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  1. Let's hope not. I don't know if it will continue until then. We board Constellation on Sunday and are due to get off in Barcelona on 30th.
  2. I received this message from Celebrity UK today. ”Just to let you know that we still do not have a definite date for Celebrity Constellation's 2020 Transatlantic sailing to go on sale just yet. We do anticipate for it to be released by the end of next week.“
  3. Either use a VPN or go to a US travel agent's website. I have the same issue.
  4. This is the Spotlight for Silhouette’s TA.
  5. We're on Silhouette next month and the drinks packages have dropped briefly to 50% off per person twice. With the last one there had also been a recalculation in the exchange rate so it actually benefited us to cancel the one we had previously booked at 50% off and rebook it, saving just under $40.
  6. There was another sale at the beginning of December that wasn't exclusive to Transatlantics. The percentage discount did vary across ships/sailings.
  7. I’ve only seen comments from people on Transatlantics saying it’s back at 50% off. It is for Silhouette sailing 14 April, and I believe the Reflection crossing in April too.
  8. It is as I was talking about the specific cruise asked about. 🙂
  9. That's because it was only available over a weekend at the beginning of December during a flash sale.
  10. The cruise the OP refers to did have a 50% off the drinks package. I jumped on it.
  11. The 50% off sale was early December. It was a flash sale that was only on for a few days.
  12. Both games in the theatre or just the Superbowl?
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