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  1. We did use the hottub. We used it on sailaway, and after a long day of touring in Cozumel and another evening after shows and dinner. You could fill it with hot water. the room steward showed us how to fill it and drain it. which was a pain. I do not think that it ever had a heating element in it due to fire regulations. There was just an on and off button. We did use it several times. It does have to be drained every day due to no chemicals in the water.
  2. We got back and had a great time! The hottub is functional but there is no heating element. As I said before it was a girls trip and we had both rooms. They did have slightly different layouts. They have upgraded wood finishes as opposed to the other RFS due to it being the Presidential suite. There is no longer a long table on the other one. There are just 4 seat tables on each balcony. The safes are underneath the dressing vanities. It took us a while to find them. Being on deck 6 was nice and easily accessible to everything. We had the steward open the balcony dividers and enjoyed the extra large balcony. Concierge service was very good although my main complaint is that they serve very low brand liquors and wines as compared to Celebrity. the lounge has a very nice outside area for seating and lounging. We have it booked again for next Feb.
  3. I have seen wandering photographers in Central Park. If you ask I am sure they would tell you when they are scheduled. Then you can ride the rising tide bar in celebration.
  4. I’ll let you know on Friday. We have both rfs for a girls trip. Haven’t heard that they were not functioning. I emailed the concierge earlier to request additional towels and she did not mention they did not work.
  5. I felt that the one overlooking the sports court was too loud. Not from the people but the music. We had a side facing one and couldn’t read a book a few days due to the music. I wish I could have know you have them turn it down.
  6. Happy Cruising! Can you find out the Genies on the ship. Heading out in a few months. Thank you
  7. True but in my scenario you could still possibly do this depending on the royal rep you get if you win the bid. It wouldn’t work for the 3 rooms without incurring cancellation fees.
  8. Basic question. What is the website to check points.
  9. I had this happen previous to royal up. I had 2 rooms For 6 and ended up Upgrading to the royal family suite after final payment. I did not incur an extra charge because the cabin needed 2 reservation numbers. The reservation system only allows for a max of 4 bpassengers.
  10. So if you have enough points for prime on Mar 31st are you considered prime for the next year?
  11. In 30 plus cruises we have seen dolphins 3 times, schools (right word?) of jellyfish, and flying fish in the Caribbean.
  12. Does Independence have the chat feature on its App so you can chat with other guests without wifi?
  13. I will call later. It is a suite and non refundable. Insurance won’t apply in this case she cancels.
  14. We are booked in a Rfs in Indy in Jan. One of our passengers may not be able to go. In the past I have read that royal will refund the 3/4 passenger after final payment. Is this still correct?
  15. Great pics, Did they update CK? It was looking a little worn last time I was on.
  16. I learned on these boards if you do the online checkin on the app and download the set sail to an Apple wallet on your phone the room number is the last 4 digits of the upc bar code. If you do not have an apple product, any scanner app should work.
  17. The sale that never is... Royal's sales actually hurt upper tier members as balcony/suite discounts are pro rated based on the "sale". I have an A2 that I have been looking at and this sale actually costs me 40.00 more after applying my discount than before the sale with the discount.
  18. Yes this has the hottub and is a previous Villa Suite. It has a few more upscale decorations and has a hottub. We have stayed in it in the past and it is fabulous!
  19. No big Black Friday sales. Up to 300 instant savings and kids sale free. Good through cyber Monday. https://loyaltoyoualways.com/service/cyberweek2019/
  20. Thank you. I have a gty for the kids and it showed up on the Apple Pay Via the Apple Pay app. . Turns out the rooms are across the hall.
  21. Did the Allure 2022 Itineraries get released. I did not see them in any of my searches. If not any idea/speculation where it will be?
  22. We have always did royal with a few Disney’s. We started looking at other lines when the suite program and amenities started to diminish. We sailed in Celebrity and were blown away. We now have our 2nd booked next month. I still sail Royal but not as frequently.
  23. I had something similar. Every time they said it was issued and actually asked them via twitter and got a response pretty quickly. Turns out it was refunded but was coded as a hold on my account in the royal system. They took the hold off and I got the refund.
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