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  1. I'm just saying that the flu shot only covers certain strains of the flu, not every type. Definitely, it would be better than nothing.
  2. Vaccine may not be a cure! Remember, we have a flu "shot" which is not a vaccine. Plenty of people get the flu even though they had a flu shot. Why do we think we will have a Covid 19 vaccine and not just a "shot" like for the flu?
  3. Exactly! I keep saying that also! We don't really have a vaccine for the flu.
  4. I need a selection of: when our finances rebound
  5. FYI: We had a large amount of refundable OBC when we disembarked on March 1. We received a check a couple of days ago which was short $479 when compared with our final statement. I left a message with Regent stating the reason for my call and received an email that I would be contacted by accounting with an explanation. Today I received a phone call from someone from Regent who said there was an error and we would be credited $479 to our credit card. It's good to pay attention!
  6. Oops typo. He was told it could take up to 90 days!
  7. My travel agent called Regent and he was told it could take up to 30 days!
  8. Our favorite dessert! This one looks like the best I've seen!
  9. We had quite a bit of onboard credit from our 55 night cruise. We took the option of a refund of our last leg and flew home March 1. I am not surprised that we would not get our refund for awhile but I was surprised that we may have to wait 90 days to get our refundable onboard credit that was given to us by our travel agent.
  10. I am seeing the ban on cruise ships in Canada to June 30.
  11. Our cruise was shortened but at least we had a cruise! So sorry.
  12. Oh yes, you are right. I saw a posting from 12 hours ago stating that Australia was closing their ports to cruise ships. Hopefully that doesn't apply to people who just want to get to the airport!
  13. I googled for news about Australian ports. Don't see anything about closing ports to cruise ships.
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