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  1. RCL has estimate prices available to give you an idea. Anywhere from under a million for a 3-4 night on a small older ship to $11 million+ for an Oasis class ship. They typically don’t book within 12 months, but if they do, the charter has to pay the fees and associated costs for the displaced guests. Charter clients also have to pay taxes, port charges, daily grats and potentially agree to meet minimum onboard spend requirements or pay the difference. It sounds like a big number, but having been involved in some incentive trip planning, the cost itself isn’t that bad.
  2. They only use female masseuses and the massages are not that great at all. It’s more of a rub down than a massage. Part of the treatment time is spent trying to sell products. I would get one at home before or after the cruise and save 50% compared to the onboard price.
  3. Since the Sail Plus/Sail All combinations were rolled out in the past month or so, I'm not seeing anywhere that refers to perks as 'free'. I think most people are well aware you are paying for each additional inclusion. On a seven night Caribbean cruise, the price for all 4 perks has consistently been at $315/pp the past several years. Now I'm seeing $455/pp + the additional charge of $196 for a grand total of $651. That puts Edge/Apex cruises in the $5,500 range for a low level balcony on a 7 night cruise. In 2015/2016/2017 we got pretty good deals through a TA, but I never paid for more $2800 for 7 nights with all 4 perks and additional OBC. With a $400+pp/pd price increase, the issue for me is that we can choose to vacation in nicer/higher end resorts for roughly the same price. I'm hard pressed to book a Celebrity cruise in steerage at Four Seasons prices. It just doesn't make sense to us.
  4. It’s the best non-premium card available. The $95 fee is well worth the expense. To get a better or more advantageous card, you would need to consider cards with yearly fees in the $500 range. This link has a great summary of the features https://thepointsguy.com/guide/lesser-known-sapphire-benefits/
  5. There are no upgrades to Premium Economy on American. The only way to get it is to book a PE ticket. There is really no workaround here. You would need to either pay the TA’s upgraded fare or take the small chance of being able to pay and upgrade at check-in. On a London-Miami route the odds aren’t in your favor. You’ll be competing (and behind) everyone with status.
  6. Corporate clients and special interest travel agencies who then resale the cabins. Celebrity and Royal both have an FAQ on their website that explains the process. My former employer has chartered HAL ships in the past. According to what I heard, it's actually an easy process since everything is self-contained within the ship and you aren't working with multiple subcontractors, etc. http://www.royalcaribbeanincentives.com/full-ship-charter-faqs/
  7. At least we have moved on from the footstool hysteria.... Just like many domestic airlines have done as a result of improved WiFi, it makes more sense for passengers to bring their own phone/tablet/laptop. Providing on demand movies is expensive and I highly doubt that many people watch them.
  8. For winter 7 night Caribbean cruises, I really don't feel like the prices are too far out of line. I don't watch suite prices so I cannot speak to them. However, looking at Celebrity, NCL, Princess and Royal are all around $4,000 for a 7 night cruise once you balance out OBC, prepaid grats and drink packages.
  9. Reflection cabins numbers run slightly different, but I would stick with 6294. 6270 would have you looking over a lifeboat to some extent, where 6294 has a roof that extends out from the balcony but no true forward obstruction. http://thecelebritycommitment.com/360/Staterooms/360_VT_6294_Obstructed/index.htm http://thecelebritycommitment.com/360/Staterooms/360_VT_6270_Obstructed/index.htm
  10. You always run into the moan and complainers or those who seem mad at the world....we just avoid engaging them in conversation and they quickly go away to find their next victim. Once the conversation starts with "well this is my 1,528th Celebrity cruise, but THIS ONE....." I'm usually done 🤨
  11. Interesting to see Labadee returning to the mix again...
  12. Not surprise there. The questions and complaints posted don't lend themselves to good answers. They aren't going to divulge information about new ships or new initiatives. They also are not going to admit fault by way of answering a question with an inherent negative tone. They seem to be content with their pricing on a number of fronts, so again, they aren't going to say "you know what...those restaurants are too expensive!".
  13. Here's a recent thread discussing the same topic. General consensus is NCL and Celebrity offer quite different experiences. I would consider NCL to be more in line with Carnival if that provides any quick context between the two.
  14. The armed guards are up by the entrance to the zip line. No passenger would (or could?) have any reason to make it up there without being escorted by the cruise line. We had a mother/daughter duo nearly have a panic attack on the way up. The locals encountered on the ride up could definitely come off as intimidating.
  15. I have stayed up overnight on a few different occasions. Not due to my Long Island consumption but rather to work with decent WiFi. There is a substantial amount of security roaming around especially after Sky Lounge clears out. I would be confident that they would question if everything is okay before allowing you to sleep in a public area. The outside decks are usually packed up and being cleaned too. Unless you found a random chair there may not even be any space to crash.
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