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  1. Don't think it is worth the time on hold before someone answers, the breath it takes to explain what isn't working, listening to the answer they can't fix it and will refer it to their Tech people, being told you will get email when it is fixed, the time it takes each time you go into appl and see no fix, I could go on and on. The bigger problem is their Application doesn't update itself, some things but not all. I was going to just try uninstalling and then reinstalling but was told that won't fix it either.I asked about the Big Update that someone on Cruise Critic was told would h
  2. Thank you very much. I did finally get through to someone at Medallion helpline. She was really nice but saw the problem and couldn't fix it. The program has to update and apparently it didn't. She had to write a request so will see if it corrects. She was really nice, checked all my entries on my other cruises, even though I had no problems.
  3. anyone have email address for medallion help. sick of being on hold,. there is wrong cabin number on medallion appl.for my booking that they need to change, changed cabins and it is correct on princess website and my paperwork.
  4. I followed suggestion to go out of the appl. and sign back in. Still shows the old cabin number not my new one. It did immediately pick up when I added an extra week to be a B2B . I changed cabins so we would have the same one both weeks.So I do think the Medallion appl. picked up right away that I made a change because it did show 14 days instead of the original 7. So somehow it doesn't pick up all the information on the bookings. guess I will have to call the help line on this . Will wait till Tuesday since weekends and Mondays they are swamped with calls.
  5. We changed cabins this morning. Showed up right away on our cruise personalizer .Travel agent changed it for us. When I went to the Medallion application, still shows the old cabin number.Same category so don't know why it didn't change there. Anyone else change cabins and did it show up or did you need to call for help.I would think it would be an automatic thing,
  6. The appl. is not working right now. Can't do anything with it. Not just me, my friends are saying the same. I am not going to try to enter anything. Let's see what Monday brings.
  7. Those are the free cabins. What about people that get the "casino rate" and gambling money. Does the Contractor pay the difference in price on those?We have never gotten the casino rate.
  8. It was by cruises not days. Started at 21 cruises.
  9. First go to Princess.com and set up your account there. There is still some information that can be put in there. The user name (email address) and password will then transfer over to your Medallion application once you download it to your phone. If you have an Iphone, there is a n appl for it. Different one for Android phones. Please feel free to ask any questions on this board. We are friendly. Sometimes people's sense of humor may be taken as rude but really not. I have found the Princess board on cruise critic is the most friendly of the cruise lines.
  10. When we were on the Grand, I knew when an elevator was out of service. There was a sign on it. Mostly the front elevators were the problem. Also years ago I definitely knew when an elevator didn't work properly. In a elevator by myself, doors didn't open when it got to my floor (10), Elevator started shaking really badly and was just stopped, then all of a sudden it shot up to 15 and door opened. After that the elevator was taken out of service.
  11. My husband was probably more upset that the chair and small table were removed from cabins than losing $100 OBC . Has made us move up to Mini suites on longer cruises. Wonder how passengers will feel that get the Casino rates having that totally removed.For those lucky passengers , a huge amount would be lost.We never have gotten the casino offers.
  12. There was also elevator issues. Years ago after the first big drydock when they removed skywalkers, we were on that very first sailing. Toilet issues were major, not flushing and over flowing. Elevator issues, getting stuck in them. I had an awful issue in one of the front area elevators. Years later,same elevator was always out of order. Over the years we still cruised on the Grand because of the itinerary, not because we liked the ship. Balconies had so much rust on them and the carpeting in cabins was so old and tired. We are booked on the Grand again in January and hope to see some up
  13. Princess should have made all the OBC Non refundable. Would have taken care of that problem."The Elites that spend nothing on board may not be the majority." Princess can figure out the spending habits of people on board. We are Elite and so are our friends. I spend at least 90 days at sea during a given year. We have never cashed in OBC, and we are always in at least a balcony or above (consider ourselves lucky). We buy photos, upgrade the internet to unlimited (when it was offered), buy Princess tours, shop in the shops, buy drinks, go to specialty restaurants,Wine dinners etc . And yet even
  14. Loyalty is the key word. That is what kept us coming back. When we decided Princess was for us after cruising many cruise lines, we looked forward to climbing the Loyalty ladder.So instead of mixing it up with cruise lines every year, we just booked Princess.I do admit I find Princess to be the best fit for us anyways.If we lose the shareholders benefit, that will be the most upsetting.
  15. I agree it is very little impact on the cruise cost. However, it was still a nice free thing that is no longer going to happen. I won't change cruise lines because of it.
  16. You probably aren't receiving the loyalty credit yet so your letter is different than ours(we had been getting the credit)
  17. Princess losing nothing by having the event. A few snacks , that if you want a snack can always get it in international cafe or Horizon Ct. So the snacks aren't a big deal for Princess to put out. Drinks at a discount, but still a nice money maker for Princess.
  18. It doesn't show up on your personalizer, never had on ours. Once on board it shows up as a credit on our on board account.Since it was spent on board and not a refundable credit, Princess got their monies worth from us. Spent it in their shops and spent much more than the credit given.I have 6 cruises currently book . I have lost $600.
  19. When we cruise other lines, I always just paid for internet minutes and considered it the cost of cruising. However for me the biggest loss is those loyalty OBC. I still prefer Princess as a cruise line and that is where I always have cruise buddies sailing with us. Even when my husband and I sail by ourselves, there are always people we know from previous cruises on board and that is what makes it so special. Of course Cruise Critic is responsible for most of the friendships we have made over the years via the roll call, and later the M&G on board.Seems to me that the Princess board has t
  20. We just got the Elite letter.In it it says "We no longer will offer on board credit for cruises taken". Next sentence. We appreciate your loyalty---------etc. For us with over 75 cruises taken we were getting $100 on board credit. To refresh peoples memory it started at 21 st cruise with $25.00 and went up as you cruised more till the max of $100. This was very significant loss especially when we did B2B So talk about losing benefits. No longer free internet and losing OBC. Nice Princess.
  21. If we have the newest version of the appl, when Princess makes changes shouldn't the appl. automatically update on our phones?I would hate to think every time Princess makes changes we would have to delete and start over again.I noticed since I downloaded the application a couple of weeks ago, things have changed on it.
  22. My complaint is it takes forever for the application to open. I get that blurry ship first and it takes at least a few minutes till anything else happens. Once working with the application, very very slow. I have a brand new phone so can't blame it on equipment.
  23. My carryon with wheels, appears to be half the size of a normal carry on. It can fit under the seat on the plane or put in over head. There is a zipper , that once unzips, the bag expands to the usual larger size if I need it. If my luggage gains weight before heading home , I put the excess stuff in the expanded carry on.
  24. Princess is really tough on single cruisers.I think there should be a discount for singles instead of paying double. Possibly if you find a friend to cruise with and share a cabin, your cost will go down considerably.I have several single friends that cruise and I know their cost is so high, doesn't seem fair.I also agree that paying for two(when you are one) should bring you a perk. We are very fortunate and are able to book longer cruises. Hope when Princess decides to change their Elite qualifier rules, they grandfather those that worked hard to get there and don't take any
  25. Of course not. That is why I said probably they will go to days. We usually go on longer cruises. In fact have done the 28 day South Pacific cruise and have it booked again in 2023. We reached Elite when we cruised 11 Princess cruises because of days. Have never gone on any one or two day cruises.
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