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  1. We are looking at a European cruise n 2025 the 2024 price for same itinerary is much less so it might not be a popular sailing as it is a port intensive Baltic cruise thanks
  2. Thanks for all your answers .I am only interested in this ship for the itinerary Goes to someplaces in Baltic we haven’t been to. We are seniors and don’t need the bells and whistles of newer ships in a port intensive sailing
  3. Since it is in 2025 there is a lot of cabin availability Any suggestions on midship balcony location would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. Thanks Looks like show times have not changed since the last time I was on Celebrity in Feb 2020 Still wondering what kind of entertainment, if any,we will have before ship sails from Aruba at 10 pm
  5. Arranged for car to pick us up at 10 and wondering if it is to late tganke
  6. For all of my seven day cruise? am I better off buying before I board.? thanks
  7. A day that they are charging now plus gratuities.? Savings is 30per cent off Thanks
  8. Do I need to carry the cup around with me or can I go to the bar and get a soda? Do they give you cans or from the gun? if I decide to not get a card and use my Diamond drink vouchers do they give it in cans or fountain sodas? Thanks
  9. Where are the beds located on cabins 8612 and 8618? Going with a few couples and trying to decide which room for me.Prefer the bed by water Thanks
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