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  1. Are you able to order luggage tags without checking in?
  2. Looks like a nice improvement. Unfortunately, due to some medical concerns we won't be using the pool or hot tubs this next cruise. So I cancelled our cabana reservation for Nov 15 Edge.
  3. There is no minimum order cover that I know of. Go in, order drinks and some edamame to nibble on. Unless you sit there and drink several cocktails without ordering anything else, I doubt they would demand you leave. I would simply order an appetizer each round. Problem solved.
  4. Ah... local food or what we call "tipico" Guatemalan food! Our fav for an authentic meal experience is Rincon Tipico - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g295366-d2422724-Reviews-Rincon_Tipico-Antigua_Sacatepequez_Department.html It's a few blocks from central park, close to Tanque de Union park. You won't find English menus there and it's mostly visited by locals and a few gringos eating on the cheap. For about Q45 ($5 or $6 bucks, roughly) you will get an entire meal. They will usually have a special of the day but my advice is to skip that. Get the charbroiled chicken that you'll see rotating on the giant rotisserie over open flame. It's amazingly good and comes with a couple of sides of the day and a fresco beverage, which might be Jamaica (hibiscus drink) or something like Tamarindo. You will be served on plain clay plates like locals use in their homes. Women make fresh tortillas on a griddle by the front door as you come in. We've eaten there several times and love it. I recommend Rincon Tipico if you want an authentic food experience vs. risking local street food where you may get sick, which would completely ruin a cruise. For a more touristy ways to experience Guatemalan food, complete with some smattering of English on menus and much higher prices, I recommend one of these: Los Tres Tiempos - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g295366-d5979554-Reviews-Los_Tres_Tiempos-Antigua_Sacatepequez_Department.html Very good food and service. Close to the tourist area of central park and arch street. Nice variety on the menu. Fonda de la Calle Real - https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g295366-d1464300-Reviews-Fonda_de_la_Calle_Real-Antigua_Sacatepequez_Department.html Charming Antigua ambience and quite good, with a wide variety of Guatemalan dishes mixed with more familiar American style food. Also near central park. And the ultimate recommendation for a higher end Guatemalan food experience has to be the hotel restaurant El Refectorio inside Casa Santo Domingo hotel. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Restaurant_Review-g295366-d1090577-Reviews-El_Refectorio-Antigua_Sacatepequez_Department.html The hotel itself is an amazing attraction, well worth taking an Uber or tuc-tuc over from central park just to walk around. It's a hotel built on the grounds of a historic site where monks used to live, all gorgeous stone and a fountain that is too huge to believe. The food there is excellent and the ambience can't be beat anywhere in Antigua. English is reasonably available (the waiters like to practice their English with you) and you will find a more modern interpretation of native Guatemalan cuisine. You will spend more but visiting Casa Santo Domingo is an experience you won't forget. If you do go to Casa Santo Domingo hotel, be sure to walk past the restaurant area through to the open areas beyond. There you can wander back to the fountain area, talk to live parrots in the trees (if they are out on display), visit their tiny but delicious chocolatier shop or even tour a Guatemalan art museum (for a small fee). Hope you love Antigua as much as we do!
  5. Silly me, I just called the hotel to see what they advised. Even though it's not listed on their website, they DO have guest self-service laundry. A receptionist said that they have washer and dryer machines on a couple of floors. $3 per load and the machines require quarters.
  6. I don’t have a chronic skin condition of any kind. But in late August an unknown insect stung me (hurt like hell, but no idea what it was) and that became terribly infected with cellulitis. As luck would have it, in September I was sitting by our garden and got stung in the leg by a honeybee. That also became horribly infected. I’m fine now and off antibiotics, but naturally worried that I seem to have become very susceptible to cellulitis. We sail in a few weeks so my immune system will likely not be back to normal. I’ve been on some very heavy duty antibiotics over the last two months.
  7. Staying here before & between cruises. Will have several loads of laundry to do and it seems they no longer offer a guest self-service laundry room. What’s the best option nearby? We have several new items of clothing being shipped to the hotel for us (live in Guatemala) and then we’ll have dirty clothes between our two cruises with only 1 night to do them.
  8. Looks like several menu updates have been made in the app for our Nov 15 cruise on Edge. Looks like the Cyprus lamb specialty disappeared. Was really looking forward to trying it. Has it indeed been removed? Anyone been on Edge last few weeks who can say?
  9. What kind of food do you like or want to try? I live in Antigua and there are TONS of great restaurants here.
  10. Nope, for our Nov 15 2019 on Edge. Got upgraded just a day or two before the new BP fee policy hit.
  11. I recently dealt with two serious bouts of cellulitis after being stung by insects in our garden. (3 weeks apart). The first incident landed me in the hospital for 5 nights on IV antibiotics. The second took 10 daily intramuscular antibiotic shots to clear. We’re going on a cruise in about 3 weeks and I’m pretty sure I’ll be avoiding the hot tubs and ocean water entirely. I’m less sure about whether to avoid the pools as well. Has anyone here ever heard of infections from swimming in a pool on a cruise? Or do they chlorinate them to the max? Will be on Celebrity if that matters.
  12. We did too. No extra charge, upgraded to nicer location Concierge well after final payment. Just depends on who you get on the phone.
  13. You may not get a tote bag, X is beginning to do away with them for non-suite guests.
  14. I find this video completely unbelievable and unrealistic. I mean, come on. There's no way they would find 4 empty lounge chairs together that easily.
  15. Love it. Looking forward to seeing a few more pics from different angles.
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