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  1. Just booked with them this morning very efficient and exactly what we need for these cruises. More reasonable than Holiday Extras. Have also been emailed their confirmation we are covered for everything that Princess require.
  2. I agree with you. The only problem I have is that now I have to renew my passport as I wont have 6 months left on when we return even though we arent technically leaving the country. Will renew online and hope its not too difficult
  3. Thank you for informing me of that. I have emailed Princess but not had a reply but havent used a TA
  4. Does the rules of having 6 months on your passport apply to these cruises. I will only have 5 months left on mine and unsure if I need to renew early
  5. I used my FCC from last April's cancelled cruise for deposit for this May but now fear that will be cancelled. Booked direct with Princess and had no problem using them
  6. I found out about the extended payment time by checking my booking online. I havent had an email from Princess but am pleased to see they have done this as wouldnt want to pay in full and then get told the cruise was cancelled. Our cruise date is 29th May out of Southampton
  7. I was told earlier in the week and then I complained and got a repeated email yesterday. Just told to check 2 months prior to expiry date to see if its been extended. Thanks for replying
  8. I was very interested to read about the extension of FCC. I have a FCC issued prior to covid that had an expiry date of 30 November 2021. I have been told when I queried this that it has now be extended to 31 December 2021. I was told this was it and no further date and it was a sailed by as well. As there was no cruising last year and not looking good for 2021 I was surprised that my dates werent 30 April and sail by 30 Sep. I have complained to Royal but cant get anywhere with them
  9. Thanks everyone at least I know its not just me. Enjoy your travels
  10. I cannot now find the roll call for the 16th April sailing on Sapphire Princess. Anyone else having the same problems
  11. Do Princess have a sale on excursions at any time
  12. Thanks that would be great. How long ago did you visit
  13. Did Princess offer any shuttles in the Asian ports. a lot of the ports are so far away from the city
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