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  1. Got a 7th refund today (93rd day) for the 17 April Silhouette TA. Only $92.19 remaining. I wonder if that amount will come in more dribs and drabs, if ever. I am, nevertheless, mildly pleased they're getting closer. 😉
  2. A woman was having a memorial service for her late husband. He didn't have many talkative friends so when she asked if anyone would like to speak, she was pleased when a stranger raised his hand and said, "I would like to say a word." The man walked to the microphone and said, "Plethora" and sat down. The woman said, "Thank you. That means a lot."
  3. Where did Captain Hook get his hook from? The second hand store. "Watch out for that crocodile, captain," he said off-handedly.
  4. Reading the fine print from post #5, I suspect Facebook will play a part at some point; it's just not a part of this first "activity." General Terms: *Power Up Points can be earned for various non-sailing activities such as sharing your preferences, participating in social media activities and making bookings. Opportunities to earn Power Up Points will be emailed to eligible members or posted on www.celebritycruises.com by Celebrity Cruises. My guess is they reeeeally need to know what we'd be willing to book and put a deposit on. They have to have bookings to back the loans they've already gotten and the ones they'll still need. I'm guessing the banks will want to see "new" bookings, not necessarily FCCs. Heck, the banks will probably want the survey results. Might even be the reason for the program. Just a hunch, however.
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