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    We live on a small lake in rural Nebr.
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    Reading, gardening, outdoor activities, health and fitness, travel
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    I've liked everyone we've been on; Princess, Carnival, Celebrity and now NCL. and some old defunct l
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    Love the S. Caribbean route; also loved our recent Transatlantic

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  1. We cruise for a lot of reasons but meeting new people is far down on the list. We love the sea, the relaxation, the food, the shows (usually) and the easy-unpack once-way to travel. We love to see different parts of the world and cruising is one way to get to many locations we would have trouble seeing on a land tour. For instance, on the around Cape Horn cruise, it would be difficult, although possible, to go to all the places we saw, such as Buenos Ares, the Falklands, Patagonia, Chile, etc by land. We do land vacations also , for more in-depth insight into an area. In winter we cruise to get away from winter weather. Do we enjoy meeting people? Yes, but it's not why we cruise.
  2. We are definitely wary of cruising anytime soon but still looking at cruises! We did just cancel a December cruise on the Bliss, but it was because it was a cruise with my sisters and the sister who has advances RA was advised by her rheumatologist that it was unwise for her to cruise, given the powerful drugs she is taking for the RA, which lowers her immune system. So not the common situation. My husband and I still want to cruise this winter, but will wait and see how things play out. For us, having to wear a mask much of the time would make us think more than twice about a cruise.
  3. Even less. I still like a watch, wear one from Walmart that costs about $7. Works fine for home and in ports. Of course, be sure you know what local time is compared to ship time.
  4. We sail in balcony cabins mostly, with a few mini-suites thrown in. We're just not into spending the bucks for a true suite and enjoy the balconies just fine. I can see that a suite could be addictive though, after seeing my sisters' big one last cruise! Also toured a huge Haven suite on NCL once; wow! It does seem at times that most cc posters sail in suites!
  5. I have the same problem with many travel sites; we use Omaha, often when booking air or cruises it shows Sioux City as our home airport; technically it is closer, but is a small airport we have never flown out of. Sometimes even more weird 'home' airports. The funniest is when it shows O'Neill NE as our home airport, while O'Neill is a very nice town about 60 miles from us, it is a town of 3000 people! Practically a metropolis in the Sand Hills of Nebraska, but not too many flights from there!
  6. Great to hear. I did confirm with NCL in a 'chat' session, but haven't booked air yet. Looks like it should work out well for us.
  7. We are booked for a Mexican Riviera cruise in December. We can't take advantage of the round trip BOGO air because we are flying to northern California several days early to visit my sister. We would like to fly from an airport near her (preferably Santa Rosa, although others would work) to LA. Does anyone know if we can just pay the BOGO price for the one-way ticket only? I realize we can pay extra for a one or two day deviation, but we will be spending more time at my sister's pre-cruise than that.
  8. Private beaches/islands are ok once in a while, but not my favorite stops for sure. I do like some beach time and enjoy swimming, so that part is fine, just not on every cruise. I'd rather do something active, cultural or historical.
  9. So funny how different we all are. Although I rank Princess and NCL as being quite equal, although different, one think I don't like about NCL is the Atrium; too busy, too noisy, too crowded, etc. trying to watch a movie there is frustrating. But then, we are not very much into the party atmosphere at any time.
  10. Well if you don't drink paying several hundred dollars in grats is a lot. We don't even drink much pop. And water, coffee isn't included. I guess if we had to take the drinks package we might have a drink or two, but it's just not something either of us need/want. We do like the specialty dining. Probably for us we should just do the sailaway rate and pay ala carte for any specialty dinners we want.
  11. We rarely drink, so we always opt out of the drink package, since the grats on that are so high. What I don't understand is why our cruise rate doesn't go down at least somewhat if we aren't taking the drinks, which have to cost the cruise a lot. We usually choose dining and and it seems like the wifi and port money are always included. I would much rather have tips included rather than the $50 per port, which we would rarely use, at least before Covid.
  12. We feel the pain. My husband has been working on and off all spring to get our sprinklers working again--and he's 75! We always lose several due to tractor opening roads and misc. Dug one pipe up today that had huge toothmarks on it!
  13. I used to like Merrills, but they have changed and are not as good anymore. I do think it is so hard to recommend shoes to others since we each have different shaped feet and foot problems. One high and one low arch sounds like a challenge! Maybe just a really good shoe store that has expert fitters and advice would work. Not that easy to find, I know.
  14. Thank you! I just could not come up with the name at the time I was writing! We have definitely had our adventures using various trains, buses, etc. from ports to places of interest. Luckily, they all turned out ok eventually. It's a good thing most people are so friendly and helpful to obviously lost, clueless cruisers.
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