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    We live on a small lake in rural Nebr.
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    Reading, gardening, outdoor activities, health and fitness, travel
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    I've liked everyone we've been on; Princess, Carnival, Celebrity and now NCL. and some old defunct l
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    Love the S. Caribbean route; also loved our recent Transatlantic

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  1. We'd love to do that 32 day cruise too but I just don't think it will work out, darn it. Price is absolutely unbeatable. Sigh.
  2. All this, plus no International Cafe! One of our favorites for a quick snack/meal.
  3. Gosh, I reread favorites all the time. I have several that I read at least once a year. Not because I have forgotten them, but I am caught up in the writing and story. I notice fewer and fewer books in ship libraries, if they even have a library. I get it, I use my Kindle most of the time for convenience, especially when traveling. Easier to hold, I have hundreds of books on it and get a lot of free books as well, some actually pretty good. I am also happy to say that two of my five grandkids, all in their early 20's, are avid readers. I guess 2 out of 5 isn't bad these days.
  4. The men were playing boules the day they were there. One of my favorite memories along with wandering the charming streets and eating wonderful crepes--and my husband found of the best licorice he has ever tasted. I'm not a licorice fan, but he loved it. Monaco was fine, but I enjoyed the feel of a at least somewhat real French village.
  5. Travel from Houston to Galveston is always a problem and not cheap. We have used shared bus travel, but it takes a long time with often quite a few stops to pick up others. That is cheaper, but less convenient. Next time we will look into Uber, Lyft or even cruise transfers. This would be a great port for a fast train to Galveston, but of course that would cost a lot to get all the infrastructure going. Miss some of the great train/subway/bus/etc. transport in Europe and Australia!
  6. I would try to find a tour that takes you to several places. Although we ported at a nearby port, not Monaco, we did an independent tour that took us to Monaco, St. Paul Vence, Nice and Eze. We greatly enjoyed it all, but especially St. Paul de Vence.
  7. We ;have sailed on it once, 15 times on other ships. It's our least favorite ship, although we still had a good tim--we've never had a bad cruise on more than 50, some better than others of course. . I mostly miss the International Cafe and did notice it seemed more crowded. Unless a great deal or itinerary, we do avoid this ship.
  8. We've only purchased cruise line insurance once, and not late, so I don't know the rules with that. And I realize there can be significant restrictions purchasing insurance late, sometimes. Purchasing last minute is not a good option, but in most cases can be done. It probably will not be as good as insurance purchased earlier and more expensive.
  9. We don't have block scheduling here, at least where I live. Most schools get out around May 20th, Seniors graduate a week or two earlier. I just object to kids (and teachers) losing summer days in August being in school, and not all families can vacation in early summer, especially farm families. I taught elementary, at that time school started later in August, but some days were 90 degrees in my classroom. Guess how much learning was achieved? At least most schools are air conditioned now. I do appreciate that the early August start probably works better in some circumstances. I guess because I love summer, I don't like to see kids missing nearly a month of it.
  10. And here in Nebraska schools start around August 10th! Much too early, IMO.
  11. You can purchase it at any time. The caveat is that many times pre-existing conditions will not be covered, or if they are, the prices may be very high. I agree, check with Insure my Trip, or similar sites. They have been very helpful.
  12. I get what you are saying. For us, all the options to spend lots of extra money mean nothing, as we rarely drink, don't even drink soda, only go to specialty restaurants if we have lots of OBC, never go to the spa and very seldom buy ships tours, so the base price works great. We can get along without wifi, but with Princess we have a cheaper plan because of being Elite. You just have to do the math. If you want alcohol, spa, specialty meals, etc., etc., etc.,and will feel deprived otherwise, maybe it's time to bite the bullet. I don't think you will find almost any cruise line much different. We have a really great cruise and do everything that's important to us without spending extra. But, if you will feel deprived by skipping many of the add-ons, maybe it is time to cancel. We feel the basic room price (we always get a balcony) provides a very nice experience. Luxury lines will have most of the above included, but at a very much higher price. We always pay the gratuity though.
  13. We have only booked reservations ahead a couple of nights in all our 50+ cruises--not all with Princess, but we have cruised 16 times with them, at least. If you want to eat early, reservations will probably help. We prefer to go to the first show and eat about eight. We always ask for a table for two, unless we are cruising with others. Normally we have almost no wait to maybe 10 minutes. The few times the wait has been longer, they gave us a buzzer. Even then I doubt if we waited more than 15 minutes. All the main dining rooms have the same food. If you are concerned about missing an event, tell the waiters you want to be done by a certain time and they will do their best to expedite service. Really, we have very few issues with just going when we want, but expect longer waits if you are dining early.
  14. We generally book at least a couple of months in advance. Last year we booked a cruise from Galveston just a few days before sailing because it was so cheap, and we otherwise had to wait in South Texas to complete a dentist appointment. Be on a cruise for a week in a balcony for less than a week in a hotel? No brainer. The cruise was around $500 pp. The only problem was getting last minute air (we use miles) into Houston and the very long transfer to Galveston. Also, returning, long, long layover due to flight schedules. But it was a great cruise.
  15. We live in Nebr. too, in a rural area, and have always been able to have Medallions shipped here. However, I wouldn't worry about it too much. You can just pick up a Medallion at the port. My sisters have done that a couple of times and it was very fast-- like 5 minutes max. I have heard that sometimes it does slow things down on check-in, but that has not been our experience, and even then, you will get on the ship! Phone reps seem to be almost useless.
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