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  1. apuleius

    Pre-cruise hotel in Fort Lauderdale

    Earlier this year we stayed at The Pillars a small and lovely boutique property just across from the Ritz. It has a deck directly on the intercostal do you can arrive by water taxi! There is also a great restaurant calked the Secret Garden. We loved it despite appalling weather which meant we could not take advantage of the pretty though small outdoor areas.
  2. apuleius

    No Shadow in Feb/April 2017

    In 2013 we were also 'bumped' off the Shadow in the Far East due to a charter. We had booked flights (using air miles). We were very fortunate to be able to find availability on the following cruise which was the reverse schedule of the one we'd originally booked as well as being able to change the flights. Our TA and SS handled it all very well - all our incidental expenses were met - airline change fees etc- and we also got substantial OBC as compensation as well as a discount on the fare.
  3. apuleius

    taxi` s Fort Lauderdale

    We paid $100 inc tip for a limo organised through our FLL hotel in January.
  4. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    Emtbsam - the jumper arrived safely! Thanks again for your help.
  5. apuleius

    Free Air

    Offering business fares as an upgrade but yes it is selected Med cruises from LHR with prices from £2099!
  6. apuleius

    Free Air

    Have just received a email mailing from SB offering wonderful savings on 'free air' this summer!
  7. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    Fantastic! Thanks again.
  8. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    Thanks to this CC board and @emtbsam I'm going to be reunited with my sweater! What a great resource this is!
  9. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    @emtbsam could you post an email address for a direct response? Thanks!
  10. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    Ah, yet another small difference that makes a difference between SB and SS!
  11. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    It's very light and small, so a padded envelope would do it. I'm just surprised at the cost .... Maybe there's a kind uk based passenger on board who could take it.
  12. apuleius

    Silver Spirit -- Turkey

    @eastwoodboy - very prescient of you. Such a shame - I've sailed in to Istanbul from both the Dardanelles and the bosphorus with SB and it is such a stunning city to entire by sea. Let's hope that stability soon returns to the region.
  13. apuleius

    Lost property on silver spirit

    Yes, I'm in UK but can't believe it would cost $80 to post a lightweight sweater from US! Really appreciate your offer though!
  14. I was on the west Caribbean ex FL on Silver Spirit in January and left an inconsequential item of clothing on board and was shocked at how much SS wanted to charge to mail it back to me. Any other experiences of lost and found items?
  15. apuleius

    OB Category

    I've booked OB twice and both times had v6 cabins mid ships on deck 6 and mid ships on deck 7. More than happy with the arrangement.