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  1. Can you take in essential oils from the company Doterra? Use them for cuts, tummy aches and other stuff?
  2. We just came back from that cruise and it was awesome and you will love it. We used Saga/Geoiceland and Norway Excursions for our private tours. Had no problems and a comparable tour from the ship was a lot cheaper. You will be on a small 20 passenger bus while the ship uses the huge buses. Reykjavik the south coast tour, used Saga. We did a mixture of ship tours and private excursion.s. We went 2 days early and the first day we used Saga/Geoiceland for the Golden Circle. The first day on the ship we used the ship excursion for the South Coast tour, because of time constraints and not returning in time for departure. Isafjordur we used the ship tour for Vigur Island, the boat ride will take 30 minutes to the island. Akureyri we used Sage again for Godafoss Falls, the geysers and the national park. Seydisfjordur used ship tour for Skalanes. Because of bad weather we had to skip the Faroe Islands and went to Olden and used the ship tour. Gerianger used Norway Excursions for Mt. Dalsnibba. Used Norway Excursions for Alesund. Flam we rode the full day train with the ship excursions. Bergem used the ship excursion for Mt. Uriken. Hope this helps.
  3. We are finally here and at the Canopy Hilton. We have our excursion to the coast tomorrow. Still plan on having our happy hour and meet and greet at 7. When you come in the Hilton come in the lobby , go up the stairs and the bar is right there. Looking forward to meeting everyone, even if we haven't talked, you are still welcome to come and join us. The more the merrier.
  4. Periegrina, we have already booked a tour. Hope the weather gods will be nice to us. Thanks for the info.
  5. Thank you Molymoo for the hints on what to do and where to eat in Bergen. Soaking in all of this information and writing it down. It will be a busy day when we are there. So much to do and not enough time.
  6. Thank you Peregrina for the heads up for Mt. Dalsnibba! We are going there and now will take gloves, a beanie and a scarf. Coming from Texas this will be a shock to our bodies, it is in the low 90's here.
  7. LM and anybody else, questions about Bergen. We are going to Mt. Ulriken. What are some of the must does in Bergen?
  8. Thank you LM for all of this info, learned a lot. This is our first VO, so inhaling all the information. Will be joining Lotusgirl22 and Jeebg next week in Reykjavik. Can't believe that you had snow in Flam, went and pulled out some gloves! Hope you have safe travels! Please, keep updating.
  9. We will be riding on the train on the Full Day Railway Journey after getting off the Sky in June. Is one side of the train better than the other for views and photos? On the return is it motor coach, the description in the information didn't clarify what it will be? Again, is one side better than the other? Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. We will be on the Sky in Iceland in June, we are newbies to the VO. I have called the home office and gotten several answers as to when they will come and pick us up at the hotel to take us to the ship. Anywhere from 10AM to 1 PM and the room will not be ready till 1. What is the general rule among the other ships that you have experienced? The reason for my question is that we will be there several days ahead and already have done the walking tour of the city and another tour. Hate to waste a whole day just doing nothing and would like to do something in the morning before getting on the ship. Also when is the muster and what time? TIA
  11. Thinking of going to Iceland. The excursions are very expensive. Has anyone booked excursions using other companies? Good or bad experiences.
  12. Thinking about going to Iceland. Looked and excursions from Princess are very expensive. Has any booked privates excursions through GeoIceland, Tripadvisor , Viator or anyone else. Good or bad experiences. Excursions that are a must! Thanks!
  13. Go to Weather.com. Type in dates and the location it will be on that date. I use it every time to check the temps and if there will be rain. It is a great help on what I need to pack and what to leave at home.
  14. When you are in Juneau and are interested in a whale tour use Marv and Harv. They have been in the business for many years. They will pick you up right at the ship. You will be in a smaller boat, they can handle your family size and will have the whole boat to yourself. The Princess ship will be huge with about 100 people fighting for a space at the rail. Your boat captain can zip around and talks to other captains to find the whales. We saw at least 15 whales and was an awesome experience. Plus, it will be a lot cheaper than the Princess excursion.
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