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  1. I thought Cruise "Critic" was to critique ships or whatever. So bless, I guess I'm so over someone criticizing (somewhat rudely), anyone else's opinions.
  2. I loved how they glossed (pun intended) over the M-class non-suite cabins. AQ, concierge, and veranda all have the same picture and floorplans show a 2-seater in AQ and when magnified, the other verandas show a second cushion. We all know that's not how it really is post revolution. Glad Cruise Critic exists to know what reality is.
  3. My bad, it's a Bose Micro. The Mini is huge in comparison and weighs about 3x more.
  4. I use the app called "White Noise" which downloads to phone. Plug phone in for charging on desk and bluetooth to a Bose Mini (tiny but mighty) on nightstand to mask hotel or ship noises, especially if cabin is next to room that is near a steward's closet. If no power for Bose available, I have an external battery and charge them both up the next day. (I finally have settled on the sound named Pink Noise as the one that works best for me.)😉 This setup lets me stream anything (Amazon, Pandora, My Music) with my phone to the Bose with nothing else. The Bose Mini is kind of pricey but a one and done and not much bigger the an Echo Dot or Google Mini.
  5. Whenever I can't find reasonable business class, as a solo, I'll buy 2 seats on 2-4-2 configured aircraft. When DH was alive, we booked the middle seat on 3-3-3. They book the extra seat as "Extra Seat Jones (or whatever your last name is)." Actually not bad for sleeping on an overnight flight and not being bumped. Choiceair has done this for me many times.
  6. For the first time ever, in all my solo cruises since this program came into being, I actually have come out ahead with the 4 perks package on a 15-day cruise that was also surprisingly priced at 150% solo. Definitely depends upon the cruise!
  7. The total price of 4 added perks for 2 people in a concierge cabin on the 15-day Silhouette TA in October is $1013. Tips $450, $300 OBC, drinks and wifi add up to waaay more than that. It's past final payment so refundable doesn't matter, of course. I've never seen such a good deal on a TA. Obviously depends on the cruise.
  8. Looked up the new T-Mo international data plans and copied this: The new 5GB International Pass includes 5GB of high-speed data to be used up to 10 days for $35, or. The 15GB International Pass includes 15GB of high-speed data to be used up to 30 days for $50. Or if you just need a day, you can still get the International Pass with up to 512 MB of high-speed data and unlimited calling for $5 a day.
  9. It's free but there's a limit to higher speed (500 MB?) so if you use it a lot, it will slow down to 2G all by itself. Last year I paid for a day of higher speed in the UK and after I used it up, it slowed down again. But now I think they have a new, reasonable monthly pass. I need to go look that up. Texting is free always so it's great for meeting drivers, tour guides, etc. As long as you can see land, except in Tahiti and a few places like that, you're good to use it onboard, too. I used it all through the Baltic and Med onboard but mostly from my balcony or top deck. Your phone will tell you if the ship is trying to grab your phone signal so then just tap airplane mode and turn on wifi.
  10. Thanks! That's exactly what I wanted to know! A lower price will be such a novelty. I have an S9, too. BTW, when I'm in port, I'm able to turn off wifi altogether to check financial apps (T-Mo data is included everywhere).
  11. On S-class, first and third cabins on the front or back of the hump (C2 on Deck 9 and up) have the longest balconies and best locations, IMO. Second and fourth cabins are longer, but not as long as 1st and 3rd. Close to elevators, mid ship, covered or sun, mostly protected in weather, and room for a lounger if you ask. If you're a Captain's Club member, you can automatically upgrade to C2 cabin at a C3 fare; however, C1 cabins cannot be upgraded from a C2 fare. C1 fares are C1 fares.
  12. Is it just me or did searching used to be easier here on CC? Getting organized for a cruise I booked yesterday and would appreciate some first-hand info on wifi calling capability with the surf package? Any good? As long as I can make a call, I know I can text, too. When cruising, I don't want to be disturbed so I block all incoming calls and texts except from my favorites list and they know to text, not call, in an emergency. Then I can leave my phone on and not disturb anyone. On last year's Silhouette TA, I needed to make phone calls due to itinerary change and to book an emergency dental appointment in Boston. I had the unlimited package then; think that's all there was at the time. Was able to text photos and make calls. I don't bother with streaming - too many unwatched movies loaded on a micro SD card. So, has anyone had success with wifi calling with the Surf Package? I'd love to know if I can save a few dollars this year.
  13. I just booked an Oct flight from Orlando to London (1-way), UA business, $1192, nonrefundable. DL and AA refundable were $1401.
  14. Just a reminder, CALL Choice Air and ask about non refundable fares, the ones you pay for on-the-spot like they used to quote. If you've bought or are going to buy trip insurance, doesn't make much difference if it's refundable or non refundable. BTW, the Choice Air website default is refundable = higher fares. They make more revenue on them. Up to you to ask for non refundable.
  15. On the Reflection TA in Oct 17, I was in 1136 and Monica was in 1138. I guarantee they opened through interior doors, not the outer doors. The Reflection is the ship that is different from the other S-class connecting rooms.
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