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  1. goofysmom99

    Millennium Revolution -

    The last time I cruised in AQ was on the Connie on deck 9. Loved the shower jets but the shower doors leaked and were messy. These new cabins appear to be minus the shower jets. I have some nagging suspicions about the actual size of them, too. If the balcony is skinnier, that might be a deal breaker for me. I'd love to compare balcony depth of new AQ cabin balconies vs the older ones on decks 10 and 9. And their overall interior cabin length.
  2. I take gluten free prepackaged protein bars, cookies, crackers, etc, on every cruise and flight. Have had no issue anywhere. On long B2Bs, I devote 1/2 checked bag to them. Need them for day trips because oftentimes I/tour operator can't find any GF options. Blood sugar would be an issue without. Ditto on flights.
  3. goofysmom99

    Edgeification of current ships

    I've been thinking about how much sunscreen will impact seats on Caribbean cruises, and especially on Med cruises in the summer. Always have a heck of a time with the patio cushions when relatives visit (they use a LOT of sunscreen), even with Sunbrella fabrics.
  4. goofysmom99

    Dining “class” issues with a group

    You could request two adjacent tables for 8 in the MDR and switch around daily. We did that with a large group and it worked out well. Same waiter for both tables.
  5. goofysmom99

    Edgeification of current ships

    There isn't a coffee table but maybe that bottom half of the desk can be pulled out and used between the two chairs for room service. If it's to scale, though, the person in the soft chair would need to be tall or sit on pillows. The frame around the TV is suspect, too. I plug in an HDMI cable to watch videos on a 2-week TA; I hope it doesn't mean the port is inaccessible or the TV can't be swiveled. If that's the case, it's probably a not so subtle nudge to get us out of our cabins. Time will tell.
  6. goofysmom99

    Has Celebrity Edge met your expectations?

    Would that we could leave this thread as a poll from people who have cruised on the Edge. The person who has made the most posts hasn't even sailed on her yet. I do like reading opinions, good OR bad, from folks who've "been there." I will obliviously assume those who say they have cruised on Edge have, and also not question their motivations for liking/disliking things. It's supposed to be a poll for people who've sailed Edge. Unfortunately the same windy defenders/critics show up on every thread. OK, rant over.
  7. On the Nov Silhouette TA, they offered a choice of gratuities or wifi for 2019 TAs, TPs, and some repositioning cruises. Edge was excluded. Unfortunately, they aren't offering this for 2020, at least that's what their revenue dept says. When the TAs, TPs, and repos begin in April, I'll be looking to see if any pax can advise if if 2020 is still a no-go. You can only find out what the current, if any, extras are while you're actually ON a TA or TP. I'm guessing that's another thing that will quietly disappear though. OP, you wouldn't be eligible for the added wifi or gratuities because you wouldn't be ON a TA when you're booking one.
  8. goofysmom99

    Celebrity Edge Andromeda

    B-Rizzle, I just looked at your your posts since joining Cruise Critic in May. In one of them, you say you've booked your first cruise. Just wondering, since you have very strong opinions, have you actually been on a cruise? Many of the people you disagree with have cruised many, many more times than I ever will. I do value their considered opinions and agree that voicing those opinions here is appropriate.
  9. goofysmom99

    No northern westbound TA in 2020

    I just checked prices for Aug 2020 on Summit.....holy cow! 🤑
  10. goofysmom99

    Edge standard (not iv) verandah photo

    I think Celebrity WANTS you to stay off your uninviting balcony, where you don't generate revenue, and spend money somewhere else.
  11. goofysmom99

    Back from TA, lessons learned

    Judith, thanks for posting your photos. Jamacka, on higher decks there was zero ocean spray. My cabin was behind the hump on starboard (longer balcony like Judith's) and was totally protected from the winds so was able to use the balcony nearly every day except the first two. Much like real estate, it's location, location, location.
  12. goofysmom99

    Back from TA, lessons learned

    Jim, net price is always tough to compare. For this Silhouette TA, I received a $200 pp senior discount which won't show on the fishy site. Went back and looked at price history and my price was the opening price. No discounts showing up for 2019 TA (although I qualify for the military discount). I do a dummy booking about every third day for cruises I've already booked or am contemplating just to see if a resident/senior discount has been added/increased.
  13. goofysmom99


    And awfully mean-spirited.
  14. Last year was the first time I stayed in Civi prior to a cruise (also use Hotel Tiber in Fiumicino). Reserved San Giorgio and when I arrived there my single room wasn't available. However, the hotel I was switched to had a gigantic, romantic room, with king size bed, French doors leading to a balcony (with bistro table and chairs), overlooking the sea. The manager of the San Giorgio drove me there in his Mercedes, picked me up again to take me back for our precruise dinner gathering, and then returned me to the hotel. Next morning, the great big bus picked up 5 or 6 of us and took us to the ship before heading to the San Giorgio to pick up everyone staying there. Anyway, it was a mind-blowing, incredible experience. That said, I don't think I'll chance the San Giorgio again and will stick with the Hotel Tiber in Fiumicino. Finally found the name of the substitute hotel - Mercure Civitavecchia Sunbay Park Hotel