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  1. Just dropping in for a rare visit (booked on Sky Nov 30) and saw this. Well done, thank you muchly sir.
  2. The limitation with B2B's (which I was almost desperate to try) is they don't offer the port choices we're getting on the 10-day Sky Princess cruise that we've booked for next fall (eastern Caribbean). With that cruise we're hitting 3 or 4 ports that we've never managed to get to in 13 cruises -- 6 different ports total, not including FLL embark/debark. The only other cruise that took us south of St Kitts (and out of the all-too-typical routes) was an 8-day southern Caribbean on Carnival Breeze. All I'm getting at is that itinerary is what finally drove me to book a Princess cruise. But of course the Med (and beyond) is a completely different thing. So many ports can be hit on a "short" 5-7 day cruise, starting in the middle or on either end -- there's no comparison.
  3. Following, thanks for doing this! Edit (hope you'll catch this): I've gotta ask, considering your screen name: How's the coffee? The complementary plus any gourmet offerings if you've tried them?
  4. Great finding this "live" report on Sky Princess! I booked us for a 10-day Caribbean on Sky for next November -- just days before departing for our 4th RCI cruise, LOL. (Disappointed again, even worse than last time. I'm done with RCCL.) Love the pics! Following . . . been thinking about trying Princess for years, shoulda done it a long time ago.
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