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  1. How is the entertainment? Especially on MSC Seaside (if that is the ship you are talking about)
  2. OMG, what an incredible review! You spent so much time with the videos and pictures. Loved all of it! Thanks so much, Dee Dee Monday
  3. Really enjoyed your review. We have stayed in the Haven and you brought back wonderful memories! I wanted to comment on what you said about the French Press coffee. We have asked to have it made weaker and stronger. It is all up to who is making it. We always asked for the same server for breakfast when we found one to make it to our taste! Dee Dee
  4. Thanks for all the information. It seems to me that it probably would be fine to check the luggage getting on the ship but take our own luggage off in case someone picks up our luggage by mistake. I probably should have mentioned that we are in a suite.
  5. Can we bring our medium sized luggage on board without checking it with a porter? After reading about luggage dropped in the water, we would like to just carry our own. I know we can bring our small roller bag but what about medium sized luggage?
  6. Is it difficult to carry all your own luggage when you check in? We have done it on short cruises with pretty small bags.
  7. We're on the same cruise. Our itinerary shows leaving at 5 p.m. for both those ports.
  8. Is there a night light in the bathroom or do I bring my battery operated candle?
  9. Anyone know what the main show will be?
  10. I talked to someone at Princess who wasn't sure we could get gambling money with no fee. She switched me to "someone who would know" and after holding for 20 minutes I gave up. Anyone know?
  11. Your concierge should be able to get you in even if booked up
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