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  1. Just read this....also my friend on board says they will be boarding at 7 PM. 1150 AM 9 Oct 17 The Carnival Fantasy is expected to arrive at 4:00PM today and disembark her passengers. For cruisers departing on the shortened cruise returning on 12 Oct, please stay tuned to communications from Carnival regarding your embarkation time. We ask that guests not arrive until their embarkation time.
  2. I have a friend in Mobile right now waiting to cruise. All i have heard from her was that their cruise has been shortened 1 day and that they will not get to board until tomorrow. Sent from my Lenovo TB3-850F using Forums mobile app
  3. KellyJean

    How long to get to Skyway Bridge?

    I was kinda cool how everyone cheers when we clear it! It is amazing how close we are. I would be curious to know how much clearance we had because it appears to have just been inches! Sent from my Lenovo TB3-850F using Forums mobile app
  4. KellyJean

    How long to get to Skyway Bridge?

    Wow! I was googling how long it takes a cruise ship to reach the bridge after leaving Port Tampa and found this post of mine from 13 years ago! This is weird because I just returned from a cruise out of Port Tampa 3 weeks ago! I made sure I was up on deck when we sailed under the bridge! It was great!
  5. KellyJean

    CD Mat Seguin

    I heard Mat has left the Paradise. Anyone know which ship he has moved to?
  6. KellyJean

    Why do people want to get on ship early?

    I want to get on as soon as possible because I'm paying for it. Am I willing to pay for FTTF? Not when it only makes 30 minutes difference as to when I get on board. If it made several hours difference, then maybe.
  7. Long shot here but is there anyone on CC that was on this sailing who might have pictures or videos from the 70's TV theme song trivia? Sent from my Lenovo TB3-850F using Forums mobile app
  8. KellyJean

    Bringing on Soda

    I saw people in Tampa with 12 packs strapped to the outside of their carry on. Sent from my Lenovo TB3-850F using Forums mobile app
  9. KellyJean

    Beverage package

    We just got off the Paradise 9/7. It was always a long wait to get a soda at a bar even if they weren't busy. In the MDR it wasn't a problem. After the first time, our waiter automatically brought them each night. If I do cruise CCL again, I'll bring my own 12 pack. Too bad Carnival doesn't have the Coke Freestyle machines like Royal - they're great! Sent from my Lenovo TB3-850F using Forums mobile app
  10. Can anyone confirm that the Radiance of the Seas DOES have the Freestyle Coke machines onboard? If they do, are they located anywhere other than in the Windjammer?
  11. We spent three nights in Cocoa Beach, FL last month before our cruise. We arrived at our hotel around 11 PM. I knew/felt I was on vacation when I stepped out onto our balcony and had a gorgeous view of the ocean.
  12. KellyJean

    Confiscation of travel steamer?

    I took my flat iron on my cruise last month. Luggage arrived at a reasonable time (before 2 PM) and was not hidden in any way - buried in clothes but......
  13. On our September 21 cruise, it was Ronillo (?).
  14. I was fascinated by the MEN behind the guns! They can escort me around anytime! LOL
  15. FYI - we were on this same cruise. My daughter and I went to the Park Cafe one afternoon for a snack. They had a little roast beef left (they ended bringing out more) so I had to get a roast beef sandwich after I have read dozens of reviews of how delicious they were. BTW - those reviews were right! OMG that sandwich was soooo good. The chocolate chip cookies were good too. I was disappointed that the Park Cafe wasn't open for lunch when we boarded but the Windjammer wasn't too badly packed when we went.