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  1. As I remember, the catamaran ride was a couple of hours and it pulled right up to the dock and we got off and boarded directly on to the boat. We arrived at the ship in the afternoon (time for wine-cocktails/snacks etc before a great dinner). I do not remember any extra time in Valdez to eat as we went right from the bus from Copper River to the catamaran. There were snacks available on the catamaran. We took food/snacks with us from Copper River. The ride on the bus from Denali to Copper River was long but very interesting as we saw lots of back areas in Alaska we would never had seen otherw
  2. Copper River was wonderful. It is really beautiful. We took the ATV excursion and it was a blast.When leaving Copper Ricer they took us from Copper River to Valdez and then a jet boat across Prince William directly to the ship - it was superb.
  3. As I remember our land portion was 6 days - overnight in Denali then on to McKinley then a long but enjoyable bus trip to Copper River for 2 night - it was called off the beaten path I think...very nice trip For us it was our second trip to Alaska - and we may do a third -
  4. We did the land portion first then the cruise. Copper River was very nice and the mountain range is fabulous. We did the ATV excursion and had a great time. The guide was very interesting and he took us into back country. Best excursion I have ever been on. They took us on a jet boat from Valdez right us to the ship for our cruise portion. It was great. I am thinking I might go back.
  5. sailing on the TA on Crown on 3/26 - have heard nothing and have not received medallions yet
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