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  1. I often help an elderly couple with their trip plans to help them out. They are due to cruise on 3/29 and purchased the NCL standard trip insurance. They are going to cancel this cruise because the gentleman's doctor advised they not travel with his compromised immune system. He is currently being treated with complications from cancer very recently (Past 6 months). I feel they are better off making a claim to be refunded under their travel insurance so they don't have to be bothered with a FCC and can just receive their reimbursement in the mail to do with whatever they wish. Am I correct in
  2. We are sailing this February but my husband may not be able to go. Final payment is early next month. If I were to add a new person to replace him does it cost anything additional after final payment has been paid? It can still be done, right?
  3. Can't each parent just "order" a mocktail for their child if the initial request is denied? I know they aren't always hanging with their parents (Not sure how old kids are...) but isn't that one way to get them a drink of choice??? After all, it is actually a "downgrade" to have the premium non-alcohol pkg...
  4. This is a GREAT question!!! I wish I could answer it for you. We are booked on Summit for next February and I have also booked the same sailing for some friends who don't drink alcohol. I felt it wise to choose for them the Classic beverage package (On Promo with OBC too) as they enjoy fountain soda as well as bottled water. I was also wondering if we might be able to switch them to premium non-alcohol package so they might enjoy some fresh fruit juice blends? If not, they wouldn't have any problems ordering virgin drinks correct? Sorry to hijack your thread, but this sort of ties in. I appr
  5. It is definitely a vacation week from all over the northeast. I can't confirm from anywhere else. I have adult kids who are all either teachers or married to one, and due to wanting to cruise while on break, we are flabbergasted at flight prices for that week! Very high prices. Keep that in mind as well... My husband & I are booked for our first Celebrity cruise in earlier February 2020, so I can't make comment on the number of kids during that week for this line. Sorry.
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