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  1. Haha, I haven't been at Chuck-E-Cheese for a very long time, of course I was taking it to the ridiculous extreme with that comparison. I was just trying to make the point that Carnival gave up on making it an upscale dining experience long ago.
  2. I whole heatedly agree with you about dressing appropriately but I am constantly baffled by the assertion that the MDR is fine dining. With the dancing waiters, the mediocre food and the declining service; to me it is not much better than a glorified Chuck-E-Cheese
  3. It sure looks like it is bigger! It looks like an awesome cabin!
  4. The Carnival link: https://www.carnival.com/~/media/Images/Ships/MD/DeckPlans/mardi-gras-deck-plan-pdf.pdf
  5. We booked last night, We have one of the "hump balcony" cabins on deck 14. I am Ed and my wife is Kristina, we will be joined by at least one friend, he booked the inside cabin directly across the hall from us. We are inviting all our friends to join us, the last time we all cruised together there was over 20 of us.
  6. We just booked the first cruise from Canaveral, you are correct, Oct 16th.
  7. We may have to make a point of drinking a beer or 10 together!
  8. Would it be wrong if I said I like the sound of "hump" and "balcony" in the same sentence?
  9. Thank you! We booked an 8K balcony, cabin # 14356, although I can't seem to find the deck plan on the Carnival website.
  10. Us too!!! The first cruise from the U.S. 8 day eastern Caribbean, Oct, 16 2020 We are so excited!!!
  11. No, that's not true, I typed that in a very calm quiet voice!
  13. Thanks! I just snagged a couple of them too!
  14. ecarbine


    Thanks for the heads up, this place looks great! Based on your recommendation we are going to visit there next month.
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