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  1. It's Pier 25. Go to porteverglades.net, click on cruises, then schedule. You can alphabetize vessel list by clicking the top of the column.
  2. If you plan to cruise again, I suppose you could cancel (cruise with confidence), take an FCC, and rebook.
  3. Celebrity's first shot at this was to send a new invoice showing an additional $1132 OBC. Um, no. Second call = changed to different cabin, then canceled. Rebooked original cabin at the reduced fare and will apply the FCC, whenever it gets here, to something in 2022.
  4. Here is the Celebrity Cruise With Confidence link. It says no penalty for cancellation. Under the Best Offer Guarantee, a refund would be as OBC. My cruise is only 5 days and already has $565 nonrefundable OBC. No way I want more. Guess cancellation is my only option and I'll have to cough up the new fare and move the entire FCC to an April booking. I hate giving X that much money advance but overpaying $1132 is worse.
  5. For all the cruises that X or I cancelled for the past 16 months, I only took FCC on one for a whopping $25. Everything was refund eventually. So I booked a cruise for this October on July 8th. It's paid in full. Price is now $1132 less for a solo. I certainly don't want OBC. As I read all the fine print on X's cruise with confidence, I should be able to cancel and receive a FCC. Does that have to be applied to one cruise or can it be split? Can I use it to rebook the same cruise at the lower fare and then use the remainder on an April booking? Looks like everything falls within their
  6. That alone is worth the price of admission. And if you're gluten-free, it's priceless.
  7. Ditto. (And my next level is crossing the goal line.)
  8. Help! I've never seen or been to Terminal 25. I know where the parking garage is but can't tell in, say, yards the distance from the garage to the entrance to the terminal. I'm familiar with all the other terminals X has used. Reason for question, I can walk but I have a bad knee waiting to be replaced. I've bought a sturdy new rollaboard to use as my boarding cane. Our FL heat is a given, rain 50-50 and a loooong walk would be a no-go; don't want to begin my cruise with a 911 call. So, is there someone who has recently done this? Not the spouse who was dropped off, but the person who di
  9. Just watched the Apex one that was in my email; definitely hadn't seen it. I do appreciate that they've kept track.
  10. Based on what I'm seeing others post, I think they sent emails to people who hadn't completed something. I thought I'd done them all but, nope, missed the one in the email that was sent to me.
  11. Did it list out all the ones you missed specifically? Mine only references one, Apex.
  12. GeorgiaPeach51, thank you for all your info. I'm concerned enough about my physical abilities to be taking some precautions next weekend that I would never ever have considered might be necessary, i.e., Amazon delivered a sun hat today that will definitely assist with social distancing and can double as a beach umbrella. Thanks again.
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