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  1. B2B on Celebrity Eclipse for 21 nights, Vancouver - Hawaii - Vancouver, sailing on the 12th of April. The only way we're not going is if the cruises themselves are cancelled.
  2. I always tip our room attendant, waiter and assistant waiter extra at the end of the cruise, in addition to the prepaid gratuities. But I've seen quite a few people on various threads mention that they tip $10 or $20 to their room attendant at the beginning of the cruise. I'd like to do that, it seems like a very nice start to their cruise and mine. How does one do that gracefully? After all, I don't know that they're going to do a good job yet and they know that. So I worry that they would think that now I'm expecting them to give me better service than they do for exa
  3. It's identical on my cruise planner, with the difference that it's in US dollars ($59.00 US) Annoyingly though, I can't find a list of exactly what is included. The blurb says to click on the pdf link to download the list but I can't actually find that link... Sometimes I find it really challenging to maneuver around Celebrity's website!
  4. There are so many tour operators that offer snorkel/see the dolphins trips in Kona! I've done some research and have pretty much narrowed it down to either Into The Blue or Wahine Charters. I like these two because the boats are small, with limited participants and they are equipped with a loo. Anyone have experience with these operators? Or any recommendations for other operators?
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