  7. Hi Lowiepete, There were a lot of draconian measures taken during and after WW II. I believe you ran into some of them in the early 60’s. My my my how things have changed. Now all you have to do is walk in and you qualify for all sorts of benefits and goodies. Finger prints are about the last thing you’ll need.
  8. It always makes me laugh when I think of MSC refusing someone to bring in wine or spirits. They’d save a ton of money by allowing YC pax to bring their own booze aboard. LOL.
  9. Sooooooo...BB...what’s your recipe for the Blue Hawaiian???
  10. Even I relax after dinner. Sure I’ll stay in uniform while attending a performance or meeting friends for a drink but the jacket and tie come off when I start playing in the casino. To every rule there is an exception.
  11. These days one never knows what to expect. We (DW and I) have always enjoyed formal nights. I have always believed that when the waiters and stewards put on their formal wear it’s time for the pax to do likewise. This being said does not mean that everyone should be dressed in tuxes and ball gowns. It means making an effort to look presentable at the very least. For some that could be country club casual...totally acceptable on formal nights. Not everyone has a tux, etc. Some people even shed their more formal attire after dinner to relax. A lot of it has to do with the amount of lugga
  12. Thank you SG. The SS France/Norway was a very special ship. I had the good fortune to have sailed on her as both the France and Norway. Both dining rooms were beautiful. How nice that you have a treasured memory of that great ship.
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