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  1. So it states no quarantine or Day 8 test but a Day 2 test is required. We hopefully be boarding in Southhampton, and not familiar with the area, is there a location close to there we could book a test.
  2. HINT: n Bring a magnetic clip for the stateroom door to hang your mask on. I can't tell you how many times we left the room without our masks and had to turn around to get them. Once I put the clip on the door, we never forgot.
  3. No photo of the card on the app. On Freedom, you show it to the check in person and they scan it and put in the details. It looked like they but type, date and batch.
  4. OP is flying in the day of the cruise. I am flying in 2 days before. Sticky situation. US just announced travel restrictions still in place. EXCLUSIVE U.S. will not lift travel restrictions, citing Delta variant -official | Reuters
  5. Good point. Hopefully Royal will have all of those details worked out. Our Oct 2 cruise, they pulled Le Harve and replaced it with Bilboa due to UK Covid restrictions, so hopefully they are aware of issues that need to be sorted out to let non UK citizens travel.
  6. Destination and Travel Restrictions Map | Delta Air Lines I am going on anthem on Oct 2. According to the Delta guide, at this time, I must have a test on Day 2 and Day 8 without quarantine because I am vaccinated. I would be on the ship on day 8. They have their information from: UK Government website Testing strategy for international arrivals Testing for people traveling to England Entering the UK Quarantine in England I would assume this would be changing as time goes by with covid surges and recovery. The no quaranti
  7. Yes thanks you. I am already booked her n Oct 2. They changed the port to Bilbao from le harve. Just afraid to do shore excursions until I know we can travel to the uk
  8. Thank you I am hopefully going in October if the uk allows us citizens vaccinated. I haven’t booked excursions as the ports just changed.
  9. Enjoy! We were on last week and loved it! We booked again for the end of August when bookings opened up.
  10. Just used SAS and have never had such a great experience. They also pick up from area hotels. 10 Stars!
  11. Just a heads up Alamo, National , Enterprise is opening its offices at the end of August near Port Canaveral.
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