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  1. Below suite, I would choose any aft facing cabin or any of the four C1s on Deck 6. Since there were no afts available, I chose one of the Deck 6 C1s with the nice deep, teak balcony for a Thanksgiving cruise.
  2. I found the Bigelow shampoo dried out my hair so I bring my own now.
  3. I know M-class doesn't have al Bacio Segundo but I was wondering if they have an espresso machine up there somewhere. I'm boarding Summit again Monday and will ask. Just curious.
  4. So, can you get a cappuccino in the Oceanview on an M-Class ship?
  5. I won't be billed. They should check their claims. My Medicare claim (copied), which is the same for all three, says: Medicare-approved amount$64.08 Medicare paid $64.08 You may be billed $0.00
  6. While I didn't have to pay for them out of pocket, my covid tests weren't "free." My Medicare claims show they paid $64.08 for each of my three tests at CVS. Last time I was IN the CVS on 9-28, there were way too many unmasked people with a number of them sneezing and coughing. Decided then and there, that was my last time. I'm opting for the proctored BinaxNow home test this Saturday.
  7. The Summit is doing short, 4 or 5 day sailings out of Miami. There were only ~275 pax per cruise on the B2B and a surprising number of those pax were first time cruisers. The majority of people in Luminae were dressed appropriately but there were folks who didn't get the memo, or didn't care. I think enforcement of the shorts, lettered tees, caps, and flip flops was lax because they didn't want to alienate the few pax they had. As I said, I was disappointed in the appearance of some of the people dining in Luminae, but once they sat down, I no longer noticed. It certainly didn't have any impact on my enjoyment. The menu is a different story; after several short Summit cruises, the Luminae menu repetition is getting old so next week I'll be ordering exclusively from Blu and MDR. Heck, I might even go up to Oceanview - they aren't busy and they always chat with a solo pax. Luminae is usually slammed.
  8. I've done both recently and they're comparable. I asked for a wheelchair for both.
  9. I just got off the Summit after 9 nights. Theoretically there was a "chic" night on each leg of the B2B. Granted there were less than 300 pax, but I saw only one gentleman in a sport coat anywhere. Dress in Luminae was, um, Ultra casual. Short shorts and rubber flip flops. Oh, and lettered tees and a baseball cap. All age groups, too (20s, 50s, and 70s). I'm disappointed to see people just not care how they look, but that's the way it is. The plus side is I no longer need nearly as much luggage as I used to. 😉
  10. M-class 6135/6 are the usual width but with much deeper, teak balconies. 6143/4 are almost a foot wider, with the same deep, teak balcony. The extra width means you can walk by the foot of the bed and roll your luggage. Also the bathroom and closet doors can be opened simultaneously. Extra square footage and larger balconies are really nice on a TA. It's usually a toss-up between an aft C1 on Deck 7 or 8 with the huge balconies and wake views, or one of the 4 C1s on Deck 6.
  11. Ditto on the Retreat furniture here on the Summit. I've been spending my time anywhere else, usually Rendezvous. Makes me feel bad for the concierges.
  12. Just make a copy of his 214. I know of no one, myself included, who has ever been asked for it. I do know several people who carry a copy, just in case. Once I had to go back to my cabin for my retired ID card when a young lady in Future Cruises didn't believe me. She didn't ask the gentleman before me, however. 😡 I doubt that would ever happen now (I went waaay up the food chain when I registered that particular complaint).
  13. I'm aboard Summit now and it's amazing! The service standard is so high, these cruises are truly once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. I couldn't help myself and booked two more next month!
  14. Anyone else remember boarding a Celebrity ship and hearing that loop on your cabin TV? I'm listening to an Iz album right now on the Summit, looking out at the blue water gliding by. Somewhere Over the Rainbow brought back wonderful memories of cruises about 20 years ago. I think I may have first heard it on the Summit.
  15. The cruise I am on right now had a $1332 reduction after I'd made final payment the end of July. I didn't want more OBC so I canceled under CWC and rebooked. Finally got the FCC for the cancelation last week. I'll assign it to one of next year's bookings.
  16. I had a boatload of OBC on the 1st leg of a B2B I'm on right now. I put some more with it and bought a nice "everyday" watch. Not something I'd have thought I'd do but turns out, something I just love! Surprise yourself. 🤓 Now, what to do with the OBC on this leg? 🤔
  17. The Edge was designed for the suite experience - go for it!
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