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  1. Thank you so much for your detailed review. I haven't sailed in a couple of years and am really looking forward to being on the Anthem this March. Even more so after your review :)
  2. This is not how they work in retail - like another poster mentioned, often anything lower than a 9 average is a huge problem. I worked for a large personal electronics retailer years ago, first as sales/service and then as a supervisor who's job was customer satisfaction. My entire job was looking at these stupid surveys and working with all employees who had low averages. If they did not get their numbers up in a specific period of time, their employment was terminated. Our scale was 1-5. Anything 1 or 2 was immediately flagged for review and we had to intervene immediately. Each employee was expected to maintain at least a 4.5 average. At least, this is how it affected the individual employee. I understand that an average high rating could be used by higher ups to make cuts in service/etc and see if scores remain the same, but that's not the waitstaff's concern when they ask us for 10s. Having said that, if I fill out surveys like this, I fill them out honestly but if my problem was not with the specific person, I make sure to note that in the hope that the person will not get in trouble for something out of their control. If I have a significant enough problem that I would leave a low number, I grab a manager and discuss it with them on the spot to address the issue.
  3. I don't remember if I had them on other cruise lines because I was drunk most of the time. Now that I'm in recovery I, like so many others, have turned to that bitter, life giving bean for sustenance. I've never been in a hotel room without a coffee maker... I'm guessing if I can't get one in room, we'll just order like 6 coffees for room service in the morning and then be on our way.
  4. Thanks for the response! Does La Patisserie serve regular, included in the price of my cruise coffee, or only fancy pay-per-cup coffee?
  5. I know basic coffee is included in our cruise fare. Does that include room service? Any way we can request an in room coffee maker? Aside from room service and dining rooms, is coffee easy to come by? SO drinks A LOT of coffee... I drink a little less. I'm considering the refreshment package because I also like fancy coffee drinks and fresh juice and might enjoy a mocktail. Thanks in advance!
  6. Hmmm big balcony but very obstructed. I think I'll live :) I'm more interested in the fresh air but I might have been spoiled by the aft facing balcony I had on my last cruise.
  7. Service Animals under ADA are animals that have been trained to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities in everyday life: think a service dog who is trained to open doors for someone in a wheelchair who is not capable of opening the door on their own, or who would struggle significantly doing so. The service animal must perform tasks directly related to the person's disability. Emotional Support Animals are mainly crap. You can go online and get a 'doctor' to say you have emotional issues and need a support animal. Most of us could have any pet certified. These animals and their people may be issues ID cards and certificates but are typically not protected by the ADA. However, it is important to remember two things: not all disabilities are VISIBLE, and the ADA does recognize psychiatric service animals. So this policy will hopefully help discourage people without legitimate disabilities from bringing emotional service animals on board, but please remember not to judge anyone who has an animal and looks 'normal' or 'typical' because you do not know what disability they may have.
  8. I've just booked cabin 6660 on Anthem out of Cape Liberty 3/15/19, which is an obstructed view. I have a feeling it has the davits in front of it, but it looks like it has a bigger balcony. Anyone have any input on this cabin? I'd like to be able to see SOME water ;)
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