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  1. No question in our minds... Alaska = Radiance Class Ships!!! So much glass and outward looking views from so many public areas. Absolutely beautiful ships!
  2. We are so excited... we are actually doing 2 cruises next year. We have never had 2 booked at the same time before let alone in the same year! Doing one with the kids in the summer and one with just Lynn and myself in the fall. This may be the start of a new bad habit!!!
  3. Can anyone tell me which level (deck) of the dining room they seat "traditional" dining on?
  4. If I get the deluxe beverage package with Voom does it come with Voom surf or Voom surf and stream?
  5. I am curious if the Special Needs Department has dropped the ball on anyone else? Just an observation from our last 5 cruises spanning over 10 years. We utilize the Special Needs Department forms for several items from CPAP Supplies (distilled water and extension cord), Medicine Refrigerator, Sharps Container, and Allergy Notifications. Not once on any of our five cruises have any of our requested items (same items requested on every cruise) been in place in our cabin without our having to find our cabin steward and explain to him/her that they need to look for the forms and get us the required supplies. Also the dining room has not once been aware that there are life threatening allergies. 5 cruises, forms filled out properly and replies received from the Special Needs Department acknowledging our specific requests and reservations and not one item or allergy notification available without our hunting them down or notifying them? We are very used to being our own advocates with the medical professions but it really seems like we should not have to do this on vacation and this should be an easy thing to manage given it is all done electronically. I get that the stewards have a very hard day on turnaround day (and every day) but as we say here at work... PPPPPP (proper prior planning prevents poor performance!) I am not necessarily saying it is the stewards fault... I do not know how the info is supposed to be conveyed to the ships from corporate. I just wish if RCCL is going to say "these items will be waiting for you in your stateroom" or "we will noting our dining staff of your allergies" or anything else of that nature that they would follow through. I get that once may be a one-off situation but the exact same problems for 5 cruises over such a time span? I think the system is broke and needs fixing. Still love Royal and all our cruises have been wonderful just wish they would work the kinks out of this particular system.
  6. I just got the notice that we made Platinum in the Crown and Anchor Society! I know compared to others it is nothing and the platinum benefits aren't huge but we do not get to cruise very often so it feels like a big deal to me! Just wanted to share my excitement!
  7. We are cruising in 41 days! At the completion of this cruise we will be "platinum" C&A members. However, I want to take advantage of the NextCruise discount by booking our next cruise while onboard but I also want to take advantage of the balcony discount given to platinum members. Will the "NextCruise" people allow me to book with my platinum discount even though technically I won't have achieved that status until I step off the ship?
  8. The company "Special Needs At Sea" offers a lift chair that I think is also a recliner (don't quote me on this). It is shown under the "bed rental" section of their web site.
  9. We are cruising in July and after this cruise we will be Platinum C&A members. I want to book another cruise for next year but I think we get some kind of discount on cabins when we are Platinum members. My question is... how long after we return from this cruise does it take RCCL to update their records so I can book our next cruise and get the discount? (and does anyone know what the discount is?) Thank you all for any help you can provide.
  10. We explore for the first time in a port. If we return to a port on a subsequent cruise there would have to be something really special or new to see else we would just remain on board. Personally my ideal cruise is one without any ports of call!
  11. I need clarification... I booked reservations for our upcoming cruise while Izumi was Al La Carte pricing. I based making my reservation on the item pricing on the menus at the time (assuming there may be a slight increase). So am I correct that now I am not eligible for the A La Carte pricing I reserved at and must pay $49.99 per person? Do I still get full run of the menu for that price? Is it now unlimited? I am not sure if i should be mad or not.
  12. I am ready to surrender after reading so many threads on power strips, extension cords, usb chargers, etc.! All I want to do is plug in my CPAP machine on my cruise on Anthem but I have never had an outlet where I want/need it on any of my previous cruises. Is there a definitive answer on an extension cord / power strip I can bring on a Royal Caribbean ship? Can someone send me a link(s) to devices that they are actually currently approving? I am looking for specific models Royal Caribbean is definitely going to approve and let me bring on board at Cape Liberty in Bayonne, NJ. Thank you to any and all who can put my tired brain to rest.
  13. I am still a lowly "Gold" members and I buy the drink package. I can drink whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want. The same as every other passenger on the ship whether they are a "club" member or buy a drink package or choose to buy drinks individually. We all have the choice! I do not need to worry about where some special "loyalty" lounge is located or what time my "free" drinks are being served (does anyone really believe the drinks are free???) or whether I can get a seat or not. I cruise Royal Caribbean because I enjoy their ships and their staff... not for any "perks" that I may get now or in the future. They can call me gold, diamond, platinum or whatever... it does not matter... if my family enjoys their vacation then Royal Caribbean has provided me with the service that I agreed to pay for. I think we all need to stop worrying about "status" and "free perks" which are not free regardless of what anyone says! Just live for the day and enjoy your cruise. I promise you will be happier in the end and so will everyone else around you. Just my opinion.
  14. The "My Cruise Planner" in my reservation on the RCL web site shows the activity "All Access Ship Tour" being available to book and clearly shows the price. It lets you go through the whole booking process including selecting participants, the date, the time, etc., until the very end and then the web site gives you an error that says it is priced wrong and can't be placed in your cart. It then displays the customer service number to call so I called it. The rep basically told me I was seeing things and it wasn't available to be booked! I tried to explain that I was looking at it on their web site but could not get him to understand that. GRRRR.... so frustrating to have to deal with a web site that doesn't function properly and then have to deal with reps that do not have a clue. Royal is certainly succeeding in taking the fun out of cruise planning! OK... I am done ranting now. I will decompress tonight and try to call Royal Caribbean back again tomorrow and hope I get to speak with a rep that knows something. Sigh.
  15. As I recall from sailing on Radiance, deck 2 is the lowest passenger deck and is also home to the medical center. I do not remember there being many cabins on that level. The only thing that stands out in my mind was the very visible watertight doors on that level.
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