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  1. We are on NCL and didn't receive anything from them, no changes to date. I assume this is like everything else, no matter what they do half the patrons will be upset. If they send an email saying "we don't know anything" half the people will be mad that they sent a superfluous email. If they send nothing the other half will be mad that they didn't communicate enough. Personally, I'll only be upset if there's something important we need to know and aren't told. Otherwise, I'm not concerned.
  2. Wow thank you. I was thinking it's something my boys would really like but it sounds really expensive and like it doesn't cover very many games. That's disappointing.
  3. Where do you purchase these packages?
  4. We realized the same thing from the boards. We have only taken our kids on DCL before and the mid-range ages there are sometimes flexible. We've let the boys know they'll be in different clubs. I like the idea of them meeting friends and then hanging out elsewhere.
  5. DH and I are planning a Cuba cruise in June. I've been doing some initial research and I'm curious what things have you tried in the evening/night that were fun? I've got some ideas for the daytime but if we're going to be there late it seems like a waste to not spend time out at night. The only thing that stands out in the shore excursions list is the Tropicana and I don't think that's for us.
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