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  1. Cancelled Cruises, how do we know which are cancelled. Never get emails. Is there a web site page link we can go to?
  2. As the UK FCO has warned over 70 not to cruise, a cash credit must be offered for cancellation?
  3. From the FCO British nationals aged 70 and over, and those with underlying health conditions like chronic diseases and diabetes, are advised not to travel on cruise ships.
  4. How do you get on in Civitavecchia without going through Italy?
  5. Anyone on or just off Journey. Are there alarm clocks in stateroom. Am asking as on Transalantic and many time changes. Thanks in advance.
  6. Thank you. Just sent a email.
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    Is it possible to request a low sodium diet on Journey. Ask this as always get swollen feet on a cruise and suspect it’s too much salt.
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    is there a list of ports in which Azamara has shuttles?
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