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  1. Nebr.cruiser

    Prepaid Gratuities and Small Bills

    We don't normally tip anything on the ship, beyond our prepaid gratutities except that usually we leave $20-$40 pp for the steward, depending on length of the cruise, unless they are really substandard. We leave this on the last day. We never order room service, but most people tip a couple of dollars for that. We do bring some smaller bills for onshore tips to tour guides baggage handlers and possibly cabs.
  2. Nebr.cruiser

    Getaway question: Escape the Big Top?

    On our Getaway cruise last year we booked the day of; it was the last day of the cruise and we had no trouble getting in. It was pretty tough; some of our group was not of the brightest and contributed little. I have suspicions that the ones who won had done it before.
  3. Nebr.cruiser

    South America Cruise

    We did this cruise last year. We only did private excursions, mostly arranged with others on our roll call, but then we almost never do ship tours. If you want specifics I can probably go back into my files and find out the names of specific tours. We did not do a tour at all in in one port, picked up a tour at the dock in Puerto Montt, which was excellent and used Estancia in the Falklands--also excellent. All of the tours to Volunteer Point use the same few local providers and people on the ship tours were doing the exact same route and sometimes the exact same drivers as independent tours at half or less of the price. I even saw some people book a tour to Volunteer Point right on the dock. We used pounds in the Falklands but US dollars everywhere else. We don't buy many souvenirs though. The only place that wouldn't take dollars was when we were at the beach town near Santiago. Street vendors for drinks wan'ted Chilean money. We had a great private tour in Ushauia that went to the park. It was a great cruise. Enjoy!
  4. Nebr.cruiser

    dunns river falls .....shoes???

    Our guide told us that there are often 2-3 broken bones a day at the falls. Back at our ship, we saw one lady with massive bruising and abrasions on her thigh, covering most of the leg and also a couple of people with cuts.
  5. Nebr.cruiser

    dunns river falls .....shoes???

    I used Tevas too--the old style, since I have had them since the 90's! I mostly only use them on water excursions with rocks so they are in very good shape, even after all these years. Now, after some severe sprains/breaks with my ankles, I probably would want to use a shoe that hugs my foot more closely for more support, especially for Dunn's Falls. I have no idea how anyone can go up the falls without shoes. I couldn't do it. I realize the guides have toughened up their feet with years of doing the falls.
  6. Nebr.cruiser

    dunns river falls .....shoes???

    Wear a good water shoe with support. If your foot slides around in the shoe, it isn't good enough. I don't think tennis shoes would have worked for me. It is slippery and also very unstable because of the shape of the rocks and crevices.
  7. In Belize on a cave tubing tour, our bus did stop and take on the passengers from another tour company when their bus had mechanical problems. They were only with us for a few miles until their company sent another bus to get them. Tour companies do not want a reputation for missing the ship. Tour operators do help each other in cases like this, in our experience and often will direct you to the right person when debarking.
  8. Nebr.cruiser

    Cosol Tours October 2018

    We wore our swimsuits under shorts and a top; a swim cover-up would work too. If you are not planning to swim or do the mud baths then just shorts and a top is fine. You will get very muddy (of course!) in the mud baths, so don't wear very light colored or your best swim wear. There weren't any very good options for changing. If you go into the waterfall, that will help with washing the mud off, but we all found areas of mud for quite a while!
  9. Nebr.cruiser

    Newbie needs help

    Do not book a cabin you would not be satisfied with in the hopes the cruise line will call and upgrade you. I've never had that happen in over 35 cruises. It can happen, but you can't count on it. The best bet would be to book a guarantee, but even then it is no sure thing that you will be upgraded, especially from an inside to a balcony. We tend to book closer to the sail date because we are very flexible and look for bargains. Since you want a specific cruise from a specific port my take is that it would be better to go ahead and book and keep a close eye on prices in case they go down. If you before the final payment date, you can usually refare to the lower price. I have very seldom found that prices from the cruise line are cheaper than most on-line travel agents. Be sure you are comparing apples to apples as to room, extra amenities, on board credit, free grats, port charges, taxes and fees included, etc. We expect to save at least 10% by using online agencies, and often more. Good luck!
  10. Nebr.cruiser

    Charges for In Room Movies on the Summit

    The problem for us is that Celebrity S ships used to have really great on demand free movies--many titles and many genres. We hadn't sailed them in a while and were very disappointed that they have downgraded the free movies to six on our recent cruise. From probably a hundred or more to six! It, among other things, makes us reluctant to cruise with Celebrity again. The whole cruise was something of a disappointment.
  11. Nebr.cruiser

    Production Shows on Silhouette

    I certainly agree that the Getaway and the Silhouette aren't much alike. Sad to say, we enjoyed the Getaway more--never would have guessed that. I do realize the cruise directors don't create the production shows, of course. I actually don't know just how much influence they actually have on any of the entertainment, but many things just seemed 'off' on this cruise. I didn't like the 7 and 9 show times as it made it difficult to schedule dinners around them and the timing for movies seemed as if they were intentionally scheduled so that it was hard to do anything else. Sue was probably my favorite cruise director ever, personality wise. It would be nice to know just what exactly the CD does arrange or is responsible for as far as entertainment. I suspect much of it is controlled by corporate.
  12. Nebr.cruiser

    Production Shows on Silhouette

    We were on the Silhouette in November. The production shows were just ok--especially did not like Pearl, except for the first 'underwater' segment. We just didn't care for the artsy concept of most of the shows. I enjoyed the aerialists and some of the singers were ok; a couple were kind of screechy. I thought the dancing was good. The show we enjoyed the most was the one mentioned earlier that the signers did on their own. We enjoyed Sue Denning but if she was the one scheduling things, improvement was needed. After being on the Getaway last year, entertainment was a let down.
  13. Nebr.cruiser

    Charges for In Room Movies on the Summit

    Our recent Silhouette cruise had the $15 charge for movies also--ridiculous. They also used to have a large variety of free on demand movies--dozens and dozens of choices. In November there were six!! 'free' movies, and little else to watch. I know this is petty, but we like to relax with movies at times. The movies in the small theater were also bad, some were repeated, some very strange choices and it almost seemed as if they planned the times of those movies to interfere with almost anything else you wanted to do on purpose.
  14. Nebr.cruiser

    Has anyone ever missed their ship at a port?

    I print out our itinerary and they have sailing times for each port. Usually last boarding time is 30 minutes prior to that, but it varies. That's why you read each days news sheet; it also always tells the time on signage as you debark.
  15. Nebr.cruiser

    Free Wifi at Port in St. Maarten

    Having been there many times, we just walked to the nearby beach. Lots of beach restaurants advertised free wifi as well as various other shops around the port. This was last November.