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  1. Same with us for Captain's circle party. We eat late so were forced to attend the early 4:45 party if we wanted to go to it. And our dinner was at 7:15 so no going to the later one. I think the Entertainment Director is at fault as that person schedules the shows. So that also affected the Circle parties schedule. No other ship has this stupid schedule with the shows. We have been on the Emerald as well as the Royal this year and went to the shows after dinner (9:30 ).Normally we like to lounge in our cabin until getting ready for our late dinner. I won't sail on the Caribbean Princess again for sure. Sad because it is a nice ship and being recently redone, feels new.
  2. When we were on the Regal and had late dining, the show was before dinner. With the now earlier dining times, the way they schedule the shows have changed. Unfortunately doesn't appear to be the same on all ships. Up to the Entertainment director for scheduling. As I mentioned in a previous post, the schedule on Caribbean Princess was really screwed up.
  3. On our last cruise (August 2019) , we were on Caribbean Princess. Fixed dining for us was 7:15pm. Going to the shows was pretty awful. Show times 6:30 (for late diners) and 8:30 for early diners. We had absolutely no choice and had to go to the 6:30 show. Problem , it was stated in Patter for late diners. However, early diners showed up too (ate at 5pm), anytime diners, buffet eaters as well as for the intended late diners. If you didn't get to the theatre at 5:30pm, no seats left in about 15 minutes (45 minutes before show began).After dinner, no show for us. Game shows began in Explorers lounge but when we exited dinner at 9PM, no seats left for us. In all , not a good planning on Princess part. If late diners had a 9:30 or 10:00PM show, would have been much nicer. First time on any Princess ship we had this problem. Adding to the problem was the Cruise Director Marcos. On the wake show every morning he made sure to say, come at least an hour early for the early show or no seats. One night he said better get there at least an hour early and guess what people showed up 1 1/2 hr early . No seats left by 5:30. I blame him a lot.Entertainment Director should have been fired for how everything was planned.
  4. Only one shareholder credit is given.We have done many long cruises (booked as one but sold in segments too)
  5. On a recent cruise, the Circle hostess at the Captain's Circle Party mentioned to see her or the Future Cruise Consultant regarding doubling your Future Cruise OBC even on cruises you have already booked as long as you used Future Cruise Credits when booked.I thought that was odd and maybe I heard wrong. So I stood in line (I was only 3 rd in line) waiting for one of them during their office hours for 1 1/2 hours. Turns out, very misleading statement. What the Future Cruise consultant wanted to do was rebook my cruises , use new FCC. Then when I go home have my travel agent cancel my previous bookings. I kept asking him what about all my credits I already have because my booking were under the Landmark sale and others one. He didn't get it. No way to get additional $100.00 would I risk that. Also I would have to take guaranties instead of my actual cabin. He said no problem your travel agent when she cancels your original bookings , can then apply the cabin to the new one. In the real world, maybe that can work but so iffy. All to get additional $100. I passed on his deal. Turns out I discussed with my travel agent and she said good I did that. She herself was offered deals like that and passed on it.
  6. Our photo they used wasn't on a previous Medallion cruise. The last Princess cruise that was medallion was on the Royal and totally different photo.
  7. On my recent cruise on the Carribean Princess I didn't download the app in advance. Getting to the pier, no lines, and got to checkin and was given our medallions in a few minutes. No photo was taken. Getting on the ship noticed that people were getting photos taken . Probably those who just received the medallions. My turn and no photo taken . I asked and they said already on it. How? Still don't know. The photo that showed up was not a recent one but may have been one taken on the Caribbean Princess when we were on two years ago.We have cruised quite a bit since then . Wonder if our photos stay in Princess' system or just on the ship we sail. Hey, I loved it, looked two years younger.
  8. Am enjoying your adventures. Your Live makes me feel like we are traveling along with you.
  9. Just got off Caribbean Princess last week. Ship looks brand new. Was on it 3 times previous and what a nice difference. The Buffet a totally different layout. All the carpeting appears new throughout(public areas as well as cabin hallways). We had the new shades of grey carpeting in our cabin but noticed some rooms didn't.Actually loved the ship.Bed so comfy and so were the linens.Medallion Class ship now.
  10. Lisa, Last week on a Princess cruise I asked a friend who cruises Holland a lot if she knew who you were and she didn't. I told her about "the Wave" from San Diego and about you. I wondered if you were sailing and with which cruise line.To my big surprise, there you are on Princess.Have a wonderful time on the Diamond(one of my favorite Princess ships). Regards Gloria (san diego sue)
  11. My friends had someone on board the Diamond Princess confirm those balconies do connect.
  12. We were on with you in March.Was so sorry that anything that could go wrong did for you.So glad that things have improved on the ship and for you and your family.Have fun and enjoy your cruise. And a big thank you for reporting here.
  13. We did the reverse last year and it snowed in Quebec the 3rd day. Was suppose to be there 2 nights and wound up 3.We missed only one port in Canada due to snow. Missed Bar Harbor due to wind.We loved the cruise and would do it again in a heartbeat.Ours was on the Royal Princess.We board the Caribbean Princess August 19th for Canada and Greenland. Thanks to all that posted on the Live thread. We are looking forward to boarding . This will be our 4th time on Caribbean Princess but only the first since their remodel.
  14. We get to use up our last unused card on a cruise starting Aug 19th. It ends in early Sept. Don't care if they don't honor it for Sept because with 15 punches and two of us, will be all used up in 7 days. Will just pay as we go after that.
  15. I agree. I know I have had one and it didn't connect to the one next door. In fact my cabin door was by itself and didn't have a neighbor door next to it.I do remember however, I knew this in advance that no connection. I emailed my friends and told them to change to two others not near the fire door.
  16. A friend of mine just booked two cabins on the Diamond Princess balcony cabins C635 and C701. They are next door to each other. Looks like on the deck plan there is a fire door showing in hallway. She thought and so did I that when there is a fire door the cabins balconies don't connect to each other. I did a mock booking and don't see that on the booking. She was told by Princess future cruise consultant they do open.She just booked those cabins while on a current cruise on a different ship. I know on some ships, when balcony doors don't connect it is mentioned on the booking description.We have had balconies that this was the case. Anyone stayed in those two cabins or the ones on port side on the Diamond(or sister ship the Sapphire).She did email her travel agent back home and he thought that when there is a fire door, those balconies don't open.I have also had that on cruises that I was on but don't remember which ship.
  17. Recently in a ships library I saw two books by same author. Saw that one was basically same characters in second book.Not to be a hog, took just the first one. It was a mystery book and was great. Read it in two days. Then went back for number 2. Not there. A two week cruise. Checked every day and book 2 not there. Last day of cruise, still not there. Morning end of cruise, not there. We stayed on for another one week cruise and that book never showed up.Fortunately found in my public library. If people want to steal, at least wait till the end of cruise. I can't imagine someone taking two weeks to read a book that I read in 2 days. I always bring my kindle and it is always loaded with books. However, I have discovered new authors by checking out the ship's library books so I always do that too.
  18. I have on occasion taken donated books if I am in the middle of reading them. I more than make up for it because I bring and leave a fair amount on board. I have never taken any books that are owned by Princess, that is stealing.That is probably the reason that Princess' libraries on board are so bare. Princess can't keep buying books for people to take home with them.
  19. Your video was such a beautiful tribute to a wonderful lady. We enjoyed watching you and Judy dance on several cruises. Thank you for coming back and sharing with all of us. Love and prayers your way. Gloria and Lew
  20. Who is the Circle Hostess? Who is the Future Cruise person? From the above posts sounds like the same person but that usually isn't the case. We will be on board in a little over two weeks from now. Buying Future Cruise Credits, I usually order them on line when on board rather than go speak to the person. Someone posted above that didn't work either. Is the person just inefficient?
  21. Don't think it was mentioned but The Grand has Alfredos Restaurant. It is free and serves personal size pizzas. It is I believe on deck 6 mid ship. We have been on the Grand many times and always enjoyed it. We have done the 10 day Alaska on this ship a few times and loved it. Nice having the few extra days on board.Enjoy your cruise. Your wife will be hooked on cruising.
  22. That happened to us, and we had EZ air change to that flight.We got a refund on our credit card. I screwed up and cancelled my first flight n my personalizer instead of doing a change. So my travel agent had to call. If I had my travel agent make the change to begin with, I would have just gotten a refund for the difference. Because I screwed up and cancelled it, got the full refund on my credit card and had to pay for the new airfare . this was after final payment but before the 45 days that EZ air pays for the ticketing.So if you have paid for your cruise, ask your travel agent to handle it for you with Princess, and don't do what I did.
  23. Did it two years ago with our entire family for Mexico cruise. So much fun. Lots of kids on board and my teen grandkids loved it, making new friends and activities for them. Friends had their entire family with young grandkids. Also those little ones really had fun.Came out the same time as Hanukah and that was celebrated as well. Even if you travel with adults only,such a wonderful festive atmosphere on board.Christmas day there is Santa giving out gifts to all the kids. We also were on board for Christmas and New years a few years ago traveling in South America. Fabulous, with many nationalities on board.
  24. I have used the Insurance recently. Had to cancel two cruises back to back a week before the cruise. It was due to a house flood not medical . Since we always cruise Princess and have many booked, the cancel for any reason the easiest way to go.Just gets credited towards a future cruise. Still had to submit it to Insurance but then they notified Princess and the credits were in my account in a few days.If it were medical , probably would have done the same.For medical , you need much more documentation as well as proof your medical insurance isn't covering the issue. Day we officially canceled, Princess credited our credit card for port and other taxes. The balance minus the cost of the insurance was what the insurance handled.Now, if someone wants a cash refund, going this way doesn't work.
  25. I have luggage tags( with a pocket) that say if lost, itinerary is enclosed (says it in several languages). And my itinerary is all listed. So if hotels prior to cruise, day by day where we will be , ship name, ports etc.I only use these for international travel. Once I get to final destination and claim my bags, then I put the Princess tags on them. Maybe this isn't the right thing to do and I should put the Princess tags on too but with all the tags (ID tags with our names and addresses) including the most important ones from the airlines, I hesitate having too many tags.On direct flights I worry less than ones where we have to change planes.
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