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  1. Well I have a cruise for January 30, 2022 on a 5 day hold via my cruise planner. After reading the mask part of the contract I’m pulling the plug. I am not wearing a mask on a ship period! If only vaccinated passengers are being allowed why the masks? Guess I’ll give it some thought once things get moving and we know what the rules are then.
  2. I personally think cruise lines are going to use this time to make a few changes in cruising. Not sure cruising will ever be what it once was and nothing to do with Covid but changes they have maybe wanted to implement in the past but didn’t because of the pushback that would of come. Time will tell.
  3. Hi Mike Robin from CM’s . I agree with you on this, I was just explaining that to a friend. These islands may require the vaccine in order to get off the ship. I’d imagine the majority of people will be vaccinated, it will be interesting to see how things evolve. I don’t think if the ships require a vaccine it would hurt their business at all.
  4. Summer officially starts on June 20, 2021 and ends on September 23, 2021 Summer officially starts on June 20, 2021 and ends on September 23, 2021.
  5. How would it work once back from a cruise since you need a negative Covid test to come back into the us? I wonder how that will be handled, done on the ship?
  6. I was about to book yesterday for January 2021 but to many uncertainties. I don’t like that’s it’s a non refundable deposit and it would have to be used up that year. How would people get a negative test when you on a ship to fly home? How would they know (airline) that you were even on a ship? guess I’ll wait and see how thing go forward.
  7. Yep . I think if people really want to cruise they will have to look outside the US. Guess I’ll be looking for cruises out of Nassau. Kudos to the Bahamas and RC
  8. I was just in KW , the town was packed and didn’t seem to be hurting at all from lack of cruise ships. I seen someone mention upscale....not so much anymore. So many of the cute and unique shops are gone and it’s filled with tee shirt and trinket shops. This is not the KW I’ve been going to for over 30 years. hopefully with less ships KW can get back to what it once was. just my opinion
  9. Well looks like I’m going to book my first post-Covid cruise. Just a 5 night on Radiance for either January or February 2022. I’m super stoked! Just hope with only vaccinated passengers and crew we won’t have to have a mask!
  10. I’m pretty sure it’s still looking new since she didn’t get to do too many sailings
  11. I think it was a genius move on the Bahamian government to allow ships to sail from the Bahamas. Ships will return to the US by the end of 2021 I think. Maybe not in full swing but some as long as this whole vaccine does what it’s intended to do.
  12. I’d go without any hesitation although I will not cruise again until I can do it mask free.
  13. On the hump is the best balcony on the Oasis class ship in my opinion
  14. It’s still more than 6 months out. They can’t tell you something they don’t know themselves yet, so much can change from now until then. I could see if you were scheduled in 2 months but 6 months , relax.
  15. I honestly think you will be fine. I’ve said and it’s my opinion only that cruises will start back up Fall of 2021.
  16. I’ve said all along , no cruise until late 2021 and I’m sticking with that.
  17. I think it’s pretty safe that everyone will need to be vaccinated to travel especially out of country. I can see all the Caribbean islands requiring it Tickmaster has even started working on something via a third party app in order to go to an event. Will have to prove you had the vaccine or have a Covid test to go.
  18. I will be one of the last people to get it . This being said if people want to travel your not going to have a choice but to get it.
  19. It’s just my opinion but I can’t believe people think there will be any cruising this year at all out of the USA. I doubt there will be any until at least mid 2021 here..
  20. That’s good. Glad to see something moving even if it’s not in the states. will be interesting to see how it all goes
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