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  1. We have 2 Azamara cruises coming up in the next 12 months, paid for with FCC and free nights (we became Discoverer+ after our last AZ cruise). I expect FCC to be honored as that represents $$ paid to Azamara for cancelled Mar/Apr cruises. Discoverer+ benefit included cruises on Celebrity, and I hope in the near term that will be honored, too. We'll have to see how things play out as this year goes along. Long term, I'm not overly confident regarding Azamara's survival, vis-a-vis being sold to a Private Equity firm.
  2. gnld

    Complimentary nightd

    We moved up to Discoverer Plus after an April '18 cruise. We booked a B2B in the Middle East for March/April of this year - used the 6 free nights on the first part. Both were cancelled, of course. Azamara let us use the 6 free nights on a Greece cruise next July. But we were told if we were to change it, it has expired and we'd lose it. Now if this July cruise were to be cancelled (hope not!), I don't know what Azamara would do. Hopefully they'd let us roll it over to another cruise, as THEY did the cancelling.
  3. We were on Marina's April 9th transatlantic. Last month I guessed that cruise would not occur, so I switched it to a Riviera cruise in the Med for spring '22 (booked Marina onboard the Sirena last Dec., so an easy switch). Looks like I was prescient!
  4. Recall it was only 2-3 years ago that Azamara (i.e., Royal) paid an awful lot to buy the Adonia and refurbish her in Belfast, creating the Pursuit. Doubt they've even reached the break-even point yet! I agree with other posters that Celebrity and Azamara are very different cruise experiences. Royal has Celebrity as the upper premium line, Azamara as the near-luxury line, and Silversea as the luxury line. A good complement they probably won't tamper with, IMHO.
  5. Most other luxury/near-luxury cruise lines are not re-starting until Mar or April or beyond. Oceania & Regent still showing January. Lotsaluck, IMHO. We just cancelled an April transatlantic on the Marina; rebooked it onto the Riviera in the Med in May 2022. For next year, we have an Azamara cruise around Italy in July - hope we can go. Then a Regent northern transpacific in Sept/Oct. We feel wide availability of a vaccine is key - and that might not be until springtime!
  6. Why are you removing the small casinos upon stretching the Star vessels? I thought more room might allow for a larger casino.
  7. We have an April cruise with Oceania that we will NOT be going on. Just waiting for Nov. 11th when Oceania is slated to announce more 2022 cruises, out to early 2023. We booked the April cruise onboard last December, so we can make one change and retain all the onboard booking benefits.
  8. No email. Saw an online news article this morning. Went on websites for Oceania and Regent. First cruises now in January.
  9. I've been looking at a Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection cruise in July - unusual Greek isle itinerary. Interested to try them out. Would be great if Philip Herbert was the onboard Hotel Manager! BTW, their ship is named Evrima.
  10. Back on topic, folks! This morning, NCLH announced all their December cruises are cancelled; start-up now in January. This includes Oceania and Regent.
  11. So how long will it take Oceania to update its website for future cruises to reflect that Regatta will not be in AUS/NZ or crossing the Pacific this winter? And, indeed, will Insignia not resume sailing until May, in the Med?
  12. Always seen around the ship, always approachable, always very helpful. He will be missed! Gary
  13. One would hope loyalty to a cruse company would mean something to the company. But as many of have have seen (me included) it does not, unfortunately. Azamara is not alone in this. Read the threads about other cruise lines and the problems people have in getting refunds especially, FCC docs, etc. It's pervasive and has given the cruise industry a black eye!
  14. FYI. After our last Azamara cruise, we moved up to Discoverer Plus. On our next Azamara cruise (slated for July), we get 6 free nights in a Club Continent Suite! We're Silver with Oceania and Gold with Regent; the monetary (and other) perks on both lines are quite nice! 9 more Oceania cruises and we get a free cruise (and we have one booked for April). Staying loyal does have rewards that are beneficial.
  15. We have a 2022 cruise booked with Crystal. With their parent, Genting Hong Kong, now in financial straits, I went on the Crystal board and found a thread regarding this. Boy, you should read the comments about Crystal being extremely poor in getting refunds to patrons! "Worst in the industry" one person wrote. Welcome to the club!
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