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  1. The Koningsdam SS cabins have a tub with no shower, and a very small shower stall. I was so surprised, as I had been in an SS on the Nieuw Statendam, which had a huge, luxurious shower (no tub at all). Hoping Rotterdam follows NS design and not Koningsdam.
  2. Hello, we have sailed in an SS in both the Koningsdam and Nieuw Statendam. It seemed both beds were king, but I can’t confirm that for sure. However, the bathrooms were quite different. Koningsdam had a tub with jets and no shower. Then there was a very small stall shower next to it. Much too small and in fact by pictures it looks smaller than in regular cabins. The NS had no tub and a huge, luxurious shower with multiple jets, it was amazing. I am only hoping that the Rotterdam follows the design of the NS, which seems likely to me despite the diagram. The NS was the second build in the Pinna
  3. She always had helpful information to share and responded to so many questions. I have missed her posting this past year, and will in the future. She was a big part of our little community here. Farewell KK.
  4. We take one cruise every winter. Last year we were on the last cruise of the season, and disembarked the Koningsdam as the world shut down. Of course our cruise this season was canceled. But oh, how we are looking forward to next year and a 2 week (our first) cruise on the Nieuw Rotterdam! One year today from today, we will be enjoying Governor's Beach in Turks and Caicos. So what about you. If you're on a cruise, one year from now, where will you be and what will you be doing? Keep the answers coming. 🙂
  5. We sailed in an SS cabin on Nieuw Statendam and were blown away by the beautiful shower. There was no tub, just a huge shower with multiple jets. The next cruise we booked an SS on Koningsdam, and were very disappointed with that layout. There was a tub without a shower, and then a small standing shower which was just too tiny. Now we are looking at Rotterdam and would like to book an SS cabin, but not if it the same layout as Koningsdam. Since NS was built after K, I am hoping that the layout of R would follow the more recent build. Thanks for any input/information.
  6. We had a March Caribbean cruise canceled this past week (Eurodam), and re-booked to an April cruise on the Nieuw Statenedam, also in the Caribbean. So it looks like she has been moved to the US. Even if our new booking is canceled, we are hopeful for the industry to start back up in 2021!
  7. Just the other night I was struggling with insomnia. I tried imagining myself in the spa pool, how it felt to lie back and let the warm water relax and soothe me, then I went to the center and felt the jets rippling over me. Oh how I miss it! And yes, whenever I hear ambient music it takes me back to the heavenly tile loungers. Won't it be such a thrill when we finally walk up that gangway once again?
  8. We were on the last cruise of the Koningsdam season, March 2020. We heard the news reports, and as the days passed by things became more real as to what we may be facing. That last night in the dining room, we talked with our servers and wine steward. They thought they would be heading out briefly without passengers, and resume cruising when deemed safe. Little did we know how many months it would be! I think of them often, and wonder how they are doing, What happened when they went home? Were they able to find work? How has the virus affected their world? It is hard to get infor
  9. We booked our very first 14 day cruise, a Eurodam BTB next March! Yes I am hopeful and choose to remain so. I still continue to think about the wonderful staff we met on our Koningsdam cruise nine weeks ago, and hope they have finally made their way home. Trusting we all return to the sea!
  10. We loved the Westerdam too, and their signature suites are wonderful. Here are a few pics of the Koningsdam, a lovely ship indeed.
  11. Thanks for the nice comments! Day 5: Our next stop was Martinique. We booked an excursion for a tour of a rum distillery, then on to a Caribbean Creole cooking class with a local woman who has a popular blog. The drive out to the distillery was pleasant over well paved roads, and a tour guide shared info about the island and their history. The distillery was interesting enough but I felt bad that we had people with mobility challenges, and this place was not at all easy to navigate. I am not sure if the description on HAL mentioned this, but if not, it should have. After the tour we boarded
  12. Our Caribbean cruise on the Koningsdam turned out to be the last one of the season. We knew there were things going on out there, whispers of a virus in far off places like China and only one case in California. When we boarded, the only pressing question asked was if we had traveled to China in the last two weeks. That was on March 4th. The day we returned on March 15th, we came home to a changed world. I didn't feel up to doing this review considering all that has unfolded, but a fellow traveler on our cruise encouraged me to do so, so I am finally sitting down to recall the wonde
  13. We will be sailing on Koningsdam this Wednesday, so it is too late to order flowers. I was wondering if they have them on sale once on board? Thank you.
  14. We are cruising on our very first 11 day cruise! (Southern Caribbean Wayfarer). Day 2 and 3 are sea days. Can anyone tell me which is Gala night? Thanks, just working on dinner plans. 🙂
  15. Pictures online don't show a shower curtain or shower head in the Koningsdam SA bathrooms. However, the written description says there is a shower in the tub as well as a separate stall. What about the SS suites, do they just have a shower or the shower/tub combo? Thanks!
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