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  1. When we travel with friends or family, we get SR’s on opposite sides of the ship. That way, someone will have a great view while in port. I fully understand why you don’t want adjorning SRs, not needed except if you have little ones spread around. Ships just aren’t that big, at least on this Line. I love cruising with family because we can set up times to meet up, and have times to do as we wish. All will find what they love to do and no one has to be the organizer, finding a suitable hotel/restaurant/entertainment/etc. I can’t believe the TA didn’t take care of this upfront and isplaying this ‘cant do it’. Sounds very fishy. Den
  2. After reading the other posts, I agree with lots of the reasons: - Not big on packing/unpacking to visit different places. - Enjoy being at sea, and with a relatively large group of people to met interesting people. - Enjoy at sea days and even not going ashore in certain ports - Love the ship environment and just looking out a the sharp, clean horizon of the sea edge. I spent 21 years in the US Navy and it took my wife 10 years to talk me into paying to go back to sea........and I’m the one who keeps getting us cruising. We know sometime soon, we will not be nearly as agile to be able to take cruising vacations, so we do it now as much as possible. We have a B2B on the Edge in 2 weeks; a river cruise up the Rhine in May; a TransAtlantic from Southampton to FLL in Oct and a New Years party cruise with our daughter and her friends, all this year. Crazy isn’t It. And none of this is ‘just cruising’. We add time before or after the cruise to enjoy the area we are in. For the May river cruise, we will spend 4 days on our own in Amsterdam, 2 days in Basel, and train to Munich and spend a week there after the cruise. In Oct, we wil spend 8 days mainly in Cornwall area exploring before we go on the TransAtlantic. And that cruise spends overnight in NYC (go to a play!) and overnight in Bermuda - explore a wonderful island, which Isn’t a Caribbean island, its very unique! So, yes we cruise and do it a lot. We are lucky to have the funds and now the time. We take our kids with us and do visit them on other times. But they know we plan these things well ahead and many of the cruises are repeat itineraries, but we do many other things than before. Sometime in the future, I’ll be sitting at home, yelling at the TV and at those rotten kids stepping on my lawn. Until then, I’ll enjoy the world.....comfortably. Den
  3. I doubt very much the passenger being evaluated is ‘OK’, but understand you mean will recover. At sea evaluations are tricky and are done only when absolutely required. Den
  4. I also usually wait until after 7....am for my first cocktail!!! By the way, previous Elite drink happy hrs perks whether done in the forward lounges or using tickets at bars all ended at 7pm so this enhancement doesn’t change anything for you. You could make a switch in your habits and have a cocktail made up at 6:45pm and enjoy it, or hold it for 15min and then drink it - Voila, a free cocktail!! (And please, those that insist reminding us that nothing is ‘free’ - it is for me.....you are helping me pay for it!!). Den
  5. If you want to rely on one cost comparison, go for it. But I suggest you look at the actual cruise line website, or check with a good TA. Even though the price listed above are avail for an Oceanview and that same website show a nice low price for a balcony, when you go to the RCL website, there are no balconies available. I’d be very cautious of websites showing such ‘great deals’, even ones that look OK. I’ve tried to use the website Arno showed and when I got to the place to pay for the price shown, it stated ‘this deal is no longer available’. It doesn’t seem to stay up on actual costs too well, as is happening on that website right now, it shows great prices for a balcony on the RCL ship, but no baloncies are really available. Buyer beware. Den
  6. I agree with the OP about ‘constructive’ debate and since I’m an internet user I think this thread is interesting.....but not enough to step through 8 pages of this - read 1st 2 and now last page! With that said, which means I’m missing lots of the ‘debate’, I’ll add my thoughts: Each of us consider something as essential for a cruise. Essential means what we expect to have for a decent vacation. I must have internet connection for various (personal/business) reasons making it ‘essential’. And I don’t need anyone telling me how I should put away my computer/ipad devices so I can enjoy the vacation......since that’s how they enjoy their’s. Got it. That’s why I don’t use those things in public. With that said, I expect to pay for that service. It isn’t a universally essential item, even in 2019. Just like drinks, if you want them, pay for them. Because as has, I’m sure said a thousand times, it costs the Line to provide and when there is no charge for it by the user, it is being paid for by all. Recently did an All Inclusive cruise on Crystal. Loved it. No charge for drinks, specialty coffees, Internet, gratuities. Great. And it wasn’t that expensive for this 1 week cruise out of New Orleans down to Mexico area. So I get on line and look at other Crystal Cruises because, for me, it wasn’t that much more expensive than a 1 week Celebrity Carribean cruise. Guess what. This Crystal cruise was basically a cruise set a a price to get many of us who cruise on the mainline cruise lines such as Celebrity to give Crystal a go. Loved it. Then I looked at a comparable Celebrity and Crystal cruise in NE/Canada.....guess what. The price was, shall I say, a bit different. It would have cost me close to two plus standard Celebrity cruises to make that Crystal cruise. For me.....forget it. I’ll pay for what I use, and sure, there are more than a few Celebrity venues I don’t use. I step into the gym and get all excited about using it and then find myself sitting on the balcony and enjoying the view too much, and paying the extra for it. Now they can save lots of money by not running those Bingo games that give out those very expensive prizes in my opinon!!! So no, I don’t think Celebrity, along with Princess-Carnival-RCL-HAL-etc, etc, etc will do that either. When people compare the cruise cost, the ‘freebees’ get lost in the mix, so no Line wants to add the cost of ‘free’ internet to everyone’s baseline cost and it shows a higher cost of an ‘equal’ cruise on some other standard Line. If you have to use a spreadsheet to compare the actual costs to take into account the real differences between Lines and what goodies you get on one and not the other, you have lost pretty much everyone, no matter what your TA tells you. By the way, I Love Spreadsheets!! Den Den
  7. When we traveled down to Southampton not using a rental car, we used the National Express Bus system. Very comfortable buses with A/C and WiFi and relatively inexpensive. Took the bus from Heathrow to Southampton one time and stayed in a BandB, and the next time used the bus and stopped in Winchester and spent 3 days there prior, then taxi to the port. Winchester is only about 10mi north of Southampton and a great place to explore. Lots of options. Den
  8. We love both M- and S-Class ships for different reasons. THe Infinity (M-Class) has what I think is one of the best at-sea inside pools. It’s saltwater, warm and almost like a hot tub. It has steel pipes on the sides that have bubbles coming up between them and we lay on it and relax in the warm waters. For M-Class - Infinity - we get a SR up forward on 8 or 9 deck just below the pool area so we can zip up to in in the mornings. Den
  9. Greatly appreciate all assists, escecially John Bull and Post Captain’s inputs and ideas. Agree with John Bull that Penzanse is a bit isolated to make it a major stay to explore Cornwall, especially more east, but I made one error, we are only staying 2N’s in Penzanse/Cornwall before heading over near Southampton since spending a night near the Airport, so I think the Smuggler’s Inn works for 2N’s and drive around western Cornwall. Especailly the stone circles and so on! May see Stonehenge, but since you can’t walk into and amounts it, I think the photos I’ve seen of the Cornwall stones and circles look very interesting. Stumbled on some in Scotland and Ireland and love that experience. Heck, even found some interesting Indian stones and petroglyphs while wandering the Mojave desert. Agree another car agency with dropoff nearer the Southampton cruise port would work better, but I do get a better deal with Avis because of my company connections, and it has a free naviagation system that I’ll probably need for use. I have iPads and so on, but I don’t want to have to pay for the data transfer fees for maps while driving - those maps are big and lots of data! Going to order the book Post Captain recommended. Anyway, If my wife sees me looking through another hotel website searching for more hotels in Cornwall, she may take away my toys! We teach a travel class together and I’ve told my students to use CruiseCritic for info and next class, I’ll show them this as an excellent example of help you can get. I started a thread on a rivier cruise and lots of info is being shared there. I didn’t make it for my specific river cruise since there are only 150 or so passengers, but did the Month/River (May Rhine) and lots of sharing of ideas there. Again, thanks. Den
  10. We were also on that cruise. Did the prior cruise from Venice to Barcelona, then the TA Barcelona to Miami. The ship had engine issues and we missed Tenerife to ensure we got to Miami on time. Loved the cruise. Reflection is a good ship, but not my favorite S-Class with the big chunk cut of of the Observation Lounge for suites. Great job by SeaHunt finding that info! I’m impressed. Den
  11. Yes, the port or starboard side would be best....... When we cruise with friends, we usually get SRs on opposite sides so we can enjoy the ‘better’ view depending. At least that’s way we plan, but then we usually never take advantage of that idea. There is no way of knowing which side will be what you think is best - towards the port. Many of the Med ports have nice views either side, in fact in many of the ports the side away from the dock/port is more interesting. Enjoy. Den
  12. OK, I’ve made some preliminary reservations - all of them allow cnx and change a day or so prior. My wife told me I was making too many set plans, but told her was only getting us rooms, not commitments. The general plan was to spend 3-4 days in Cornwall exploring that area, then spending 3 days near Southampton prior to ship departure. SO if you are interested, here are our specific plans after looking through some of the recommendations here: - Fly in from Atlanta overnight and arrive Heathrow 11ish. - Because my wife is well aware I don’t sleep well on flights (flew too much as a Navy Aviator), so didn’t want us to drive down to Cornwall (4+hrs) that day, so staying in Windsor. - Windsor 1 night. Staying at the Harte and Garter. Very near the Windsor Castle and town areas. Picked a ‘Castle view’ room which probably is a view of the castle wall! But looks fun. - Drive to Conwall and enjoy the drive after a relaxing night sleep. - Staying in Penzance 3Nights at the Smuggler’s Restaurant and Rooms. Got a Bay view room (like a nice view - even knowing I’ll be in the room at night and sit and stare at the darkness - kind of like getting a veranda!). - Explore Cornwall. - Drive to Southampton area. - Staying in the Hampshire Hog 3Nights, which is 20min north of Portsmouth - Explore area - Turn in car at Southampton Airport and taxi/Uber? To ship. Not going to Little Woodham, but right next to the Hampshire Hog is the Butser Ancient Farm which the website looked neat to see. After looking at all there is to see in Cornwall and Sussex and no way of seeing even a touch of it, I realize we need to book some more cruises out of Southampton!! Thanks for all the help and ideas of what to consider. My wife was right about a long drive after an overnight flight, especially since I’m, shall we say ‘mature’. One option others might consider (and we did) was to fly into Heathrow and take the National Bus to Southampton and stay overnight there. Then get a car in Southampton and head out. You save the drop-off fee (~$60) and we’v done the bus to Southampton and also to Winchester and it was very relaxing. Den
  13. John Bull - Thank you for taking all this time to help. You’ve given me some great ideas and options. Sounds like I don’t have to focus on the Little Woodsen village. There is SOOOOOO much to consider just in this area. Looks like we will be taking more Southampton cruises and adding more days here. Getting very excited about all this, and all the help from the posters here. You are golden JB! Den
  14. Wow, what great ideas and responses. You are right about Rye, I initially looked at staying in East Sussex for 3-4 days and explore that, then over to Cornwall for 3 days. But then realized both ideas were 4+hrs from Southampton, and forgot the that Rye wasn’t an option when I posted. So going to stay somewhere west of Southampton. Probably going to stay somewhere nearer Plymouth to explore Cornwall area. Mousehole is way over so think Plymouth may be more ‘central’ to use as a place to stay and explore from? We are looking at some of the art museums/galleries and just explore the countryside of Cornwall and Devon. Then stay 3-4 days nearer Southampton so we can turn the car in at the airport the morning prior. Was looking at Portsmouth area. Does that make more sense? Here is what we want to do: When in Plymouth(?) or Cornwall area 3 nights after arriving: - Stay in a nice hotel with character and fun. Food avail and a pub would be great part of it. - See the Cornwall countryside/coast - Visit some of the art muesums I’ve seen listed in Cornwall: Hepworth and Tate? - Visit the Plymouth Unitarian Church on a Sunday (we are Unitarians and thought that would be neat) When in Porstmouth(?) 3N prior to cruise departure day: - Close to Southampton Airport to drop car off AM of cruise. - See Little Woodham - drive north and see Down House - Darwin’s Home (I was a geolgy student/studied fossils) and told that the Down House is a great example of 19th Cen ‘middle class’ living. - Visit the Royal Naval Museum - Visit the ‘HMS Victory’ - Stonehenge? - Ciricle Stones of Avebury? Probably too many things, but just ideas. We’ve stayed in Winchester for 3 days prior to an earlier Southampton cruise and loved it. Den
  15. We are taking a Celebrity Silhouette TA in late Oct and are flying in on 18 Oct and plan to stay in the south counties and explore for a week the countryside south of London. So asking for advice on hotels. Been looking at so many websites of ‘best hotels’ and saw hotels in Cornwall area near Penzanse such as The Ship Inn in Mousehole or the Plymouth area. Would like to stay there for 3 nights then near Southampton for another 3 nights, maybe the The George in Rye near the Little Woodham village which sounds very interesting. I listed those two hotels just as examples of what I think look neat. Will have a rental car and explore the area and would like to keep the pricing below $200/night or so. Any suggestions on neat hotels with character with beach/things to walk to around it when we aren’t driving to see specifics. Den
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