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  1. Themes went away when airlines started with the weight & luggage restrictions.
  2. I say this all the time for this Q. Don't look at the time of your flight. Look at what time you have to be at the AP. For an 11:30 flight I'd say no later then 10 a.m. It's about 30-45 minutes to the AP so you best be on your way around 9. Doable, probably. But do you want to be that rushed/ stressed? What if you dock late? There is a reason the cruise line recommends a flight after 1 p.m. Remember if you miss your flight, you get the next available flight not necessary the next flight which is probably already full.
  3. It sounds like it will be a good fit. Honestly I think the quality on NCL has gone down & we don't like the big ships (Getaway, Epic, Bliss etc) so the size of the ship seems ideal. We're not looking to party because we want to be up & not hungover to explore the ports. I just don't want to be made to feel like we have to turn in early like on Princess. 10 p.m. bar closings seemed ridiculous to us, especially when the venue was packed. The biggest draw is the Tuesday departure. We're middle aged so it sounds like the demographic will be a good fit too. Thank you all for your insights. For those of you who have done the Alaska trip, is it warm enough . . . generally speaking because weather is so unpredictable . . . to use the pool etc on that 1st sea day? We have sailed to the Caribbean from NYC in winter several times & always feel stuck inside on the 1st & last sea day because it's too cold.
  4. There are no themes. It is the most un-cruise-like cruise ever. It's about getting from here to there. Being on board is secondary. DH bought a Hawaiian shirt pre-cruise but there was not an abundance of festive attire.
  5. I got lost somewhere in here. The package if you "buy" it was about $49 per day per person. So assuming $100 per day if there are two people in a cabin, that's a $700 per cruise value for a week long voyage. Now add 18% gratuity & you are adding another $126. A voyage that used to cost $799 per person when all drinks were a la cart is now selling for $1299 per person because you get the "free at sea" program. That is a $500 pp difference or $1000 more for the same cruise so I can get $700 worth of "free alcohol." Now if I select the UBP I still have to pay the tip so add another $126 & I'm now paying more than $1126 to get something that I could have purchased for $826. Plus being me, I'm still going to tip the bartenders in actual cash to assure good service Sorry but I don't think that is even close to being "free" at sea or anywhere else. When I said there weren't many $15 drink options, I meant there weren't many drinks that expensive. If a beer is $5 & the cost of the promotion is $50 per day, you have to drink 10 beers to break even. Granted many martini drinks are around $11 but who wants 5 of those per day, especially given the larger size of the cruise glasses. You are talking 5 is really 7.5 - 8 & given the generous pours, 12-15 shots. Not that many people can drink that much & still function. Can you say alcohol poisoning? Sure I saw a lot of people over indulging on embarkation day . . . woo hoo "free booze!" I also saw a decided drop in visible passengers on day 2. Many people made themselves so sick they had about 1 drink per day for the rest of the trip. Seriously they told me that. So go back: $826 for 2 people to drink for 7 days. (But you are really paying closer to $1200 because the price of the cabin went up) On day 1 you run up a $100 bill. Then maybe for the next 6 days you drink 1-2 drinks each day for 2 people let's even say they drink $22 worth of booze (2 martini type cocktails. We'll round it up to $150-$300. The cruise ends. They paid $1200 to get a "free" UBP of which they consumed $250-$500 worth of alcohol. How is that a value proposition? Call me cheap if you like but for me the better value was when the cabin prices were less & I paid per drink.
  6. We have sailed Royal Caribbean -- over priced Princess -- boring; they practically rolled up the bars & the hallways at 10 p.m. NCL -- just right . . . relaxed, fun, good value (although lately I am questioning our loyalty, especially since the prices seem to have skyrocketed). Carnival Legend is sailing out of Seattle to Alaska leaving on a Tuesday which fits beautifully with a California thing we finish up late on a Sunday. We can fly up from LAX to SEA-TAC on Monday & then sail. Alaska is way more about the ports then the ship so we don't need much. Looking for clean cabin, reasonable fun ship mates, a few drinks, edible food (neither of us expects Michelin stars on a ship) & great views. This Legend itinerary sounds like it works. But if anybody can give us a comparative low down that would be awesome. It's a port intensive itinerary which I think is good. I hate sea days. On this board, I'm sure you all love Carnival & like is subjective but insight would be appreciated. If it's too party hearty that won't work. If it's too deadly dull that won't work either. If the ship itself is more of a cruise ship then a cruise liner designed for rougher waters, let us know that. Thanks in advance.
  7. This particular cruise sails out of Brooklyn. I was surprised as the next person but it is what it is. Believe me I checked the site where I got my quote, another big commercial site & NCL. My Q was about the time. If we get out of work in Newark NJ around 4 & hightail it to Brooklyn on a weeknight, Thursday (we will be against most traffic) even assuming we don't make it to the pier until 6 p.m. does that get us on board in time? We really DO NOT care about being on board to "enjoy" the ship on the day of departure. When we do the lifeboat drill is immaterial. Of course we will do it.
  8. Gave up on specialty dining years ago. It's just not that special. If I want an amazing meal, I go to a land based restaurant where they are not preparing food on this volume. I think the included food is good enough. There is no need to pay more money. When we did go it was because we were offered a deal or a comp. We'd go based on availability. One exception: we got engaged at Cagney's on the Gem & will go back there for sentimental reasons when we cruise the Gem .
  9. It's hardly free. It is only a value if you really are going to drink enough to make it worthwhile. You have to drink about 6+ drinks per day to make it worth it. There aren't that many $15 per drink options. I was shocked at how heavy the bartenders poured. If you have a port intensive cruise, it's even tougher to get your money's worth. We're fairly big partiers especially on vacation, but by Thursday, (day 5) neither of us wanted another drink. My liver hurt.
  10. We're thinking about a cruise out of Brooklyn leaving at 10:30 p.m. I know we have to be on board at least 2 hours before sail away. We would rather go to work that day then be on board early. Would we be OK arriving at the port around 6 p.m.?
  11. If insure my trip dot com works in the UK, start there. Put in everything you want covered & see what happens.
  12. It depends on what time your Arizona trip is. I think we spent about 3 hours there.
  13. House Without a Key or Hau Tree Lanai.
  14. We did everything on our own, no tour required. It's a US state. You can figure it out. No need to waste money on guides. Do some internet research & enjoy.
  15. I think the closest is the one at the Hilton. N.B. it's on top of a parking deck.
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