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  1. Looking at booking a cruise on Mariner. Interested in the Spacious Panoramic Ocean View. It appears these staterooms are on Deck 12. Would love to hear from anyone who has stayed in this stateroom. Is there noise from the putt putt golf above on Deck 13 or from the Spa on Deck 11? Thank you, in advance, for any comments. CJ
  2. Thanks again for the info on the White Hennessy. Apparently it is not sold here in the States. I purchase it as a thank you for a dear friend who watches my Ragdoll cat when we cruise. This is our first venture on Royal Caribbean and I wasn’t sure whether prices differed significantly between cruise lines. Legaljen and The sea calls my name...shall we all sigh with envy... and then wait with unbridled anticipation for John&LaLa’s Symphony of the Seas Cruise review? John, your fans await!!! “Fair winds and following seas”
  3. Thank you SuiteLady and John&LaLa for your quick responses. On another note...John&LaLa...your recent review while on the Harmony was wonderful! I looked forward to reading every morning with my cup of coffee. Your photos were exceptional...not only of the cruise but Bella too! ☺️ Thanks for the preview.
  4. Sailing on the Harmony in 30 days 😁. A friend has asked me to purchase a bottle or two of White Hennessy. Wondering if a recent cruiser can tell me the approximate price onboard? Also, we visit St Maarten and I’ve heard the price is reasonable there. Thanks in advance! CJ
  5. Thank you for your helpful replies BoDidly and Mackensie80. The last time we cruised from Mobile was in 2010. The drive to Mobile is a pleasant one and we gain an hour too! We pre-booked our parking. If we have to stand in line as a result of arriving early, no problem. My DH is an avid chatter and will no doubt make new cruising friends. Happy holidays, CJ
  6. We are booked on Fantasy January 21st out of Mobile. She will have completed drydock on January 20th. Our boarding passes show a 6:00 pm departure and the choices for arrival appointments begin at 1:30 pm. There will be no disembarking passengers and the parking garage will be empty. Able to select the earliest arrival appointment time (1:30-2:00 pm) and we prebooked our parking at the cruise terminal deck parking. My questions are: Do you think passengers will arrive earlier than 1:30 to try and park/board? I am not sure what time Carnival will open the terminal to begin embarkation...I would think the 6:00 pm sail away would affect the opening? We don’t want to miss the opportunity to park in the covered terminal parking...over flow will be directed to the Mobile Civic Center. Do you think the parking garage will delay their usual opening time (I’m assuming it’s usually 10:00 am on other cruises which set sail at 4:00 pm)? Just hate to arrive at 1:30 pm and discover there are passengers already onboard...the parking garage full...and DH in a fit when we’re told to turn around and head to off site parking at the Civic Center. What would you do? Thank you in advance, CJ
  7. Martincath, CVU, and Anita - thanks for the additional info and comments. I do love these boards and the ability to travel with all your questions answered! Bon Voyage CJ
  8. Hello all, My post here is for informational purposes. We just returned from an Alaskan Cruise departing from Vancouver. Flying into Vancouver airport, we opted to take the Sky Train to Canada Place. Signs throughout the airport directed us to the Sky Train platform. There were plenty of kiosks to purchase our train tickets. I had previously viewed You Tube videos as to how to operate the ticket kiosk. Extremely simple - enter number of passengers, enter two zone travel, enter method of payment (credit card, debit card, or Canadian currency). Well...when we entered “credit card” and inserted our credit card into the slot the machine asked for our “PIN number”. American credit cards do not have PIN numbers...only our debit cards. The only recourse we had was to return back to the airport terminal and exchange American currency for Canadian currency (the exchange rate is typically poor in an airport). Again, this posting is for info purposes. I highly recommend using the Sky Train - approximately 25 minutes from airport to Canada Place - no issues accommodating luggage, no changing trains, and so simple a child could do it. Just have Canadian currency if you typically travel without your debit card. Happy sailing, CJ
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