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  1. DH is sick, and will probably not make it. We have had 7 cruises postponed/cancelled, so we have alot of FCC. I want to book my next cruise as my May 1st just got cancelled, but not sure if I should keep DH on the booking (as 2nd in cabin) and keep FCC, or change it to my sister, as she would be the one I'd end up cruising with anyway. Anyone have any experience if cabin mate passes? Should I just keep cabin for myself and save all FCC, or include my sister?
  2. It is not your choice. The loss will first be applied towards capital gains, then $3000 against other income. Anything else will be carried over until used up (or the law changes!). John, you did great at $10.67 per share. That may be a 52 week low.
  3. As a CPA- here is some free tax advice I give my clients (and I use in this crazy Market). If you sell at a loss, then wait 30 days (wash sale regulation) you can rebuy the stock, have a lower basis, but take the "loss" off your taxes (fully deduct against capital gains, $3000 loss max applied to other income). Your risk is that in the 30 days you wait it could come back to your original cost, or go higher....
  4. Just got my cancellation notice on the star. Cancellation #6 in the last 2 years, between health & Covid! Left message with my PVP- we had alot of FCC on this trip, but only paid a $200 deposit. Not sure if we get the FCC on the $200 paid, or can carry over the FCC. For the $200 I think I'll pass and not get disappointed again. Meanwhile, I did book an all-inclusive. Will probably switch to that for my traveling in the future.
  5. That makes sense. We almost moved our Nov 2020 Imagination booking to 2021, but because of the rumors went with the Panorama. We had a killer rate for the Nov 2020- would have been great to get that rate on a new ship. Oh well, we'll wait and see what the new rates will be. Doubt if it will be as low as what we had. But we did get the OBC for moving the reservation.
  6. How big is the radiance? Don't forget Carnival was able to fill 2 ships at 2,000 capacity on a regular basis. But that is probably because of price point. Wonder if they will sail a newer ship at the same prices? Doubt if they will sail the radiance on 7 day- that is what the Panorama is doing. My PVP guessed reservations will open up this week- that is rumor, not Carnival announcement. Panorama has some killer deals- $309 for inside 7 day early in 2021. Do you think we will be sailing by then? If not- more FCC!
  7. I talked with my PVP today to move a cancelled Imagination sailing to the Panorama. He said "early next week" the Radiance should be available to book. Calif residents may get a blurb under "deals"- watch for it. I'm curious as to prices- we got some great deals on our short getaway cruises!
  8. I live in Orange County- about 45 min drive from Long Beach and maybe 50 min from San Diego. The San Diego terminal has terrible parking, and not much of a cruise terminal. The new Long Beach terminal is fantastic, and can cover the Los Angeles market much better than San Diego can (traffic on the 405 can be a beast!). My guess is to put a larger ship on the 3/4 day runs. Don't forget about the Panorama- we were on their 3 or 4 sailing the first of January this year, and it is a fantastic ship! Plus, with what NCL is charging for their 7 day Mexican Riviera run means Carnival
  9. We have a 4 day on the Imagination booked for this November. When I went onto the website it showed the Inspiration as still having availability. Guess they will take the deposit $, then move them over onto our sailing? Seems like they should have taken off the Inspiration bookings completely, and just let the cruisers interested book onto the Imagination direct (which will probably be rescheduled also!)
  10. No, I am sending e-mails confirming the conversations. They are going to my Princess PVP, who is great. She responds, which as an agent of Princess does bind them. I agree, it may not be right to put the PVP or TA in the middle, but I am always polite and never take it out on them.
  11. I've learned- get it in writing! My PVP is great, and everytime I called her or Princess I'd send a confirming e-mail. It always helps to have good documentation- "on this date I spoke to so&so who said..." or "to confirm our conversation- check was processed on..."
  12. We were told that somewhere through the process, and it seems like every time we called or contacted Princess we got a different story, yet they were all looking at the same "notes to my account"! Just keep trying. It got to the point I would have a weekly task "contact Princess for refund!"
  13. Yes, the last $2000 was from gift cards. I explained very early on- that DH is undergoing cancer treatments, need the money, and can't make any future plans. I understand this is an exception, but once they said we could get the cash back (3 times we were told by 2 at customer service & our PCP that the gift cards would be refunded) it took almost 120 days.
  14. Yeah- finally received the last of my refund yesterday- 118 days later- on my May 2020 Panama Canal Cruise. I cancelled one day before Princess did- but my PVP held it over 1 day (she must have known what was going on) so I should have been one of the first in the que! Opted for cash + FCC. Finally after 60 days put in a dispute on my credit card- Princess finally resolved that issue June 4- almost 90 days! Part was paid with gift cards, which I was told (in the first written a written e-mail & in 3 other phone calls) that I could get a check back. That is what came yesterday- 118 day
  15. My TA told me back in March when our May cruise was cancelled that we could get the cash back on our gift cards ($2000 + $100 bonus). Now 90 days later we are on our third set of excuses. Told that refund was "in process" by a 3rd party vendor? After issuing a credit card dispute we finally got the first $3k refund back to our credit card (took 90 days, we filed for full refund on day 1 of the cancellation period!). After hearing stories of how the gift cards are finally being replaced maybe I should try that route? We have a future booking for May 2021, depending upon DH health.
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