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  1. Nebr.cruiser

    Has anyone ever missed their ship at a port?

    I will say that a couple of weeks ago we came a hair from missing the ship in St. Kitts. My sister was literally the last one on the ship, and it was only about 5-10 minutes after the posted last time for passengers to board. We have taken many, many private tours and never been close at all. I am not going to name the tour operator as we really liked him and don't want to cause trouble. I think he just lost track of time and just wanted to show us more and more of the island. Very scary experience though as the gate to the dock was closing as we ran through and all the stuff outside the boarding area was being brought in. When Celebrity says be back to the ship at a certain time, they mean it! We usually try to be back an hour early and should have been more proactive at telling the guide to head back right now! We will still take mostly private tours because they are usually so much better and cheaper, but will make sure the tour operator is very aware of time.
  2. Nebr.cruiser

    Uber FLL area to POM

    I don't think so. You have to download their Ap and I think it automatically gave you a first time users discount.
  3. Nebr.cruiser

    Uber FLL area to POM

    The ride the other direction--Miami to Port Everglades--was easy and we were first timers too. You will get a nice discount for being a first-time user--maybe around $22 dollars.
  4. Nebr.cruiser

    What to do with 6-8 hours in FLL (with baggage)

    We booked a Day Room at the Ocean Beach Club; base price was only $59 from 9-5--with taxes it was about $74. It is near the beach in Ft. Lauderdale; I realize it isn't a high end hotel but we needed a room for four and most Day rooms were only for two. Unfortunately we did not get to use it; luckily you pay nothing ahead and can cancel right up to the last minute. Because of an approaching blizzard at home we quickly changed our flights and my sisters decided to skip the hotel and just wait at the airport. So glad we did. Although the snow held off until morning, we got home by a little after 10PM, including a stop for groceries. Our original flight was delayed about 3 hours and we would have gotten home at 5 AM! ( We have about a 2.5 hour drive home from the airport).
  5. Nebr.cruiser

    Immigration Chaos Port Everglades

    Wow, sorry to hear this. That must have been awful. We got off very quickly the 18th, but are US citizens and had a late disembarkation. The fun part was changing our flight to an earlier one because of learning that a blizzard warning was in effect for our area at home; luckily we were able to get a much earlier flight and although the snow held off until the next morning, our original flight was delayed in Dallas for over 3 hours, which would have gotten us home about 5AM, instead of 10:30.
  6. Nebr.cruiser

    Pre-dinner canapés / hors d'oeuves?

    We've tried the canapes on a couple of trips when we had a CC balcony. They were pretty bad; certainly not to our taste. We eventually just told the steward we no longer wanted them. I do like the afternoon tea in the buffet, just wish it lasted a little longer. We like to eat late, so a snack after coming back to the ship is nice.
  7. Nebr.cruiser

    Uber charge more than quoted?

    We've only used Uber twice, both on our recent cruise out of Port Everglades. The trip from our Miami hotel to the port was quoted a price and that price did not change, even though we had a very long wait in line to get through the security to the port. I guess we were lucky! We were also able to use the first time users discount (one for us, one for my sister) which made one trip free and the other quite low cost.
  8. Nebr.cruiser

    Panama Canal

    I have seen cruises that advertise that they will use the new canal; you would just have to read the itinerary with care. Probably some of the bigger ships that were unable to use the original canal. I suppose it would be possible that they would be assigned to the old one?
  9. Nebr.cruiser

    Specialty Dining Price Decrease

    We are just back from the Silhouette. We didn't buy a package but found out that they were really discounting specialty meals on board. There were people outside the buffet offering specials. We ate at specialties 3 times; total pp was $85. This was basically 'free' as we had plenty of OBC to use. At first they tried to sell us a package; $129, then went to $110. When we said we just wanted one meal, they were priced at $25, $25 and $30. We booked meals separately, just one a day and had no problems finding a day and time we wanted. I realize this may not always work, be we saved a bunch. The specialty restaurants were fairly empty, although LPC was almost full. We didn't eat there, but hardly ever saw anyone in Sushi on Five.
  10. Nebr.cruiser

    Carry on only?

    Yep, and everyone had to be responsible for their own rolling suitcase--even the 5 year old. Lots of checking from G'ma and G'pa though. Let's just say this was a wonderful, wild and wacky cruise, but not the most relaxing!
  11. We returned last Friday from our 12 day cruise on the Silhouette. It was my husband and me and my two sisters--ages from 62 to 73. We have cruised on Celebrity several times before, my sisters had not. We are much more experienced cruisers than they are as well. My sisters actually preferred the Norwegian Getaway cruise we did last year; yep, so did we! So, the good, the mediocre and the disappointing. The good. The Silhouette is a beautiful ship and everything was well kept and lovely. All employees were friendly, helpful and provided wonderful service, especially the waiter and staff that we ate with most often. (Select dining). We didn't eat there every night for various reasons, but had the same waiters several nights. Our cabin was very nice and had plenty of storage. We had not sailed on the Silly before, but had been on several of her sister ships. I especially appreciate all the storage in the bathroom. I also loved that our balcony was larger than many ships have now and we also liked our 9th floor location--we were able to book adjoining cabins and the steward opened the balcony between us. I picked cabins near the stairs on purpose to cut down all the long halls. Convenient and no extra noise. Check in was fast and easy; we arrived around one. The mediocre: As we had sailed on this class of ships before, we already knew of several shortcomings; no wrap around Promenade deck, horrible location for the walking track, bad closet location if the bed is not by the window and kind of boring food choices in the buffet, plus a few others. The disappointing: since we last sailed with Celebrity--maybe 4-5 years ago--we found the MDR menu to be very lackluster. We ate in the buffet some nights because nothing looked that appetizing. The appetizers were especially lacking, for us. I realize food preferences are very subjective, but have never had this much trouble finding something appealing before. We normally don't eat at specialty restaurants, but did 3 times this cruise just because we didn't like the menu in the MDR. Those meals were great, but after all we paid extra for them. (Note: we booked none of these ahead of time and didn't buy a package. That worked out great as we paid 'only' $85 per person for the three meals. They were really discounting these meals.) We also ate at the buffet several nights, partly because of the MDR menus and partly because we just didn't feel like all the fuss of going there. I miss venues like the International Cafe on Princess. Also disappointing were the shows. The three production shows were good enough, but after seeing some of the Broadway type shows on other cruise lines, they were kind of a let down. The solo performers on other nights were just so-so. We didn't always go, which is unusual for us. The one lecture we went too was so bad it was ridiculous. Didn't try any others. I also don't like the 7 and 9 pm showtimes. It made scheduling our preferred later dining difficult, since if we went to the early show we got to the dining room with a big crowd and we don't really like to eat as early as 7 to make the later show. A big let down for us was the movies in Celebrity Central. There were scheduled at odd times that made it hard to got to the shows or eat when we wanted (later), repeated some movies and had some odd choices--Edward Scissorhands? The Incredibles? (on a cruise with very few kids). Also no movies in the afternoon on sea days. The last time we cruised an S ship we loved all the variety on the tv, especially the On Demand movies. What can I say--we like movies! This time there were 6--six!! free ones. There were dozens last time. Pay movies were $15.99. Other programming was repetitive, strange and not appealing. Internet prices were outrageous and we did not use it. My sisters were quoted over $700 for the 12 days. I can't comment on the drinks, spa, games and most other activities because we don't drink and none of the rest appealed to us. This really isn't a criticism, since we knew it going in, but we didn't realize how tiring it would be to do 7 islands in a row. It got to the point that if we hadn't had excursions booked we might not have gotten off the ship! Also, when they say all passengers on board by, say, 3:30, they really mean it! We had a very close call, due to a tour taking longer than expected. We didn't do any Celebrity tours. We will probably sail Celebrity again, but not as eagerly as we have before. Other lines will probably get our business first. We did enjoy the cruise, mostly because we just enjoy doing things together and find fun and good times anywhere.
  12. Nebr.cruiser

    Regal Princess Library

    I too thought the library was very underwhelming with few books that were of interest to me. Most ship libraries have really deteriorated, in my opinion.
  13. Nebr.cruiser

    Cash for excursions

    I think they have trouble exchanging them at some banks. Apparently they suspect used looking bills aren't authentic. There may be other reasons as well.
  14. Nebr.cruiser

    American Regatta excursion

    My sisters just took this excursion on around Nov. 22. They really enjoyed it, so it is definitely up and running.
  15. Nebr.cruiser

    Cash for excursions

    For the itinerary you are using, US dollars will be fine. Do try to bring newer, unwrinkled bills because some vendors will not accept used looking ones. Just happened to us in Grenada last week; had a meal on the Carenage and the waitress brought the tip back as she said her bank wouldn't take it. We have had that happen before and some non-ship tour companies also ask for newer bills.