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  1. We will be on the Caribbean Princess in August. Just got off the Royal Princess. They had the new larger screened TV's mounted on wall opposite the bed (standard Balcony cabin). Wondering if Caribbean Princess has that now and do they have on demand movies.(now that they are Medalian).We enjoyed watching movies and being able to stop and resume later.Anyone know?
  2. Sorry there are issues. We were on the week before and had none. Guess we were lucky. Doesn't mean others didn't have problems. Not really a problem but we had fixed dining and had asked for a table for 8. We wound up with a table for two. However, didn't change it because table next to us had a really nice couple and we enjoyed our dinners chatting with them.
  3. The Secret Silk show is being reworked and it wasn't on our march 23rd cruise. I spoke to one of the dancers and she said it would be back in about a month. The current cast is leaving the ship mid April so maybe the new cast coming on will have the new reworked version. It is a fairy tale. We saw it twice in November . I didn't hear anything offensive in the songs.
  4. Even though Room Steward immediately brought us a barrel chair, he did say the chairs were already offloaded from the ship. Then he said he had one for us. Didn't make sense but glad we got one.
  5. Royal Princess , just got off. No barrel chair in room so asked room steward. Had barrel chair within a few minutes of asking. Little table in room was in closet area and we moved it back into the room.
  6. Apparently it is done differently in San Pedro. The crew member said these people were randomly selected before anyone was allowed to get off the ship. I didn't know this was something that happens.
  7. Food was good. Sorry I don't remember who the executive chef was on board. Only awful meal I had was the first night. Basa(fish) was so salty I coudn't eat it. I always get basa but this seemed undercooked and so salty couldn't eat after one bite. Waiter brought something else right away. No usual last night menu. No meatloaf or Turkey. This may have changed on the Royal back in Nov when we were on then.However, we had turkey last night on the Emerald in January. Ate in dining room every night. Lunch in dining room only a couple of times. Breakfast in DR three times. Horizon ct. food was good for lunch. Thursday morning they had a chocolate buffet at breakfast(chocolate oatmeal, muffins, chocolate fountain for the fruit etc) as well as the usual breakfast items. Friday lunch was a shellfish buffet as well as sushi(and usual lunch items).
  8. Correct that is the time you report. however, we were sitting there a very short time in the elite lounge (notified first before the assigned lounge you are going to report to as per the disembarkation form)when we were actually called. Was unfortunate that it was premature and we lined up and then not allowed to exit. The line became huge. We always arrive a bit earlier than the report time since we go to the Elite waiting lounge. On many occassions we have been called either early or at the assigned time.The big delays are usually when the ship is arriving from Europe or South America. So although the posters above are correct , in instances we do leave earlier. I have been on ships on back to back when we have heard announcements at 9:30am, that all can disembark as they were running early(wanted those 10:30people off the ship).
  9. The negative post was from one passenger. She was alone traveling with her two young kids. Seems like everything she ordered or did turned out wrong. We all wondered if there was something she did wrong. She also told us about all kinds of things going wrong on her prior to boarding vacation. Or she could have been just very unlucky. Sometimes things just get screwed up. Everyone we spoke to loved the cruise. We heard no gripping when on board. I never had to go to Passenger services with any complaints. However, one passenger told us that whenever he put $100.00 on his account in the casino, he got charged $200.00 on his on board account. he said it happened three times. Our casino deposits all came out correct.Don't know why he had the problem and neither did he.
  10. Formal nights were Sunday and Thursday.
  11. Just got off the Royal yesterday. On checking in we got a lanyard with our medalion as well as a cruise card. Our cabin door opened automatically when we approached. Our photo also came up . We used the medalian for our on board purchases. Our Mexico cruise. Everytime we exited and reboarded ship, both the card and medalian were scanned. Also when you walked in the gift shops, they could see who you were and we were called by name. Apparently it shows up on their registers. We were suppose to have a delayed boarding since the ship had come from South America and Customs was doing a big inspection.However, we got to the pier at noon, and got right on the ship,. They were already boarding. If you are driving, with other ships in port, don't arrive very late, or your parking will be compromised. Not many parking spaces were left at noon. Princess has the terminal on the right, not the one with the larger terminal. Loved the cruise and the ship (this was our 5th time on the beautiful Royal Princess)
  12. We just got off the Royal yesterday. First offs(walkoff's were to start about 7 am. Actual time off was 8:10am. The delay by Customs. Last off was to happen at 10:30am. We were called for walk off about 7:15. Apparently it was premature. So we were lined up at the exit till we were released by Customs. Apparently on all cruises, three passengers are selected randomly for total check of all their luggage. A person that was selected had four bags and they couldn't find the fourth bag. Delay was caused until this happened.Once this happened , the ship passengers were released for exiting ship. So if you are counting on a specific time to exit, one never knows an exact time.
  13. On the Royal, all the aft balconies are the same size except the larger aft facing ones. We were in D627 last fall. Small balcony but we liked it.Year before we were in D708 and also liked the location. This coming week we went for a mid ship balcony and I know it is the same size as the others. I like Dolphin deck on the Royal class ships because can walk up only two flights to get there from the entertainment decks.I like the aft area because a quick elevator ride to buffet and also to the fixed dining room on deck 6.There are larger balconies towards the front of ship but I haven't experienced those. Next month we are booked in a aft facing delux balcony cabin on Dolphin deck. I have seen that cabin D728 and balcony is large and covered.
  14. Srpilo, wish I could take credit for that but it was love at first sight with those two.
  15. Interesting article. Since we have had the pleasure of sailing with Ilene, can attest she is a wonderful person. More interesting, we were on that Crown Princess cruise and Ilene was one of our dinner mates. Carl was traveling with our group of friends, and I got to see first hand the romance unfolding.A true Love Boat romance.
  16. My call back from Customer relations, got the same story. You can get a chair , just ask your room Steward. I didn't argue or comment, just said thank you. She did say lots of emails have been received.
  17. We get room service for breakfast every morning. I don't want to eat in bed. And if they take that little table away, the tray will be on the floor. Not nice. We always get a balcony cabin and take longer cruises.I don't want to pay for a mini suite where all the extra I get is a small loveseat which would be standard fixture in all the other cruise lines for a balcony. Princess better evaluate their decision especially with those new ships coming on board. I will send the email to Jan swartz as well.
  18. She was not elderly. We have cruised with them in the past and our hearts go out to her husband. Use to love watching them dance. A wonderful couple.
  19. If none missing from your closet, there should be about 25. So 12 for my husband and 13 for me not enough. We always ask the room steward for more and usually get wire hangers from him. I also pack my evening clothes on hangers and put in Dry cleaners bags. Easy to pack and unpack.Still need more hangers than the ones supplied .We usually go on longer cruises.Sometimes we have to deal with both warm weather and cold so lots of clothes needed.
  20. We got the coupon books for our cruise that started on Jan 3rd. It said expired 12/31/18 but it was still being used. Didn't look at coupons until the day after we boarded and missed out on the specialty dining first night.Went to Crown Grill a few days later and they said couldn't use coupon. I didn't expect to use it . Did get the free bottle of water. No other coupons were used by us.
  21. Cruzin Noony, you are a day early. Ha Ha. See you on Thursday . I am anxious to board too.Say hi to Bob.
  22. Must book Chef's dinner, Wine makers dinner and also Tuscan dinner once on board. Can't do this prior to cruise.
  23. Service in Alfredos on the Royal is also slow. For lunch we are never in a hurry so don't mind especially when we are with friends. Thanks for that thorough review. And I loved your Holiday photo.
  24. I found even the day you board (and go straight to library), hardly anything to read. Recently on the Royal (repositioning Quebec to Ft. Lauderdale), mostly empty shelves, you would think at the end of cruise, plenty of books, shelves were almost bare. We stayed on for caribbean cruise and it remained bare. There was a book at beginning I had my eye on but took another instead. At end of first cruise, it wasn't returned and never showed up on the second cruise. It was part of Princess library not donated. So, people are just taking the books home with them. I bring my Kindle loaded with books however I look forward on cruises to read new authors and the lack of books prevents that.
  25. November on the Royal Princess, B2B , two separate cruises my minutes rolled over.
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