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  1. Thank you everyone for your help. Not sure what happened either, but I logged out and came back on and everything seems to be back to normal. Thanks again for all the input.
  2. How can I change the font size for messages I post and replies I make to other messages? I can't find anything in settings that will allow me to do this. Every time I write or reply to a message, my type size is very small compared to other people posting. I can barely read my own messages. I would like to set a permanent font size and font color if possible. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thank you Clarea. You are always so much help to me. I was so happy when you decided to become a host.
  4. Thank you very much for your help. Nancy
  5. Bob, Is there any type of time frame to gauge the opening? Our cruise is July 28th. Do they normally open it more than 3 months prior to sailing? Do you know if they open it before final payment is due or should we final pay early to make sure we are able to book when it opens? I know they are having their sale on beverages, etc right now and you can reserve and pay for it before final payment, but I am not sure about the activities calendar? Thanks Again, Nancy
  6. Thank you. That is what I thought, but wanted to make sure. Do you know if I would need to have the streaming package to use "You Tube"? Thanks
  7. We are a family of 10 sailing on Allure of the Seas in July. Does anybody know how far ahead of time the booking period opens for reserving entertainment, ice shows, etc. on the cruise planner? I did it when we sailed on Oasis, but I cant remember how far out it was. With 10 family members, I would rather do it more sooner than later. Thank You Nancy
  8. How long do you have to insure a cruise once you have placed a deposit? We are doing a family cruise with 10 people total so I think we should probably invest in insurance for everyone. I have never purchased it before so not sure of the timeframes for purchasing. Heard good things about insuremytrip.com. Is there a place for me to read reviews and compare companies? Thank you, Nancy
  9. I am confused by the internet package deals. What is the difference between the 1 device package and the 2 device package? If I buy the one device package, can my husband and I use the same device to check different email accounts? Is the 2 device pkg. package just if you want to use to different devices at the same time? If I have a phone and a tablet, can I still purchase the 1 device plan as long as I only use them at different times and not have them both on at the same time? Also, is "You Tube" considered as streaming function? Would I have to buy the streaming package in order to watch You Tube or can I view it on the basic package that lets you surf the web and check emails? Thank you, Nancy
  10. On Royal Caribbean, If you buy an internet package, what is the difference between buying a 1 device pkg. and a 2 device pkg.? If I buy a one device package, can my husband and I both check our emails on the one device? We both have our own email address. I'm just not sure why I would need a 2 device package? Thanks for your help.
  11. Are there cabs right outside the port to go there instead of bus? We are traveling with my elderly mother and I don’t really want to go by bus with her. Is Calico jacks closer to port or further away? I know the beach is 6 miles long. I would like to stay closer to the port. Can we bring floats? Are they allowed? Does the entire beach have chairs and/or umbrellas? thanks again.
  12. How far is this beach from the port? Do we need to take a taxi? What is the taxi fare?Is there an admission fee? Can we get lounges and umbrellas? Is there a beach bar there? We just want to relax at a nice beach that is near the port and possibly have a bite to eat and a couple of drinks. Is Seven Mile Beach the place to go? Thanks for your help. :)
  13. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will look into all of them.
  14. Has anyone used myparkconnect.com at Port of Tampa? From what I have heard, they use the same Garage at Channelside Drive that the Port of Tampa uses on their own booking website, but at a deeply discounted rate? The Port of Tampa is quoting $105.00 for a 7-day cruise. I am being told that My Park Connect is around $50.00? Are there any reviews of this parking company other than on their own website? Too good to be true? Thank you in advance for any help with my question.
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