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  1. I just booked #10035 penthouse on Riviera. Anyone stayed there?
  2. If I book a cruise and cancel before final payment, do I get my deposit back?
  3. Are deposits refundable after cancellation before final payment?
  4. Some cruise line have a much higher casino income than others!
  5. I feel encouraged! Not quite yet but I think we'll get there!
  6. Has anyone heard if NCL will extend the use of our Cruise Next certificates?
  7. I'm just saying that the flu shot only covers certain strains of the flu, not every type. Definitely, it would be better than nothing.
  8. Vaccine may not be a cure! Remember, we have a flu "shot" which is not a vaccine. Plenty of people get the flu even though they had a flu shot. Why do we think we will have a Covid 19 vaccine and not just a "shot" like for the flu?
  9. Exactly! I keep saying that also! We don't really have a vaccine for the flu.
  10. I need a selection of: when our finances rebound
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