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  1. It’s ‘reasonable’ because it’s handy and it’s what you want to use. It’s not reasonable if you think a $2 or $4 difference with another option is not acceptable. Whatever. Den
  2. The shuttle price of $ 12 is for a roundtrip. Tax is 10 Euros oneway which is 24 Euros for 2 compared to $20 (ignoring tip and getting a taxi and so on). And yes, if I get or have another couple with me, that saves, but I have to coordinate with others. Not exactly a rip off. Just a bit more expensive. Kind of like Ship Tours and Private Tours. Your favorite Cruise Line is Seaborne and you are complaining about $24 shuttle and at today’s currently rate a $22 taxi??? Got it. Den
  3. For a Euro port, you treat it like a normal port call. No checking with any customs or security. You just leave the ship and return as if it’s just another port of call. It’s great. You relax and enjoy the ship the night prior while everyone else is packing and closing up their stuff. One recommendation is either sign up for a tour that takes you off the ship as a group or wait a bit for all to leave the cruise so you don’t get caught up in all the crowd exiting. You’ll be told what to do the day or so prior, but usually you just turn you old card in and get a new one (depends on how digital they are on this ship now) and they return the old card later so you don’t mix them up. We’ve done a goodly number of US and Euro B2Bs and love it! Den
  4. Don’t worry, every time we go to a grocery store and they ask if we need help taking the stuff to our car, I just tell them, ‘No, my wife can handle it’. I get the funny stare from them and the cold stare from you-know-who........By the way, why do they ask if I need help loading stuff????l I don’t understand. Den
  5. Check how much time they have at Alhambra in case the tour is just to get you there and you then go into it on your own for an extended time. A private tour may be better in the case though. Den
  6. It was 2 yrs ago and yes 8hrs or so bits an hr+ transit and then back. The drive is very pretty. We we do a lot of private tours but this ship tour was outstanding. They get you there and a trained local guide walks you through. They broke us up into smaller groups. Well worth it. Private tours could be good too. Den
  7. We did the Celebrity tour and it was a full inside tour. Fantastic. Especially the Moorish portion - loved it and learned a lot. Den
  8. 70# baggage?!? I find handling my 50# bag a challenge; I’d hate to even think of trying to manhandle a 70# one. Den
  9. Realize that early fights such as 1000 can be made the majority of time, but my personal view is very much as hcat.....why add stress on a vacation. Think about the day prior, worrying about all the ‘what if’s’ of getting in late / not being cleared normally / hang up on getting off / etc. All of them out of your control. So yes, most are right that if you do the walk off then you’ll probably be OK. But there is a reason why SW and other airlines won’t allow luggage valet that early - they know it might not get the luggage there in time which should tell everyone something about making those flights. This is the same thing I add when talking about flying in the day of the cruise.......you’ll ‘probably’ make....but I’d rather decrease the ‘probably ’ by taking more control of what I have control over. Had friends fly in the day of a TransAtlantic.....they barely made it walking (well running) on 10min prior to departure.....and if they’d missed the ship, the next port was in Europe!! Den
  10. Not sure what ‘shaming’ is being posted, just some listing special things they bring and posts saying they don’t need anything special. . Personally don’t bring much except when there are a number of sea days, especially the upcoming TransAtlantic, on which I’ll bring my Kumihimo tools to play around with. I’ve done it once before and didn’t touch it!! I’ll try once more and see if I’ll work with it. Den
  11. If you cancel an excursion once onboard, the funds are added to your OBC for use. If you don’t use those funds, it is refunded to you. Other OBC’s such as those that are part of your benefits you got when originally booking are lost if not used. No refund. Kind of look at it as if its your money (excursion refund as an example) it’s returned. If it’s a benefit from the cruise line or from your TA, it isn’t. Example: if you are refunded $200 for an excursion and it’s added to your account, and you have $100 credit at the end of the cruise, you will get a refund of that $100. If you had $400 credit in your account at the end of the cruise which included a non refundable OBC, you’ll get $200 back. If you spend every dime of your OBC such as I do Every Time (hehe), then you pay them what is owed on your account. The OBC listed on your account have a code that identifies if it is reimbursable or non. I forget what it is and another poster will know and post it. Den
  12. I voted for the Edge, but it needs to go down in pricing before I go again. I tried to think if all the ships had the same itinerary, which one I’d pick and that is soooooo hard! - M-Class: I pick a SR just below the T-spa pool so we can zip up in the morning (well, what i call ‘morning!). Love that pool and just the feel of M-Class. My favorite of M-Class is the Connie. - S-Class: The entire setup is just great. Love the Eclipse and the Sky Observation Lounge up front to sit and play cards, relax and watch the ocean run by. - E-Class: Its newness and the IV SR. Love to socialize in our SR with friends and the IV is a perfect standard type SR setup for this......with the bed next to the BR! And the Eden Bar in the stern is fantastic. So there you go. I’m on the Silly next cruise - a TA that I’m taking, yes for a neat itinerary but since there are a ‘few’ ships doing the TA, I actually picked the ship for this. Den
  13. I think we can go a bit further than ‘suppose’ pre-paid gratuities are to reduce the number of times the staff gets stiffed, but not sure where tipping someone beyond the pre-paid is either paying twice for the same service, or places some psychological burden on others. I tip for special services so it’s not ‘paying twice’, especially for bar staff. Unless someone’s goes around telling others they are tipping or not tipping, where is the ‘burden’? The only burden I can see involved is if someone feels they should tip and don’t, a personal problem, but not a problem of those that tip. In 30+ cruises, I’ve Never seen any waitstaff or steward standing around with their hands out and how does anyone know that service is withheld or slowed down due to no tips. You have no idea if someone getting what you think is quicker service is a tipper, just as you don’t know if someone is being ignored, didn’t tip, unless you are someone who goes around observing levels of service and watching who is tipping. If you are doing this, I think its time to find a more interesting way of spending time on a cruise. This whole idea doesn’t track. My steward doesn’t stand around the last night - I barely see them and know to tip them well before the last night since they are very busy then, and the waitstaff provides the same level of service throughout the week, and isn’t there with a hand out waiting for a tip. I’m afraid this description is in someone’s imagination, or is an assumption. Not tipping shouldn’t cause any ‘burden’ especially since the majority of cruisers don’t tip extra - according to cruise line personnel. Tipping/not tipping is a personal choice and I don’t want to been ‘burdened’ feeling a non-tipper feels ‘burdened’. Lots of ‘burden’ to go around, isn’t there. Den
  14. Anything with chocolate inside or outside, or the best In and OutSide!! Usually skip desert at MDR and head to El Bacio. Den
  15. Good numbers ghstudio and hcat. It’s always tough for new cruisers to make these calls when we say ‘yes, do this’ and they don’t have a feel for specifics. To give the OP a feel of numbers, I read an article about tipping at hotels. You don’t pay gratuities there and they recommended $2-$5/day. The prepaid gratuity for your room steward and assistant is $3.59/day. So giving ~$2-3/day additional is a good number - but it such a very subjective and individual decision. Many don’t add any extra, no matter the level/quality of service and that’s fine. But since the OP felt they got extra service, I think the $20 is a nice starting point to consider. On one of our family/group Thanksgiving cruises that we had our kids and a grandchild with us. One woman who felt she was the ‘organizer’ of the group (yep, she coordinated the extra people), went to the Front Office and had them remove the gratuity charges for our 10mo old grandchild. She said, telling me after the fact, that it wasn’t ‘right’ that we paid tips for a baby. I was more than upset. She did this without asking and my personal opinon was, we owed a larger gratuity to the staff who cared for their room and dining.......I’m sure many of you fully know how messy toddlers/babies can be with all the extra cleaning up - picture a pile of cracker crumbs under her booster seat at the dining table, them bringing her food early and and all the extra ‘stuff’ (yug) in the room trash requiring more cleaning trips to the SR. So: 1 - I explained to the woman that she was Not to interfere with my account, 2 - I added the gratuity back, 3 - added cash to their room steward envelope. As I did as we do normally for our own SR. I’m a messy guy too!! When the support teams go further, I recognize it, but that is my choice and decision. Den
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