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  1. Last reports I've seen online say they have only gotten about 10% of the people off the ship. Since the olden days of "women and children first" have long passed, what's the criteria of deciding who to evacuate by helicopter first? Do they take people who have mobility issues who couldn't escape as easily via a lifeboat first? Or people who are actually the opposite, and more physically fit and able to withstand the stress, fear and rigor of being pulled into a helicopter?
  2. Holy *****. That's terrifying. Parts of the ship are falling on them and its moving so much you can't even walk a few feet.
  3. Ok, I’ll bite. Why??? What is it that you are bee-side yourself over about the APEX?
  4. The menu in Eden doesn't change at all, does it? I was really tempted to book it twice, but if the food is exactly the same, is it really worth doing over?
  5. Since when do they do this? Say you can't use the discount if you are within the cancellation period and rebuy at the lower price? X is getting stingy. A lot of the new cruise offers are for "new bookings only" and now that seems to be spreading to the Cruise Planner.
  6. Pan Pacific seems the way to go for a single night before embarking. They sell a lot of different view room rates online. Does anyone know which room types give you a great view of the cruise ships in port?
  7. Even on Caribbean cruises, excursions seem to start selling out early. Some are no longer available on our November cruises this year. Pays to book early and check back often in the Cruise Planner!
  8. We also had trouble deciding between those two same cruises... and then decided to do both, back to back! Never been to Alaska and there are SO many great shore excursions to pick from, I'm certain we will love the chance to visit several ports twice and experience different things each time. Plus we double our chances of enjoying good weather in each port. We'll fly in and out of Seattle (much less expensive for us than Vancouver). Here's how you can put together a great 2+ week Alaskan cruise: Fly into Seattle, go on Solstice cruise first, getting to visit the beautiful gardens at Victoria on the way back. Debark in Seattle and take a VIP Amtrak train ride up to Vancouver the following day. Cruise out of Vancouver on the Eclipse next day after that, and upon return of the Eclipse, spend a few extra days enjoying the city of Vancouver and its sights. Take Amtrak train back down to Seattle (and stay a few days there too, if you like) Fly home from Seattle and wish the time away until your next cruise!
  9. I wonder why Celebrity is showing the Silhouette as "revolutionized" in late 2019, when it's not scheduled for its revolution until early 2020?
  10. Me too. I get that CC wants to prevent the boards from turning into a Spam Fest, but it’s sooo frustrating to not be able to get TA recommendations!
  11. You also can see the times for your excursions and port arrival/departure times when you click on "Full Calendar" in the Cruise Planner.
  12. Thanks! I felt silly asking about whether shifting out a week or two would matter, but wasn't sure if whale migrations got better later in June.
  13. June 5th through 21st? or June 12th through 28th? Would there likely be any real difference in the amount of wild animal sightings like whales by going a week later to visit more into mid and late June, rather than early to mid-June?
  14. Curious why you would sail Edge for longer cruises but not 7 nights again.
  15. I am very sorry to hear of your loss, and that I'll never get a chance to meet your dear wife. She seemed like a wonderful person from your blog and posts.
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