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  1. That does not make any sense to me. At least reprice it at the prevailing rate with today's inclusion and see what works out better. There seems to be quite bit of variance in how these sitatuations are being treated. Send in the form and the worst case scenario is they say no.
  2. It's due to the overall hesitancy to travel, especially over the holidays. Cruises, even Celebrity, have much higher normal numbers of kids onboard during/near Christmas and New Years. With many of the restrictions in place now targeting kids whether it be vaccinations, onboard restrictions, port and excursion limitations etc. people are not booking in the numbers they have done in years past. Almost all of the Caribbean cruises that sail on Christmas or New Year days are priced pretty much the same as non-holiday weeks. That very rarely happens.
  3. Totally normal. Your SeaPass will have the letters CALL at the bottom but the fact you have the package is tied into your onboard account. When you make a purchase or transaction it automatically knows what to charge.
  4. The dates have been amended on some internal sales material.
  5. They have published guidelines through October 1st. The rest will come later. If today's guidelines hold true 4 months from now, you need to show at the pier with your vaccination card and a COVID test taken within the past 2 days. https://www.celebritycruises.com/ca/healthy-at-sea/us-travel-requirements
  6. It’s very unlikely they are holding on to suites just for Move Up purposes. They want backup reservations in case someone cancels a $20-$50k+ suite so it doesn’t sail empty.
  7. Reflection is currently sitting between between Fort Lauderdale and Freeport and is frequently at Port Everglades. No need for a TA.
  8. It does look like the 20% off offer will be extended for bookings through 9/23 rather than ending tomorrow.
  9. If you carry your phone, the MagSafe Apple wallet is great for travel since it can also pop off very easily and slide into a pocket if you aren't carrying your phone.
  10. Without an updated decision from the CDC, I am quite skeptical of an Apex TA with passengers.
  11. If Celebrity initiates the cancelation you are typically given a small period of time to request a full cash refund, even with a NRD.
  12. It seems to work best if you go into a reservation using the Manage My Reservation button. It does appear they disable it when volume is high rather than having you wait for someone.
  13. Ultimately there has to be a cabin open in the category to create a price. You can try changing quickly like the person above described but that is a big gamble.
  14. Azamara's website does not show this update, but the TA portal shows the policy still matches Celebrity.
  15. There is no policy that lets you get a cash refund because of a change in COVID guidelines. Royal Caribbean was offering full refunds on some sailings when they weren't able to announce protocols under ~30 days from the sail date. Celebrity would tell you to use Cruise with Confidence and take the FCC. If your sailing had a substantial change to the dates or itinerary, a full refund option is more likely but that is a different circumstance.
  16. You can request the Booking Confirmation from Celebrity. If you booked through a TA, it's typically found in the remarks section. The itemized portion of charges may or may not have the rate code which is really what matters. Invoices direct from Celebrity usually have it listed also. It will look something like AWLAYS INC, ALWAYS INC NRD, 20 PCTSAVE, ELEVATE, ELEVATE NRD and so on.
  17. It doesn't have anything to do with abiding by it or not .The current rules/suggestions/whatever you may do not stipulate any sort of cap on the duration of a cruise. The CSO document from Oct 2020 is outdated. This is the link you would need to look to for the current guidance: https://www.cdc.gov/quarantine/cruise/covid19-operations-manual-cso.html
  18. The technical instructions issued after that Oct 2020 guidance never placed a cap on the duration. Equinox is currently doing cruises longer than 7 days with no issue.
  19. Probably not. Celebrity and the TA have to agree to release the original booking to Celebrity. If you have a compelling case this part is not that difficult. Celebrity would then hold the reservation. But Celebrity would also have to make an exception to transfer a booking to a TA that is more than 30 days old which may be unlikely.
  20. What are you looking for? TA's where Celebrity is comparable to Royal or other lines in general? When comparing 14 night TA's on both HAL and Princess, Celebrity is within a few hundred $$ on both. Princess's no inclusion fare is around $3,100 for the Sky Princess 10/29/22 cruise. At minimum you need to add $378 in gratuities to that price. It's too early to look for guarantee fares on Celebrity a year+ in advance. If you want the lowest possible base price with nothing included, RCCL is the way to go. But if you're someone who wants drinks/grats and WiFi, on a 14 night TA that's of course going to cost you an $2k extra on Royal Caribbean. If you're just picking outliers where Celebrity is more expensive, I can you show you a quote on similar Med cruises where a Vision of the Seas base fare is nearly $4,200 more than Celebrity for comparable cabins.
  21. I have no idea how the decision making is done, but initially Costa Maya wasn’t allowing people to do excursions on their own if the ship didn’t do test cruises. When we were there we were restricted to Celebrity excursions and Adventure of the Seas passengers could go on their own.
  22. Under CWC you shouldn't see the $100/pp fee. Or sail 1 year from the original sailing date - whichever is later.
  23. You will get additional OBC for the difference. Under the current CWC policy it's pretty simple.
  24. There are still rate codes for 20% off both refundable and NRD fares. Or if you're in group space with a TA anymore you are almost always under a refundable rate.
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