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  1. I was not speaking hypothetically, I was recounting actual events in response to someones assertion that the ship would be sterilized top to bottom after a nude cruise.
  2. If people want to get all dressed up and pretend that they are eating in an elegant, fine dining establishment, then perhaps they could use their extraordinary imaginations to pretend I am dressed in a manner that fits their fantasy! Me, I am going to pretend I am at Hooters!
  3. In 2013 my wife and I sailed on the Carnival Freedom on the very first sailing after the" Big Naked Boat" cruise. My wife's entire carry on bag was filled with Clorox wipes and Lysol. When we got to our room we found what may or may not have been a skid mark on the couch! My Honey went crazy with the wipes and Lysol!!!
  4. Thanks you! I don't know what it is about that map, it mesmerizes me, I can play with it for hours!
  5. Barry has been upgraded to hurricane; here is a wind map that I always find interesting when monitoring storms: https://earth.nullschool.net/#current/wind/surface/level/orthographic=-91.35,23.45,1688/loc=-91.389,28.892
  6. What we have found is that if you sneak the pen that you sign each of your drink receipts with into your pocket, it serves 2 purposes: Free pens and a tally of drinks each day! 15 each day if you buy the Cheers package, a 7 day cruise will get you 105 free pens!
  7. If they get in line before you do, they absolutely should be ahead of you. The guidelines are set by Carnival and they decided our loyalty benefits,(I am also a Platinum) are available for a price and therefore loyalty has been trivialized!
  8. I find it interesting that many of the Platinum and Diamond level cruiser speak about it like it is some kind of God given right! It is a perk that is offered by Carnival Cruise Line, the same line that offers FTTF for a fee. There is no cheating going on, there are no bribes being paid, no jumping in line, just people who feel entitled, who resent others who are willing to pay for the same benefit.
  9. At the end of the day, Carnival Cruise Line as well as every other cruise line is a businesses, who's sole purpose is to make a profit and provide earnings for their shareholders. It is their corporate responsibility to cut costs and expenses in order to maximize profits, they will and should continue this until the point of diminishing returns. When people stop purchasing their product, they will adjust their business plan in an attempt to attract customers once again. The only way to sway Carnival to change their ways is to vote with your money, take your money to the cruise line that most closely meets your needs and expectations!
  10. I have no intention to read anything these lunatics write!
  11. The combination of too many beers the night before and Baked Beans for breakfast.
  12. I am working in Texas right now and I dare someone to tell a Texas cowboy dressed in his pressed jeans, polished cowboy boots and best plaid shirt that he is not properly dressed to eat in the main dining room.
  13. Haha, I haven't been at Chuck-E-Cheese for a very long time, of course I was taking it to the ridiculous extreme with that comparison. I was just trying to make the point that Carnival gave up on making it an upscale dining experience long ago.
  14. I whole heatedly agree with you about dressing appropriately but I am constantly baffled by the assertion that the MDR is fine dining. With the dancing waiters, the mediocre food and the declining service; to me it is not much better than a glorified Chuck-E-Cheese
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