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  1. Thank you. I will give it a try tomorrow.
  2. Do you know how much of each ingredient you would use for this drink? would love to try it st home before I go on the cruise to see if they taste the same. Thank you beerman2!!
  3. Are the drinks in the Alchemy Bar comparable in price to all the other bars or are they more expensive? Does anyone know what the ingredients are for the Deal Closer? Looks very yummy. Thanks
  4. Thank you for that advice. I never thought of that. Slot machine it is.
  5. Is the Sea Day Brunch available on 5 Day cruises?
  6. These 2 menu's are the same. Do you have the "PUB" menu?
  7. The only difference for me, I guess, is that I collect points on my credit card and I use these points to reward my myself with discounted travel. So... it is more advantageous for me to use my credit card instead of cash. I basically live on a cash-less system and do not carry much money on me. I think everybody has their own way of doing things and that is the way it should be. You have your way, and I have mine. I only asked a question about purchasing cruise cash before I board the ship and having the option to cash out any leftover credit in the casino so I don't lose it to a "non-refundable" onboard credit.
  8. I agree with Sparks 1093. For me, it has nothing to do with the credit card itself. This particular cruise is only a 5-night cruise and I just like knowing that my cruise is paid for, my gratuities were prepaid with my final payment, and by putting a couple of hundred on my credit card now, paying it off on my next statement, and boarding the ship with a $200 onboard credit applied to my account just gives me the feeling of "free money" to use with my sail pass card. I don't get that guilt feeling for buying drinks, purchasing items in the shops, maybe an excursion, or playing a table game in the casino because it is already paid in full. No sticker shock when they slide that bill under my cabin door on debarkation day. And even if I go over my onboard credit total, it probably won't be for much and that just makes me very happy. If I have extra left on my account on the last night and I know I can cash it out at the casino, I will do that and use it for an Uber ride and nice lunch before boarding my plane. So I guess for me, that is an incentive and a wise choice.
  9. Thank you all for your input. You have all helped to make my decision easier. I was just nervous about not being able to retrieve any left over cruise cash because I have already prepaid my gratuities and it is only a 5-night cruise, so I just wanted to make sure I don't lose any credit that I might have left on my account if I really can't find a way to spend it while onboard. I have decided to purchase cruise cash vs. gift cards only because that is what I am familiar with on other cruise lines. As long as I can "cash out" in the casino, I am more comfortable with the cruise cash over gift cards. Thank You All! Can't wait to go. Whoo! Hoo!
  10. Where are you purchasing the discounted gift cards? Are you cashing them in at the Casino cashier or through table or slots?
  11. I want to purchase some "Cruise Cash" to apply to my onboard account and use toward onboard purchases. When I went to the gift section to make the purchase, I noticed that the "Cruise Cash" is NON-Refundable which surprised me because on other cruise lines that I have sailed, when you purchase onboard credit and if you have some left at the end of the cruise, it is credited back to the credit card you used to purchase the onboard credit. So here is my question regarding the unused "cruise cash". If I were to purchase $100 in cruise cash and I still have some cash left on my account toward the end of the cruise, can I use my sail pass in the ship's casino to buy chips and then cash in whatever chips I have left for cash in order to use up my "onboard credit"? Does Carnival allow you to use your sail pass in the casino so you can extract your cash balance from your account so you don't lose the "non-refundable" cash before the end of the cruise? Thank you in advance for helping me with this dilema.
  12. Thank You for coming back to let us know how your visit went. I have booked Paradise Beach for our November cruise. Thanks again. You have been very helpful..
  13. (We will be at Paradise this Saturday from the Carnival Dream. Been to Cozumel before, but first time here. We're 2 women (52 & 47), daughter (27) and grandson (4). We got the AI for the day and are looking forward to it!) I hope deanaw72 comes back to let us know how Paradise beach was, but in any case, based on everyone's help and opinions, we have decided on Paradise Beach for our 11/4 cruise. We like the idea of a large pool. Especially in November when we are not sure how warm the ocean will be for swimming. Also like the idea of the lounge chairs being inside of the pool. I love that at other resorts. Sounds like there will be plenty of shade for my mother if she needs it. Appreciate having well maintained facilities. Didn't really hear anything bad about the food and drinks from anyone who offered us their opinion. I think we will have a great time at Paradise Beach. Praying for warm weather and lots of sun!! Thank You everyone.
  14. Thank you for all of your responses. I think I will cross off Mr. Sanchos off my list. A little too rowdy for us I think. (First time I ever said that. OH NO!!) Now I just have to choose from Paradise and Nachi. Hmmm. One last important deal maker/breaker question regarding my mother.... WHO OFFERS MORE SHADE? My mother enjoys some sun, but does prefer a shady spot if she is going to be out for more than a few hours. Thank You again.
  15. Hi All, Hope you can help. We want to go to an all inclusive for our day in Cozumel, but the more we read the reviews, the more confused we are about where to go. Each place seems to have mostly good reviews, but I am hoping that I can get some opinions on the pro's and cons of each place to help us make our choice. The places that we are considering are Nachi Cocum, Mr. Sanchos, and Paradise Beach. We are 3 fun-loving mid-age women, and one elderly mother that will be going to the A.I. with us. We like to have fun, but my "over the top" days are over. LOL. We would all like a nice beach for swimming, chairs and umbrella's, perhaps some shade for our mother, some food, and a few good drinks. Not looking to crawl back to the ship. (Been there, done that.) Above all, we want to be somewhere safe, clean, friendly, has a nice beach or pool for swimming, and not extremely far from the cruise port. There are suppose to be 4 ships in port that day, and I don't want to be late getting back to the ship with all the traffic. Sorry I am babbling, but I thought that the more information I provide, the easier it would be for someone to help us compare and pick the right place to spend our day. We would appreciate any help you can provide to us. Thank You in advance!!!!
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