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  1. I will say logic gets another free cruise, math science $0
  2. I have received several Captains Club emails with my number but without the Power Point Promos
  3. In the 4th July promo, the 4 perks option it’s buggy (IT) the option exist but at the final says 0 perk offer and charges you $cyz the cost of the 4 perks
  4. Confused the 4 Perks is $300BC ($150 each). Each cruise has separate billing you can't do that, the cruise planner will show only the OBC and activities for that cruise.
  5. Lift and Shift If you simply wish to move your existing booking to an alternate sail date in the following year, we're happy to protect the original pricing and/or promotion if the alternate sailing is the same itinerary, length, and stateroom category. The alternate sailing needs to be dated within 4 weeks (before or after) of the original sail date, but for the following year. https://cancellation.celebritycruises.com/?brand=C
  6. I suspect that I am not receiving the emails of this promotion since foreigners by law cannot participate, you need to be USA or Canada citizen. I am subscribed and receive emails from Lisa, cooking, booking promotions, etc. But these Power Point emails are not even in the trash. I am missing 13 points to be elite this equals to a 7-night cruise in an inside cabin.
  7. 2D Obstructed 2C SemiObstructed this is a 2C on the Eclipse 6264
  8. The 2D are obstructed and 2C are semi obstructed (you can't see down to the water) This is a 2C on Eclipse 6264
  9. @clojacks you can move with the S&L it's the same ship, same days (14), 4weeks frame, same category. you will get same price and same promotion. I just do it for the Constellation cruise from Feb 2021 to Feb 2022, the booking just move to the new date. You can choose the March 13 or 27, 20022
  10. Best is to choose the same category
  11. Thank you Mike, Celebrity just do the L&S, I just checked my CP same booking numbers, same cabin in both cruises. Only missing some OBC. Will wait for my TA email the passenger copy
  12. @Fouremco Hello Mike, Can I do the L&S for this B2B February 5, 2021 Connie 10 nights to February 25, 2022 Connie 10 nights and February 15, 2021 Connie 11 nights to February 14, 2022 Connie 11 nights. Gerardo
  13. Financial Times article Wirecard collapses into insolvency
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