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  1. My husband looked just like that man with the allergic reaction. However, it was from an antibiotic. He almost died. Had to be put on anti rejection drugs. So this can happen with other drugs too.
  2. Princess will offer tours there for turn around day. We did that once and did a trip to Windsor Castle. Another turn around day we walked around Southhampton. A really lovely town. There are some pubs that had good food and drinks.
  3. Royal and Regal the staircase is now for passengers. It was changed.Only Princess ship that has the middle staircase crew only is the Grand Princess.
  4. Here in San Diego county if you have Kaiser Permanente, you can book your appointment on line on their website for the Covid 19 vaccines. They have both Moderna and Pfizer. Easy to get appt. Even people that don't have kaiser insurance can make an appt on their website. Easy, and very efficient.We have kaiser and are fully vaccinated now.I went on line to see if I could book my daughter who has different ins. and has medical issues, she would have been able to get the appt. However, she was able to get a sooner appt. somewhere else. Appts on other sites here always show none available. Ho
  5. California is currently vaccinating 65 and older. We got our second vaccine shots this Wednesday. Here in San Diego there are so many sites opened giving shots. Strange however, when you try to get appts. very difficult to find one. People have tried in the middle of the night and early mornings to schedule appts and that seems to work. We got ours at our medical center , just went to their site and booked it. Got the Pfizer vaccine.
  6. On the Sky Princess those cabin balconies are really nice and they are large. We had D708. When we booked, we looked at the Majestic deck plans when we booked it. We booked same cabin locations for the Majestic cruise this the fall.
  7. I did this once and never again. Although we met the new cabin steward and had him coordinate with our old one, things got messed up in a hurry. The occupants of new cabin slept in(they were blue card) and at 9:30 still didn't leave. Someone should have clued them in better.New cabin steward couldn't make up room. At 10am we had to leave the ship and go to terminal to wait till we could board again. Well, about 10 minutes before heard they had gotten into new cabin, not cleaned but we were able to bring our stuff in. Ship sent someone to help. In the meanwhile because of the long wait, we did
  8. This is one of the cabins added after the remodel(removal of Universe Lounge and cabins added). It is on Promenade deck. They are using the actual part of promenade deck as the balcony. We were on the Island Princess and checked this out. They had added dividers on the deck between each cabin. So this wasn't originally built as a normal handicapped deck. Also if you go through the Panama Canal, old locks, you have to vacate your cabin, not be able to use the "balcony",
  9. There are many sources here in San Diego county to get the vaccine. When people go on the websites and try for appointments into the future, shows no availability. However, they are usually posted the day before or the same day. Albertson's Vons supermarkets have worked well, and now no lines when you show up for your appointment. The major medical providers also have appointments. Not easy but you keep trying their websites and appointments pop up. The Public Health facilities are opened all over San Diego county. Also Sharp Health has several locations set up. Some Medical providers(HMO)
  10. It has been $3049 for no perks since I booked a couple of weeks ago. No change. We are Elite and so is the poster that asked the question. We travel with her often but she may have misunderstood what people are asking about signing in.I know she usually just emails her travel agent for pricing. It is strange that there are different prices . Signing in should get all the previous Princess cruisers the same price.Princess knows who we are once we sign in.
  11. When your agent cancels a cruise before Princess does it, you get your deposit back fast. I cancelled a couple of weeks ago and got my FCD back right away and used for another cruise. In the summer I cancelled a cruise and within two days the deposit was back on my credit card. The big delays are when Princess cancels a bunch of cruises then we all have to wait our turn to get our money back, or FCC (whatever we select).
  12. Doesn't sound like a fun experience. I know being safe is a priority and I applaud their efforts.However, for me I don't think I would enjoy it. When cruising resumes with Princess I will see how safe we feel, how many cruises come back not being a sick ship, and then I will sail on one.I want to have fun, be able to sit in the theatre, play trivia, go on private tours, etc . I won't fly to Europe with many restrictions on a ship.
  13. On my Sky Princess transatlantic as I exited my cabin, a man on a scooter came barreling down the hall and just as I put one foot in the hall, wap, he ran over it. The rest of the cruise my foot was hurting badly. It hurt for a couple of months. Possibly chipped the bone. Unless someone has their own scooter with them or has one at home (and then rents one on the ship), others shouldn't be allowed to rent one. The worst is when they back into an elevator and have never done it before. A ship isn't the place to learn to "Drive".
  14. 14 day Alaska cruise for 7/03/21 that got cancelled in Nov, On January 12,received the FCC in my account.(Opted for the FCC with bonus rather than cash back). I already used it for another cruise.
  15. Years ago I use to cruise HAL because they left from San Diego (still do). At first it was the Osterdam which was new at the time. Then it aged as well as the other ancient ships leaving from here. I did like the food, service. However, the buffet closed early so if you wanted anything after 8pm, out of luck. Didn't like the layout of the ships, very closed areas. After dinner, everything shut down. The shows started being very basic.Cruise director basically had no staff except the DJ. Meanwhile we were cruising on Princess and that became our cruise line of choice.HAL seems to have much
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