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  1. It will just depend on how much longer they have to cancel cruises. The offers will probably get less generous over time. But it is in Celebrity's benefit to keep the timeframe limited. At this point I would always go with a refund vs. FCC.
  2. That's not what I said at all. I said a similar situation. An outbreak, illness, disease of any variety. Maybe even a COVID-19 variant. We don't know and there are no guarantees. Anything that would cause ships to be denied entry into even our own US ports because our politicians fear having them 'dumped' here. That's the crux of the CDC's ask. Make a plan.
  3. I think they are absolutely delusional if industry leadership thinks somehow, someway, there won't be long lasting changes and ramification post-COVID. I'm afraid November 1st isn't going to be the day for confetti and fireworks that they are hoping for.
  4. They had to micromanage because the cruise lines did nothing meaningful to respond to the initial NSO. That's why this entire technical order situation was created. The CDC had to step in since the cruise lines were willing to wait it out. Even the current CSO is very open ended. It tells them at high level what's needed, such as the agreements with port service providers. But it tells them to make the agreement. It doesn't give hard specifics points to hit because those micro level decisions are left to the ports and the cruiselines. The CDC and cruise lines negotiated and agreed
  5. They're missing the point. The CDC wants a contingency plan to avoid a Diamond Princess, Celebrity Eclipse, et al situation where they are stuck at sea for weeks and no one would grant entry. Why is this so difficult to provide? DeSantis himself said he didn't want those HAL passengers dumped in his ports. No one saw COVID coming as aggressively as it did and there's nothing preventing a similar situation from happening again.
  6. The usual standard options are available: Lift and Shift options will be available through April 22 100% refund through June 30 125% FCC for use by April 22, 2022 with sail by date of Sept 30, 2022
  7. I'm firmly in the camp that the cruiselines haven't done much to help themselves which many would argue, but if they wanted to give the impression that they are full steam ahead on a restart, they would at least be more transparent with their intent and plans. The silence and the repeated ask to simply drop the CSO makes me think there really is no plan. Don't they already have plans in place for these new cruises Caribbean ports? At a high level, why not adapt those plans to the US ports and provide the CDC an actual plan instead of threats. There's also an element of question ar
  8. That's where the next round of outrage will come from. This isn't going to just disappear on a given date. The CDC has over 400 pages of instructions for ships to comply with related to norovirus. And that was created with input from the cruiselines, which is why it's so bizarre that they just keep asking for the CSO to be dropped all together. Not realistic IMO. I haven't seen anything at all related to MSC's (USA) stance on all of this. That makes me a little nervous for our Seashore cruise this winter.
  9. The reason this whole technical guidance circus started was because the cruise lines did nothing to help themselves when the initial NSO came out. Their plan was to wait it out. Read the extension docs. They couldn’t even ensure crew were wearing masks and canceling crew social activities. CDC has done their job which is disease control. Cruise lines? Still waiting.
  10. The phase 2A guidelines already outlined this. It’s mostly up to the cruise lines at this point. They need service contracts in place and adjustments to crew reporting completed so they can move forward with the next steps. I don’t think the CDC will issue any target dates here on out since it’s dependent on the cruise lines to actually do the work now.
  11. Some interesting rage on the NCL board for something that is a proposed temporary solution to counter a short term problem. I get people have kids and want them included in their vacation plans but wow. I highly doubt the CDC even grants NCL's wish as-is unless there is a more elaborate contingency plan behind the scenes. If people think the CDC is being mean now, wait until there is one screw up on one of these sailings.....
  12. And unfortunately for NCL who had to repatriate crews a second time, Encore is in Jakarta today offloading crew. I don't think the CDC will give them an absolute green light for July, but the timing probably couldn't be worse for them if the CDC does loosen the reigns.
  13. Yes, however COVID surveillance, reporting and health protocols onboard cruise ships, has definitely not.
  14. The big risk is that they have essentially eschewed all of the other requests the CDC wanted covered in regards to contingency plans. No one ever imagined COVID would suddenly wreck havoc on cruise ships the way it did, and the reality is something similar could happen again whether it be a COVID variant, a different virus, who knows. A big concern is to avoid the situation where ports are saying we don't want those sick passengers dumped on our shores (quote from DeSantis himself). Unless there is more than meets the eye in their plan, this portion is ignored. COVID isn't going aw
  15. Reading some of the statements and watching videos put out by various cruiseline leadership over the past several months, the tone really does appear that they were perfectly content with a wait-it-out stance until recently.
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