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  1. SusieQft, Thank you again for doing this spreadsheet. It is a huge help. For all of those still waiting for refunds, yesterday we received $30,000+ from Crystal via AMEX as a check. After a number of emails and calls to Crystal and with the wonderful assistance of our travel agent and AMEX, we finally received a refund for our deposit toward the 2021 World Cruise. We also now have the $1000 (for 2) administrative fee as a FCC in our account. Two suggestions to others still waiting: First, file immediately with your credit card if you can. It seems to help, although I cancelled May 11; disputed the charge with my credit card on July 15th ; and AMEX got Crystal's money August 26. It took another 2 weeks to get the refund from AMEX. Crystal had my deposit for 14 months (which was an AMEX charge) but AMEX honored the 14-month-old charge in the dispute. Second, be a bit of a squeaky wheel. Elevate this matter with your travel agent. Some of the agencies place a lot of cruises with Crystal and have some clout. Don't overdo it, but email and call Crystal now and then. Good luck to all!
  2. SusieQft - Thank you for doing this spreadsheet. Please add to my deposit for the 2021 WC: filed dispute with AMEX 7-15-2020
  3. I booked the 2021 full World Cruise on March 1, 2019, using my AMEX card. I cancelled well before the deadline for the balance due date. I've been trying to get my large deposit back from Crystal and finally contacted AMEX last month. They immediately started processing it as a disputed charge, even though it is well over a year since I made the charge. I suspect I will now hear from Crystal. Nice service from AMEX.
  4. I cancelled the 2021 World Cruise, sailing from Miami on 1/5/2021. I cancelled on 5/11/2020. I have not yet received a refund.
  5. YES. Same issue with #12. Crystal needs to fix this and reissue the survey. After 8 attempts to complete the survey, I finally gave up. What happens: you complete the survey, click "Submit" and an error message comes up that you must answer each part of #12. You go back, make sure each section is ranked, and get the same error message because one or two answers to #12 have now been dropped again.
  6. We are in a similar situation. We are booked on the 2021 World Cruise and have paid the substantial deposit. We decided to wait rather than pay now the full amount due and get the 2.5% savings. Instead, we'll see where we are in July and either cancel and get a refund (minus $500 per person administrative fee) or go forward. I'm not sure if the Covid-19 will be gone by January when we are supposed to leave. I've spoken to several friends who were planning on the 2021 WC and they have cancelled. This is such a good itinerary. We still have several cruise ships off the coast of Florida that haven't been able to disembark and I don't want to get into that situation in 2021.
  7. The 2-page ad was in the "Hollywood 2020" edition of Vanity Fair. It's a beautiful shot! Pat
  8. Keith, I'm really enjoying the blog and the photos. Yesterday, I opened the new Vanity Fair magazine and there on pages 60-61 were you and Anne Marie in a beautiful ad for Crystal. Congrats! You've made the big time!
  9. Thanks, also, Stickman. I won't have paid the whole bill until April, so I'll just get the revised (lower) bill.
  10. Thanks so much, Keith. I thought I had read on the forum that you could do this, but I couldn't find it. Pat
  11. I have paid my deposit for booking the 2021 World Cruise. I hope to take a holiday cruise this year (2019). While on this holiday cruise, am I able to "retroactively" book and receive the on-board booking credit of 2.5%, since I haven't taken the 2021 WC yet? Has anyone done this? Thanks in advance for your advice.
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