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  1. By the way, you don’t have to wash shirts in the sink or offend very sensitive noses in elevators, all Celebrity ships have laundry facilities on board. You just put those ‘dirties’ in a provided laundry bag, fill out the form, leave the bag on your bed, and like make magic, it shows up a day or so later. And you don’t even notice the cost because it’s automatically added to your account and then added to your chargecard. And since you are on vacation, you dont have to worry about wasting time at the sink or in some self-serve ship laundry. And please, please please do not ask about laundry
  2. Oh Noooo! You’ve put a photo of the Vaccination Card on the internet and now all ‘those people’ can copy it and do all kinds of things to it, and.......oh, its a fake one. Never Mind.... Den
  3. PTC DAWG - that is the Greatest One Ever!! My wife and I went to an art show and I saw a great yard ornament called ‘Praying Mantis On a Date’ and it had a mantis standing there holding the head of the other. When my wife saw it, she starting moaning, because she Knew I was going to buy it!!
  4. I resent you calling my posts ‘professional’. I’m a rank amateur here! den
  5. I get your general thrust, but isn’t your age private info, your photo your general description your place of birth. All on your passport. And passports go well beyond proving citizenship. It lists your travel history, the dastardly database lists reasons for travel when you are asked that at entry. A vaccine passport of some type isn’t listing your health issues and status. Private information? Not to me. Just another opinion that doesn’t carry any weight. den
  6. Most are all for travel databases of those that authorities are concerned are terrorist threats but haven’t committed any crime, just suspect. But we are against ‘databases’ of people who can continue to spread a pandemic and assist the little buggers to evolve into new variants? Got it. den
  7. I agree KWW88. I do wonder sometimes that those who think dressing to the 9’s is for ‘look at me’, when those that dress like, as you said, slobs are really the ones wanting the ‘look at me!’ Human nature is fun. den
  8. You understand a passport is a ‘national and international databases’ and state driver licences and IDs required for any flights within US are on databases accessible to all govts including national authorities. no idea what slippery slopes some are so worried about. A bit too late for this type of database concern. You realize your name is checked against travel restriction ‘databases’ for the past 20yrs or so. den
  9. Along with the items mentioned earlier on what to do on sea days, there are a number of special lectures, usually 1 or 2 a day at least. Some general interest on actors and movies and such, and on either your destination or about the ocean you are crossing. the lectures are by extremely knowledgeable speakers. We went to a lot of them. also, if you have an active Roll Call, we joined in on games, wine tastings, cards and general socials. Fun. den
  10. I track what SRs are booked and available on my various cruises, yes I’m a sick datafreek and here is what is booked on my Apex Nov 20th 2021 Thanksgiving cruise just to compare: - All Suites - 101 Booked out of 182 - 55% Booked - Aqua - 101 Booked out of 126 - 79% Booked - Concierge - 198 Booked out of 276 - 72% Booked - Veranda - 511 Booked out of 618 - 82% Booked - Oceanview - 78 Booked out of 140 - 44% Booked - Inside - 89 Booked out of 131 - 68% Booked Total Bookings - 1078 Booked out of 1473 - 73% Booked
  11. And by the way, I have a large, and Very sensitive nose, and when the stick that 2ft piece of lumber up the poor thing, I wish it was a Blood test! den
  12. Because Cruise Lines don’t normally communicate directly w those that book through an agency and normally, agencies are informed by the Cruise Lines prior to the Line making changes public. And the OP asked why Celebrity hadn’t informed him. my ‘real’ TA has contacted me prior to Line public announcements and already provided info and options. Kind of why using a TA is handy. den
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