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  1. Our accounts for mine and my husband's information (birthdays and everything else) is all correct. I know that Cunard uses PRINCESS membership number because that is what happened when I sailed on them a couple of years ago. Today I checked my HAL, Costa, and Carnival accounts and they are showing individual account numbers not the Princess number that some of you said happened. All but Costa had loyalty numbers correct too. Costa had none of my previous cruises listed. They have a very strange loyalty Program now, Everything expires after a couple of years. Some kind of point system. Glad we no longer cruise on Costa(not since the late 1990's). Greatful that Princess has such a good program. Ones showing Princess numbers on the other cruise lines, did you sign in as you usually do and the numbers are now changed?
  2. I haven't cruised Costa in several years. However, we did cruise the line a lot in the 1990's. Was surprised to see today that their loyalty program is different from the other cruise lines owed by Carnival. No where does it show the many costa cruises we sailed in the past. Looks like my loyalty shows 0. Is this how that point system now works. They expire? I was curious and wanted to see the ships I had sailed on and no where on the website does it show them. On Holland America, Princess, and Carnival, we have gotten credit for all our cruises and have establish a nice level of loyalty.
  3. Production shows on Princess are far superior. Last time on HAL, really couldn't call any of the shows production. HAL does have better cabins. Lack of a second chair and small table in Princess cabins has made it very uncomfortable especially for room service breakfast. It is now forcing us to go deluxe balcony cabin or mini suites if we book a long cruise.
  4. If you are looking at a balcony cabin, plenty on both decks with large balconies. We have stayed in D627 and nice totally covered balcony. Most of the cabins on Caribe starting at C311 and C312 all the way back to end are partially covered and large I have stayed in a few of those. On Dolphin the fully covered and decent sized balconies D625-629, D624-628 are priced well as I believe they are BD so you aren't paying a premium for these balconies. Plenty of good choices. Try not to go totally to the last cabins. With the addition of cabins on the Island, there is some vibrations but I think may only be in the lower decks.
  5. I didn't enjoy my food. I ordered some kind of fish for main dish, forgot what was called on the menu. The fish was fish sticks. I ate a couple and gave the rest to my friends eating with us. By no means a gourmet meal.Others seem to like their meals. Wouldn't eat there again. We were lucky and our table was a little towards the back. Most tables had people walking past them on the way to somewhere else. And really noisy because of music in Piazza.Not a nice venue at all.
  6. Strange ,was your deposit a FCD or did you pay cash. My 4 were FCD but they expired so instead of going back in my account they were refunded to my credit card. This may be an automatic thing as we had in the past when we cancelled. I am now looking at a couple of cruises for January to cancel. This morning I went in and cancelled the EZair as well as excursions. None were paid for yet (the excursions would have been from OBC). Didn't want to get charged for anything .
  7. In early July I cancelled two cruises for this October. I knew that if I waited a bit I would probably get more than my deposits back from Princess if they cancelled those cruises(additional FCC). I chose to cancel first so as not to get into the mass refunds due as we had in our phase one cancellations. My credits appeared on my credit card within a week. I rather have my money quickly than get caught up in my 87 day wait again.And Princess cancelled those cruises this week. It is unbelievable that people are still waiting since March for their refunds. Something is horribly wrong in Princess' processing system. We are all living with such stress right now (Covid 19) and money should not be an added stress. In reading this thread, I feel so sorry for all that are still waiting. Now I am reading about the charge backs. What is happening with Princess, crazy.
  8. A few years ago we booked with a big box travel agency . I called them when the cruise line reduced fares and we were eligible for a reduction. Well, this agency said fine but we will charge you a change fee of $150.00. Then they explained that any changes after 24 hours of booking will have that fee. Never again did we book with them. have a good travel agent who takes care of us and never a fee for changes or cancellations.
  9. Decided to cancel two cruises I have for this October before Princess does. Cancelled on July 3rd. Princess only had FCD totally $400. I knew they were expiring so I didn't expect them to show back up in our account.The credits showed up on my credit card on July 9th. Looks like if we cancel things may work faster but then it was only for FCD. Maybe things are improving now.
  10. The crew has the most incredible costumes. We were on the Royal two years ago for Halloween.
  11. Booked the Majestic this morning. TWo weeks Oct 23 and 30. Looks like the ships is booking quickly (I only checked balconies). Travel agent booked for us. Never got the Elite emails. Just what we read on these boards.
  12. Thanks. We are already booked on her for two weeks in March 2022. Thank you for posting the information regarding Majestic. We will book her for the fall of 2021. never thought we would have the opportunity to sail on her so glad the ship will be on the west coast.
  13. No mention of the Discovery which was suppose to arrive here on West Coast March 2022. We are booked for that one. Wonder if that will even get built, be on west coast. and Majestic instead.
  14. We did that on the Sky transatlantic. Nice not having to worry about missing flights.However we weren't the only ones doing that and our hotel room wasn't ready till late in the afternoon. So many people with luggage hanging around in lobby of Embassy suites. We just had them check our luggage and we left for the day . Getting off the Sky was really easy and we were off 1/2 hour before we thought we would be. Could have easily done walkoff with plenty of time for flights.However, you never know what can hold up disembarkation. So we either stay over or book a really late afternoon flight home.
  15. Call again and speak to someone else. Same thing happen to me in January. i had E429(next door to you, big balcony. These may say obstructed but are totally not. I got changed without my knowing. Gave me a balcony on Aloha deck. considered a upgrade but wasn't and had a very small balcony. When I called the person took down the information , said she couldn't make the change but put in request to the department that can change it. Within a day I had my cabin back. Now this happened two weeks before my cruise. Also it wasn't given away, it was showing as available on the website. These are different times however and people are working from home . Don't know what access they have when they answer the phone. By the way the cabin they tried to give you, also in the obstructed category but it is totally obstructed. Good luck.
  16. Used it on the Caribbean Princess, Sky, and Royal. Battery failed once on the Sky and medallian was replaced. Also for some reason the battery for our door failed several times on the Sky 28 day cruise. We never called it in because the door worked but somehow it showed up on ship's computer system and staff showed up at our door. It feels exciting when the medallians show up in the mail prior to cruise. It was something to look forward to prior to our cruise and the excitement really builds up when it actually shows up.You get a lanyard with it too. We changed the background color of the medallian holder. It is blue. On board they sell all different backgrounds. I think they are $3.95. We went to craft store and bought craft paper with designs on it. Cut out and inserted in medallian holder. Paper was .25 each for full sheet.The background that comes with medallian has nothing to do with your status.. I liked changing the background and not flaunting status. However the medallian itself is the color of your status.
  17. Glad to hear that. When the Grand had the big refurbish (took off skywalkers, re did Atrium. etc) we were on the first sailing. Since then we have been on it four times but the last time was two years ago and looked a bit tired. Glad that she looks good after the 2019 refurbish. When all this is over we will have to sail on her again. Thanks for telling me, hope she stays in the fleet.
  18. The Diamond and the Sapphire were redone for the Asian market. They are really nice ships with Promenade deck that goes completely around. Just because they weren't built in Fincantieri, doesn't make them less desirable. In fact they are very similar deck plans to other Princess ships . When Sapphire was on the West coast, was our favorite ship. Those were built in Japan.The Grand was redone several years ago but must agree it is showing age. The Caribbean Princess was redone a couple of years ago and looks modern.The new carpets and furnishings in common areas gave the ship a more modern look. Can't go by age of ship to think it must go. You have to have been on board and experience the ships.
  19. It is very popular so no notices are put out. Just ask your Head Waiter right away so you won't forget. They may do this dinner multiple nights of the cruise. Our last cruise was a transatlantic so a sea day evening. I really like this dinner much more than the Chefs Table dinner. At only $40.00 ,good value.Was able to enjoy each course. However at the main course, really couldn't finish it. Still, had room for the yummy dessert.
  20. We were originally booked for the transatlantic 25 day cruise and cancelled before Princess. We are booked in January on the Enchanted and really hope we can go.We booked 14 day on the Crown and then a day after that cruise scheduled for one week on Enchanted. Wonder what will happen with the next ship planned Discovery. We are also already booked on that one. Don't know where it is in the building process .
  21. Only offered on Royal Class ships. Royal, Regal, sky etc. It is held in a special room area of dining room, We asked our Head Waiter to arrange it for our group. there was 8 of us. I think the room may hold up to 12 people.There is wine pairing with each course. Food was good.
  22. You will get it back,. After I got my money back on my credit card for my cancelled cruise, the Future Cruise deposit didn't show back in my account on Princess. However, two weeks after I received my refund for cruise, it was a credit on my credit card , two transactions of $100 each.You would think it all happens same time but for some reason it doesn't. Who knows why. As far as buffet goes, doubt it will be self service.
  23. With Princess' two choice pricing, don't know how they will do their freebees. Princess has adopted what a lot of cruise lines have been doing for some time. Nothing offered at one price, and pretty much everything offered at a higher price.I never liked that on other cruise lines and liked that Princess didn't do that. To me it is almost deceptive pricing. I know it really isn't because we can figure out the worth of the extras in that pricing and figure it out ourselves. I much prefer the sales and catching them when we see it. I miss cruising, it became a way of life for us. Most important was the lifetime friendships we made. I enjoyed reading Cruise Critic and the Live postings from our fellow cruisers. Sad that all our posts are regarding getting money refunded. Probably won't be cruising till there is a vaccine so hope that happens soon.I don't want to be on a quarantined Cruise ship and floating around at sea with no ports allowing us to land.
  24. Wine Makers Dinner on the Royal Princess and then again on the Sky.So worth the $40.00 a person. And the best brunch ever was on Pacific Princess , for Princess 50th Anniversary cruise.
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