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  1. If you have a gambling addiction but want to cruise, I believe you will be welcome at the Friends of Bill Meeting. At the end of the day the 12 steps are similar enough that you can be accommodated & encouraged to stay strong for the length of your voyage.
  2. All drinks under $15 are included. Baily's is under $15. So yes it's included.
  3. Fly in the day before. It's always better to be safe then sorry. Take the later flight & stay in the not so great hotel in the port city. At that hour you will basically be asleep any way so as long as it's safe you get a bit more time in Dublin but have a wider margin of error for boarding.
  4. IMO you are better off doing the air yourself. You will save $$ & have greater flexibility. As to what ship, that is up to you. Definitely pick a line that doesn't have water slides, go carts etc. Virgin has launched 1 ship. It's expensive & the itineraries are short but DH & I were intrigued by No kids, No kidding.
  5. They reserve some slots for booking on board. If you act promptly once on board or through the app as was suggested above, you should get the reservation you want. Do cancel the reservation for 1 you don't want.
  6. NCL will do something but it won't be all out We sailed Princess over St. Patrick's Day in 2011. They had cake with green icing. I was kind of annoyed because they didn't even do something like have Irish Coffee as the drink of the day. It was really poorly executed. If how the passengers on the Gem dressed & behaved for the Christmas cruise -- all sorts of over the top holiday bling -- doesn't really matter what NCL does, it will be a party!
  7. The taxi drivers' are regulated. Walk off the ship. Find one. Negotiate a price. We got a great deal to go to Brimstone Hill $25 pp R/T plus the entrance fee $10 each. I think the ship wanted $89 pp
  8. I get it's a tough job. We always say please & thank you. We tip everybody in cash on top of the daily service charges & the gratuities added to our drink package. We've never been those passengers. However, on past cruises I got more of a sense of make the best of it. On the this trip the woman who squirts your hands when you come into the buffet was always singing. You could tell it was sort of a Stockholm syndrome thing because, oh dear can you imagine having to be the person that makes sure we all clean our hands before entering?, but there was just this odd und
  9. Anywhere from $9 to $11 unless you want some super premium liquor in them. Heck I had to stop the bartender from pouring grey goose into my RedBull. I wanted the caffeine but DH wanted me to have a drink. lol
  10. Walking off the Gem last week at 9:30 people were already arriving. Usually we opted to show up after 1 & it was about 1 - 1.5 hours to get through all the lines. We had priority boarding this time so it was quick. Because of that I wouldn't count us as what we usually are "normal people"
  11. Food on the Gem over Christmas was disappointing. Christmas dinner, beef wellington, was good but that was about it. It's the quality & the prep. Found a hair baked into my dinner roll the 1st night. 🤮 Ordered medium rare medallions of beef in MDR one night. One was rare & the other well done. WTH? Duck in LeBistro was some weird shredded mess which reminded me of Sheppard's pie. They were serving actual duck breast in the MDR for New Years' Eve but the restaurant manager gave me a hard time about eating that in LeBistro. Are you kidding me? It all comes out of the same kitch
  12. Recently back from a 2 week cruise on the Gem. Most of the staff was efficient but they all just seemed . . . sad . . . like they were going through the motions. They were professional & did their very difficult jobs over long hours, but I felt like I couldn't find anyone whose smiles genuinely reached their eyes. Maybe it was the time of year, over Christmas. Maybe it was the fact that a bad cold was spreading through the ship like wildfire. There just seemed to be something off. Did anybody else get that sense?
  13. I have the same answer every time somebody asks this Q. Don't look at the wheels up time for your flight. Look at what time you have to be at the AP. Do you think you can make it by 9:30? What if there is a delay coming back to port? What if there's a problem with customs? What if there is an accident on the road to the AP? What if you are not the 1st off the ship? How many ships will be in port that day in Fort Lauderdale & Miami? There is a reason the cruise lines recommend a flight after 1 p.m. It's your choice but after a lovely vacation why add more stress?
  14. but once you get inside the airport terminal you still have to walk . . . .a lot
  15. All I do is walk when traveling, especially to & from airports. Everything is so spread out. We also will be driving to the port.. . the walk from the parking deck to the terminal is almost 2 blocks.
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