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  1. I don't think I've seen an actual "meet and greet", however if your kids go to the night time activities the first night, that's what matters most in our experience. They get to make friends before the kids have already found little groups.
  2. Yes, they definitely still have all the trivia! And I noticed A LOT more people played! So you may have more competition, lol.
  3. We went on an Alaskan cruise in early June of 2018. While it is port intensive and a bit more subdued as people are enjoying nature and looking for whales, etc....they still have the normal activities. They had the mixologist challenge (my husband won!), the late night comedy and stage shows, people were out and about- my son still went to the kids club some nights and plenty of kids were there while parents were at comedy or shows, alchemy, or enjoying a walk on the deck. If I remember correctly, there were early port times so you did tend to go to bed a bit earlier, but by no means was everyone in bed at 10pm. You'll have a great time!
  4. I wasn't able to actually go on the cruise, just a tour of the ship, so unfortunately I don't have pictures of the different ports or what was done there. The drydock is happening October 5th and will just be routine maintenance and minor cosmetic touch ups. As for the tour, I'm a travel agent and we have a chance to go on ship inspections (tours) when days become available. Hi, I was already off the ship when your question came through. I looked at a few balcony rooms and they all had the sofa/bed, but I didn't really pay attention to if there was a chair at the desk....or if they were rooms that were added recently. All the ones I saw were typical size of balcony rooms. Hi! I took a few pictures of the Alchemy bar but am having trouble uploading them here. I am in the process of writing a blog post with my pictures from the ship tour that should be up today or tomorrow. The Alchemy was located on deck 9 right outside the Starlight Lounge (where they do the comedy shows) They are just doing routine maintenance and minor cosmetic touch ups during dry dock...so as far as anything major to the rooms, I don't believe that will be happening.
  5. I'm touring the Ecstasy in Jacksonville tomorrow and figured I'd ask if anyone has an upcoming trip that they might want pictures of certain areas or if you had any questions about the ship? I'll try and find out for you and post back here after!
  6. I've been wondering this as well. We have one scheduled for 6/2020.
  7. Thank you for this! We're going on the Horizon in January (far away, I know!) and on a different itinerary, but it's still nice to have a look!
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