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  1. I think the pizza is there for the handful of people that close down the Sky Lounge and need some grease before bed 😐 There are usually some staff and officers in there late too.
  2. What they play is far from techno. At best it’s dance mixes of top 40 singles. But just as much as it may not be to your taste, the person sitting next to you may not want to listen to Buddy Holly all evening either. They do a pretty good job offering a variety of music and genres through the ship. If you don’t like it, there are other options.
  3. No. It’s the Solstice deck with a new name and new furniture. It has the same amount of shade it has always had also.
  4. What's the old saying....you catch more flies with honey than vinegar? Anytime I see a post like this I can only imagine the persons true demeanor. When they describe their own response as 'demanded' something, 'made' the bartender do this or that, 'required' the room steward.... then jump straight into accusatory language...you can only imagine how pleasant they are to deal with as a customer.
  5. There is definitely no squat rack. There is a small amount of dumbbells with 3-4 benches. It’s similar to a hotel gym with minimal basic machines. The bulk of the gym is cardio equipment.
  6. You would be extremely lucky for a small agency to have information that granular readily available and to pass it on to a client. With a big agency? Absolutely no way at all. The same goes for people who call Celebrity directly for extremely detailed strange bits of information. A call center rep will not know.
  7. I think the poster was either blatantly wrong or making stuff up. Or a combination of both?
  8. It's a very weak card. There are other basic travel cards out there that are far easier to use with more flexible point redemption options that also have better perks. Chase Sapphire Preferred, IHG, Southwest, Citi Premier, etc. are all better choices. For all around ease of use, the Sapphire Preferred is the best IMO.
  9. It's not a literal Full Moon party. It's just the name of the event. However, it can be hit or miss. We usually cruise in February and if it is too chilly or windy on deck in the evening they typically do not schedule one.
  10. The one document leaked from Celebrity never mentioned upgrades to the OVC or main dining room. Those changes were for M class not S class ships. The balcony furniture seems perfectly fine to me? Without actually sitting in it, what's so bad about it? Solarium, again, no changes ever indicated. There were never any images of what the refreshed bathroom was supposed to be. The stateroom refresh was done as planned. Unless you were supposed to be in a suite that didn't get built out, I personally don't see what the doom and gloom is all about. I would definitely cancel if it's that upsetting to you.
  11. Using the 'top spender' logic, wouldn't many of those people likely be in suites that already include specialty dining? If that's the case, it doesn't make much sense to gift someone something they already have.
  12. We could make do with the smaller balcony table. We usually slide it to the side and push the coffee table out of the way when we get into the cabin. I don't like eating directly on it anyway since some people do use it as a footstool and who knows what else. It could be way worse. This was the table on our last NCL cruise...
  13. The chairs definitely recline. Seems like the balconies that has loungers added are missing the foot stools though. Drama will ensue....
  14. 9292 so it’s the largest hump balcony which probably explains the loungers. The carpet is definitely blue/gray. Much better than the dated maroons. I’d rather the cabins not look like a Carnival ship myself.
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