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  1. Does RCCL offer a shuttle from the port to old town Marseille and what is the cost? Thanks
  2. I did but there is no place for me to enter my CC number
  3. Using the link from Captains Club email. when I use the link you posted there isn’t any place to in put my CC number that I could see.
  4. I am having trouble connecting to view the webinar, get the oops something went wrong, try again later. When I register says the will be an email with a link but I haven’t gotten an email. Any suggestions ?
  5. Could anyone post a current Hooked Seafood menu? Thanks
  6. How do you get the solo flyer I missed out?
  7. If you are Pinnical on RCCL what level are you in Celebrity’s Captains Club ? Thanks
  8. I am considering a EV Rider Folding scooter, watching videos and reading reviews indicate it can do A 4 degree incline. Could anyone who has used this scooter on on the ship tell me if you can use it boarding the ship at the terminal in Fort Lauderdale or Miami , not asking about the gang plank boarding at the ports. I don’t want to have to push the scooter up to board the ship. Is the another folding scooter you would recommend ? I have also considered the Solax Transformer as it show it can do a 15 degree incline. Thanks
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