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  1. @Turtles06 following this thread, I am in the same boat as you (no pun intended) we dock at noon. Sapphire is one of my favorite spot in the Caribbean's, super chill spot. I am not a big fan of laying on a towel either like at Magen's. What are my other options? We could stay on the ship but kinda want to get out a bit...
  2. I can honestly say that I super confused about this, the CDC website says one thing and then the president says something else. My question is simple, we fly from Canada (Toronto) to FLL in two weeks, is a proof of vaccination needed yes or no????
  3. Well....sure looks like the need to be fully vaxxed is still on! https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/other/us-extends-covid-vaccine-mandate-for-foreign-travelers/ar-AA15ZlKM
  4. Sorry to thread jack guys but I haven't flown to the US since 2020, we are heading out to FLL in a few weeks with Wesjet. What is considered a valid document for vaccination? I have the copies from my pharmacy but that's it for now, is that enough? I have a friend that cruised in December and she told me that at no point did she ever show proof of vaccination...pardon my ignorance, TIA!
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