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  1. We were the opposite. Sitting on a plane in Miami waiting to get to Atlanta for an hour.
  2. Thank you. We were on this cruise and decided to cancel when given the option of a full refund. Glad I can live it virtually!
  3. Here is the link for Port Canaveral and Miami Services - GoMeyra Scheduler
  4. You can call your TA free of charge from the ship. You can ask at guest services.
  5. What. That is so sad. On odyessy now and freedom last week and you can get any drink including premium during happy hour versus the crappy liquor and wine they serve. In allure during happy hour. If they take the 11-11 away hopefully they will replace it with better happy hour selections.
  6. Covid was not mentioned however one person was wheeled out with there luggage wrapped and full ppe hazmat type suites. One person got into a van where they suited up the transport driver. We dropped lines 5 minutes later.
  7. yes you can use it for grats.
  8. When setting up check in, it asks you to put a credit card in, you can bypass this step and set up a cash account. Then when on the cruise you can switch over to a credit card. This was pre covid though, so not sure if they are still doing cash accounts or trying to do cashless accounts via debit or credit card. I suppose if you have already set up the credit card you could go back and say you wanted a cash account.
  9. You have to set your account up as a cash account, since you have the cc attached you can't do it. I normally set it up as a cash account take any OBC that I won't use to grats, excursions, spa etc out of the casino and then before the end of the cruise switch over to the credit card I use.
  10. They can create a cash account on board and then take it out in the casino without the surcharge.
  11. How long after the phone call did they show up in your my chart?
  12. Just to jump in, but we just did FLL to Miami and used SAS transportation. 15.00 each way and was the best shuttle service I have ever used. Clean and comfortable vans. Very accommodating.
  13. I would venture you could go to the port with a a big sign and you could get premium bucks for those people who came without one. 😜
  14. We had about 200 on Freedom that ended up not sailing, not sure of the exact reasons however the concierge said the Royal Suite guests were a no show at the port.
  15. Thanks, I was just wondering. If I order today I could receive them Friday or Saturday. We sail on sunday.
  16. How long did it say that it would take to be delivered? I have cvs appts scheduled for this week but want a back up as well.
  17. Does anyone have a link to amazon or otherwise that shows where I can purchase the ones accepted by Royal. I have tried to find them to no avail. I want to make sure I am buying the correct ones. Thanks!
  18. We have been sailing primarly in Suites for the past 10 years. Another factor, I have noticed is the beverage package. Before the beverage packages they were much more crowded as there were free drinks. With the beverage packages and many suite guests purchasing them, they are not utilizing the lounges as in the past.
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