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  1. can you hike up the mountain instead of purchasing a tramway ticket?
  2. Once you start the online lift and shift, does it give you the option to go back. I am afraid to put anything in and then have it not be able to be reversed.
  3. We stayed at the Best Western in Seward and I will have to give it a 5 star for people and accommodations.
  4. Thanks for the update! So glad for you. I am glad you called back. It just goes to show you that it is who you talk to. See you on board.
  5. Cancel your 2021 cruise if it isn’t a better deal than the 2020 one and then lift and shift your 2020 cruise to 2021. You can then apply the fcc from that cancellation to the shifted cruise.
  6. To update: Received an email from Royal Caribbean in response to my question and Star Class is available on Quantum other than China sailings.
  7. Looks like there will be another “sale” this weekend since the prices went up.
  8. On independence the tiered seating by the pool was for suite guests.
  9. It doesn’t sound like they worked with you at all. That’s disappointing. I am in that sailing with some friends in the 2 bedroom gs. See you on board! my allure sailing where I have the up is in the med so it looks like they won’t put me in another star class room without having to pay.
  10. Was this for a Texas or Med sailing? Still unacceptable as the crown loft isn’t a star class. I am booked and waiting to hear. I had a friend who had one booked for the med and they switched her to an A1.
  11. Wow. Hopefully their social media pages and emails will be full of messages from those affected. That’s how the 18 drink package debacle got reversed. I realize not as many people are affected but they may change their mind especially about the refund. is this sailing not available to lift and shift under the Cwc?
  12. As a result, Allure of the Seas will no longer sail from Galveston during Winter 2021 - 2022 and will sail from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, instead. Wow So many people missed that part. Thank you
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