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  1. My TA told me back in March when our May cruise was cancelled that we could get the cash back on our gift cards ($2000 + $100 bonus). Now 90 days later we are on our third set of excuses. Told that refund was "in process" by a 3rd party vendor? After issuing a credit card dispute we finally got the first $3k refund back to our credit card (took 90 days, we filed for full refund on day 1 of the cancellation period!). After hearing stories of how the gift cards are finally being replaced maybe I should try that route? We have a future booking for May 2021, depending upon DH health. Good for those who have finally manuevered out of this maze!
  2. Not sure when or if I'll be selling my 100 shares, so i went and put in for my OBC for 2 cruises deposited- Carnival in November 2020 and Princess in May 2021. Received the Princess confirmation of OBC the next day- Carnival onfirmation took about 4 days. Happy with my small investment. Have used it for 2 prior cruises, plus prior dividends! I'm a happy campler. Now if only Princess would refund for my cancelled cruise- I'd be ahead of the game. Used to have RCI stock, but their shareholder OBC credit (including Celebrity cruise line) can't be used with hardly any fares. I was better off taking reduced fares, and selling my RCI stock!
  3. Susan, my Princess Vacation Planner, has been exceptional through all this! Agreed, be nice, it is not their fault and they should not get the brunt of your frustration. Because of her I definitely will keep on Princess. I cancelled yesterday, but she assured me that I would get full credit under today's policy (our May Panama Canal cruise was cancelled). Answered my e-mails promptly, and called me right back to confirm.
  4. Did you get good deals? Are cruise prices going down? Our May Panama Canal cruise has not changed pricing, even with lots of cancellations.
  5. We got an upsell offer on our Panama Canal Island Princess May 9th cruise, but it wasn't very good- $600pp from balcony to mini-suite, with not very good locations available when I checked. Ship was pretty close to being sold out, or sold out, but more are coming onto our thread, so I think we are also getting alot of cancellations. DH is a high risk, so don't know what we will end up doing. He really wants to go after all he's been through, but.......
  6. On our last cruise (Celebrity wine-themed cruise down Pacific coast) we did a wine crawl. Kept it to only 6 cabins/couples (12 people), and each cabin hosted with a bottle of wine (or 2), usually brought from home or a favorite purchased onboard. I went all out, and with cabin stewards help, did a punchbowl of Sangria! Had some wonderful wines, and lots of fun with other "winos"!
  7. I like to take advantage of the discounts, but I was told we can't use OBC to pay for it until we are onboard. With our OBC it comes to almost 1/2 price, better than 10% discount! Or is there a way to use OBC prior to embarkation? Some other cruise lines let you do this.
  8. I was wondering about that. If you have a late embarkation, or early to bed because of a long day, can you purchase cheers on day 2 and pay for only the remaining days, or are you charged for 7 days if it is a 7 day cruise, even if buying it on day 2? i've never purchased cheers before, and am new to carnival. Thanks. We are 4 adults & 2 kids in 2 adjoining cabins, but have separate credit cards, Obboard accounts, etc. Only 1 cabin will be purchasing cheers- the non-kids cabin.
  9. Thanks for the info. We are sailing on Jan 4th, and started packing! We live near LB, and can tell others we are having the coldest winter I can remember. We do this cruise most every year, and after Cabo it stays warm/hot! Weather is usually good, especially as no rain/heat/humidity on past cruises (in the 80's is perfect for me). Hope you have great weather! We are expecting rain this week. Co-worker went down to Ensenada this month in rain and said the ship was "rocking & rollin" a bit, but it was her first cruise so really nothing to compare the seas to. We could start an entire thread "the seas were....".
  10. Is the cheers package available throughout the cruise to purchase, or only the first day? Om some cruise lines you can buy it on day 3 or 4 for a 7 day cruise, and only pay for those days. I have found that when I had the drink package I really wasn't drinking that heavy by the end of the cruise, especially if the beginning was port intensive and the end had more sea days. Is this available for Carnival?
  11. Not available for the January 4th Panorama sailing. My PVP checked with the funshop, tried every code!
  12. Our sailing on the Panorama does not have FTTF, but we use the WC assist, and the order has always been: suites, loyalty level, FTTF, WC assist, then regular boarding. Sometimes they have let others in the party board with WC assist, other times they have said only for that cabin. We were told to be there early for WC assist, and not the check-in time on our boarding pass. I'll let you know how that works. With this new boarding policy I have heard different things from different ports. Where are you boarding?
  13. We are on the Panorama in a few weeks, so there is no FTTF available. DH has mobility issues, so we use a wheelchair to board. We have a 12:30 check-in (A12) but our Carnival PVP told us it is ok to get there early, as we try to avoid the crowds/lines for him. In the past we have arrived at Long Beach a bit before 11 and been onboard by 11:30-12. We were planning on arriving early this time also, or should we rethink it?
  14. Agreed- keep trying until you get someone who knows what is going on. First rep waanted to double our price! I asked for a supervisor, then got cut off when on hold. Called back- the second knew what I wanted, but apparently the code wouldn't take, so transferred to a supervisor. Another wait, but supervisor was great, got promo, didn't touch anything else on our original booking. She said she would call first rep and get her straightened out as to the promo. But it does really refare it, so if a lower price comes along you will probably loose this perk. I'm good to go- got balcony cabin through Panama Canal (15 days), air, gratuities, and beverage package for$135pp/pd-plus $360 OBC!
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